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Our mission is to help aesthetic providers achieve the ultimate business success with non-invasive body contouring.


Our goal is to provide a trusted, reliable space for aesthetic professionals to learn, achieve, and grow with non-invasive body contouring.


Our certification courses are designed to get your body contouring business going and growing! Fast!

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Body Contouring 101: Your Complete Guide to Getting the Body You Want Without Surgery

Body Contouring 101 is the complete non-invasive body contouring roadmap. A collection of insights, research, instructions, stories, tools, and resources. Carefully crafted with both the professional and the consumer in mind.

Body Contouring 101

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Kay and Shannon are the co-founders of Body Contouring Academy, Sculpt Away Body Shaping Beauty Lounge in San Antonio, TX (which generated 7 figures their first year in operation).

This episode covers the three secrets to their success in their first year that led to them generating over a million dollars in revenue.

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