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About Us

No Shortcut for Years of Experience

Winter Destinations

After a combined 20+ years in the medspa industry, we partnered to form a boutique medical spa.


Body Contouring Business Secrets 

In less than 6 months, we grew Sculpt Away into a million dollar plus body contouring business that continues to grow.  We did it by developing fine-tuned systems, checklists, scripts, emails, techniques, protocols, and all kinds of other tools. Applying our secret methods and systems have not only provided us the livelihood we’ve dreamed about; it’s also given us the time to live our lives the way we want.  We’ve had time to live out our goals.  


Books, Podcast and Courses

We’ve authored and published a book, Body Contouring 101, Your Complete Guide to getting the body you want Without Surgery, written 2 eBooks, launched the Body Contouring Academy, pioneered the first ever body contouring podcast, Proven Profits Podcast, and commenced offering digital body contouring courses.   


Let us help you

We've figured out how to break thru all the roadblocks.  So skip the worry, the time and the costs of unraveling it for yourself.  Let us shortcut your learning curve by providing you the same tools and secrets that we've developed, used and continuously fine-tuned over the years.