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Use a vacuum therapy course certification to clobber arm fat

vacuum therapy course, arm fat

Isn’t it amazing that the arm, such a small area of the body, can be such a big problem for your clients?  As estheticians, spa owners, and nurses, you can help your clients reduce excess arm fat by taking a vacuum therapy course (complete with body contouring certification) at the Body Contouring Academy.  Within 30…

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How to get a body contouring certification quickly and affordably

Aesthetic Body Contouring Certification

Get a body contouring certification in as little as 30 days at the Body Contouring Academy. Are you an esthetician or aesthetic professional looking to command higher earnings and grow your beauty business?  Look no more. The Body Contouring Academy offers turnkey body sculpting courses. We guide you step-by-step to create your own body contouring…

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6 Website mistakes that may be costing you sales

Website mistakes in aesthetic business

An aesthetic business cannot thrive and grow without a strong internet presence.  Your website serves three primary purposes: (1) to tell the world you exist; (2) to educate clients about your solutions; and (3) to show clients that you are the best choice to solve their problems.    When potential clients are looking for solutions…

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How vacuum therapy cellulite sculpt conquers cellulite

Vacuum Therapy Conquers Cellulite

  Cellulite does not happen overnight.  Most of the initial changes go unnoticed…until it’s too late and you cannot deny the dimples and bulges.  One day, you’ve had enough.  When your clients have ‘had enough’ with cellulite, spread the good news.  You have the solution.  You can reduce your client’s cellulite with a series of…

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Can we finally treat visceral fat? A recent study says, YES!

Non-invasive visceral fat reduction

  A recent study, published in February 2021, revealed that HIFEM technology effectively reduced visceral abdominal fat by 14%.  The scientists treated subjects with EmSculpt, a high-intensity focused electromagnetic device which produced supramaximal muscle contractions.  The subjects each received 8 treatments at 2-3 days apart.     Though the study’s authors cited the need for additional…

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