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How to craft a Differentiation Strategy that answers: “Why buy from you?”

USP, Spa, Aesthetic Practice

Aesthetic providers and aesthetic businesses solve similar problems for clients, and deliver similar solutions for those problems.     Why would a prospect client choose you instead of your competitors?     If you cannot answer this question, your business and its offerings are in peril of becoming simply a commodity, on which prospects and clients base…

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Secrets to Setting Up a Highly Profitable Membership Program

aesthetic membership program

Established clients can help us grow our businesses faster than any marketing effort.  Statistics show us that our existing clients spend 31% more than new clients.  Moreover, we must spend five times more to acquire new clients than to retain established clients. And for those businesses that already have a membership program in…

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The 1 Change your Clients must make to Lose Weight

clients weight loss

  With seventy-one percent of Americans overweight, it comes as no surprise that conversations with our clients include frustrations and dissatisfaction with body shape and weight.  Though there’s a slew of factors that affect our weight status, there’s one behavioral secret that serves as the launching pad for weight loss success – for everyone.    …

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How to Make Sure your Clients Never Feel ‘Sold To’

Aesthetic Consultation, Medical Spa

In the aesthetics industry, we’re in the business of making others feel better about themselves.  Selling is about meeting our client’s needs and solving our client’s problems.  As such, we must optimize our ability to problem solve by use of the Consultative Selling methodology.   The Consultative Sales Process = Solutions Based Selling The Consultative…

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