The Comprehensive Guide to getting started with body contouring: The foundation for success

The all-inclusive introductory online body contouring course that is sure to become your Body Contouring Reference Book for your entire body contouring career!

Does this sound like you?

woman with her finger to the side of her lip thinking about getting certified in body contouring
  • You are new to body contouring
  • You want to get started in body contouring but you feel overwhelmed and confused
  • You’ve realized there’s so much to learn about career paths, body concerns, technologies, machines and treatments
  • You’ve tried researching, but you need some help!

Here’s your Solution!

The Comprehensive Guide to getting started with body contouring: The foundation for success

It’s your “101 to Getting Started in Body Contouring”

A comprehensive online course that walks you through all the body contouring basics you need to know.

This course will serve as your Body Contouring Reference Book for years to come!

  • You won’t have to feel overwhelmed or confused any longer!
  • This course gives you everything you need to know to get started!

Take a look at what you’ll learn in the course!

All of your body contouring career options

The salary you can expect with each option

What it means to have ‘Body Contouring Certification’

The 7 primary Body Concerns clients want you to treat

The 12 primary body contouring technologies you can use

The best body contouring machines for beginners…and what machine(s) is right for you

The 7 Body Contouring Certification Courses…and which one(s) are right for you

You really want to get started but

You think you can’t afford it?

This course is unlike any other body contouring certification course

It’s super affordable!

It’s loaded with the foundational body contouring knowledge EVERY beginner needs

It’s a Body Contouring Handbook for years to come!


You don’t want to make the wrong decision?

This is an Introductory body contouring course that EVERY beginner needs!

It’s the perfect decision for everyone starting out and a mistake for NO ONE

It’s loaded with all the necessary fundamental body contouring knowledge

You’ll use it as your Body Contouring Manual for your entire career!

This course sets you on a Body Contouring Success Path

“Having been successful body contouring business owners since 2006, and working with students who are aspiring to do the same, the biggest struggle we’ve seen is with students who jump in without having the necessary foundational knowledge.  There’s so much to learn about the body contouring business.  And if you don’t have a firm grasp on the body contouring basics, it’s going to be very hard to ever achieve true body contouring success!”

Meet your Faculty

Kay Overley, Co-founder Body Contouring Academy

Kay Casner Overley, Aesthetic RN & Attorney

Kay Casner Overley is a non-invasive body contouring expert, leader in aesthetics business and operations, medical spa entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and co-founder of the Body Contouring Academy.

Shannon Schimmel, Co-founder

Shannon Schimmel, Licensed Esthetician

Shannon Schimmel is a non-invasive body contouring expert, leader in aesthetics sales and marketing, spa entrepreneur, author, podcaster and co-founder of the Body Contouring Academy.

Kay and Shannon have owned and operated medical spas since 2006, the most recent was founded in 2015

  • Sculpt Away body shaping + beauty lounge, still operating in San Antonio, TX
  • Reached 7-figures with Sculpt Away within less than a year
  • The Med Spa still operates at that level today


Authors of:

Body Contouring 101: Your Complete Guide to Getting the Body you want without Surgery


Creators and hosts of:

The Proven Profits Podcast, a podcast for aesthetics business owners


In the courses, they share their knowledge and experience, and the protocols, forms, systems and tools they developed (and still use) in their medical spa.

Is this ‘101 Body Contouring Certification Course’ right for you?

Yes! if…

  • You want to start body contouring now or someday
  • You want to know more about body contouring before you decide on a body contouring career
  • You’ve already started body contouring but have realized you need to gain more knowledge of the body contouring fundamentals
  • You want to become an expert at body contouring

It’s not right for you if…

  • You are experienced in body contouring and do not need to firm up your basic body contouring knowledge

Excited about treating clients? Why you need this course first

  • Everyone wants to dive straight into doing body contouring treatments
  • It’s your passion!
  • But as with anything else, you need to master the fundamentals first
  • You need that knowledge to become a skilled body contouring technician
  • That’s why everyone who wants to get started in body contouring (or who is still new to body contouring) needs this course!

There are no prerequisites to this course - anyone can enroll!

The course is 100% online; you can access it and review the material anytime!

AND upon completion…

You’ll have the background knowledge you need to

learn to perform body contouring treatments and become a skilled body contouring practitioner

launch a successful body contouring career

build a profitable body contouring business!

Start your future today!

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