Why the Body Contouring Academy?

Though our medical spa focusing on non-invasive body contouring services reached seven figures within six months and continues to operate at that level today, six years later...it was far from easy.


When we prepared to open our medical spa, we discovered two huge body contouring business voids.  There was no consolidated space to find information about body contouring equipment, devices, and products.  And no one had gone before us and established proven systems, processes, emails, scripts, checklists, and other resources needed to grow a successful business providing non-invasive body contouring services.


We created the Body Contouring Academy to bring aesthetic providers what we wished we had had.  A trusted, time-saving, reliable place where you can find all the resources you need for non-invasive body contouring business success.

  • A place where you can find comparative information on devices, equipment, and products.
  • Where you can find and implement the proven systems, processes and tools we used and still use.
  • A site where you can read the latest industry news...practical body contouring business articles...manufacturer interviews, and real stories from your peer body contouring providers.

We do it for you.  All in one place.