Building and growing a successful aesthetic business isn’t easy

How would you like expert advice and support at your fingertips?

Aesthetic Business Coaching

Virtual small group meetups every week for answers and advice from aesthetic business experts.

Personal - Affordable - Effective - Online Coaching

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I wish I knew how my treatment specialists could get better results.”

“We need to convert more consultations.  What are we doing wrong?”

“Can’t someone give us the answer to how we can get more leads into our doors?”

“I’ve tried all I can think of and I still can’t fix it.”

“We need more reviews and testimonials but my employees don’t know how to ask.”

“We have so much more competition than before.  How can we keep getting the clients we need?”

“I have a few ideas to solve some problems but I don’t want to make a mistake.”

“How can I increase my revenue?  I’ve run out of ideas and solutions.”

Running an aesthetic business has unique challenges.

Challenges that we have experienced…and successfully solved.

We’re different from most Coaches and Consultants.  We’ve walked the walk.

With decades of combined experience launching and growing aesthetic businesses, when you need results not just answers, that’s exactly what we deliver.

Benefits of Aesthetic Business Coaching

Gain a fresh perspective

We’ve been there.  We know when you’re in the trenches, it’s hard to see the forest from the trees.

Solve problems

Ditch the sleepless nights.  Get advice from seasoned experts who’ve built seven-figure aesthetic businesses.

Get answers

Don’t waste hours researching.  Get answers to your questions every week!  And even in between.

Break through plateaus

Surviving but not growing?  If your business has plateaued, you need fresh ideas to break through and jump to the next level.

Aesthetic Business Coaching Includes:

Weekly Virtual Small Group Coaching

  • You get an hour every week of direct access to Shannon and Kay, virtual support, answers, and solutions


  • You’ll gain the bonus benefits of learning from other business owner’s problems and solutions


  • And you’ll get links to each the recorded session
Shannon Schimmel and Kay Overley
computer monitor with faces on the screen on a video conference business coaching call

Exclusive Access to your Coaches via a private community

  • Questions that can’t wait in between weekly Coaching sessions?


  • You’ll have direct access to Shannon and Kay through the Aesthetic Business Coaching Community online platform

Discounted Online Education and Training

  • Active Coaching Members get a 35% discount on any Body Contouring Academy clinical, sales, business or marketing certification courses
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Here's how Aesthetic Business Coaching works

We’ll evaluate where you stand so you can move forward with growth

We’ll know you personally.  You’ll never feel like a number with us!


During the coaching

  • You’ll get a fresh perspective, a clear direction, and expert advice
  • You’ll gain confidence, break through plateaus, and get answers
  • You’ll get consistent support when you need it
  • No more wasting time looking for answers
  • No more second guessing your decisions
list of benefits on the left with checkmarks and a happy professional women on the right

What's the difference between Coaching and Consulting?

A Coach is similar to a partner.

A Consultant is similar to an advisor.

A Coach works to assist clients to come up with solutions and then holds them accountable.

A Consultant gives expert advice.

We provide you with the benefits of both roles with our coaching program!

How to subscribe to business coaching

Ready to invest your time in Coaching to grow your business?!

Here’s how your Coaching subscription works

  • You sign up to claim your spot in the Small Group Coaching
  • We’ll send you an email with all the scoop
    • The Coaching Schedule
    • How you’ll log in to the Coaching Sessions
    • What to do if you can’t attend the Coaching Session on any given week
    • What to do if you must miss a week of the Coaching Sessions
    • How to contact us
    • How to submit your inquiries and problems
    • How to log in to your Aesthetic Business Coaching Community
    • How to find Coaching Answers, Freebies and Comments in the Community

We’ll ask you to complete our Business Assessment Form prior to getting started so we can get to know you and your business right away and give you personalized advice!

You’ll feel less frustrated

You’ll sleep better at night

You’ll have more energy

You’ll enjoy your life so much more

Join the wait list!

It’s Small Group Coaching

So spots are limited

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