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Kay Overley, JD, RN, BSN

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Shannon Schimmel, LME

3 Vital Reasons to Update the Health History Every Visit

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/25/2021 |

  We advise our clients to update their client’s health history every visit – whether for a service or for a product purchase.  Why?  Changes may occur in 3 critical categories between visits, and these changes may create new risks or even new contraindications for the client.       Most professionals, both aesthetic and medical, update…

How to Conduct the Perfect Health History

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/20/2021 |

  How confident are you in taking your client’s Health History?     Truth be told we’d rather provide a service than conduct an interview. Most of us admit we feel much more comfortable providing the service than interviewing clients for contraindications.  It’s not only that.  Most beauty professionals tell us they feel somewhat unprepared and…

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt: Treat your Clients to an Envious Booty

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/18/2021 |

    Since reality stars first delighted audiences with their super-enhanced tushes, we’ve seen a rise in butt lift requests and procedures.  And that trend is not slowing down.   The dawn and explosion of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery We’ve watched as the number of surgical butt procedures doubled since 2013.  According to the…

5 Ways to Introduce Body Contouring Services to your Clients

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/13/2021 |

  You recognize the need for non-invasive body contouring – and – you clearly see how providing these services for your clients will increase your revenue ten-fold – in addition to solving their problems.     But…do you know how to introduce non-invasive body contouring services to your existing clients in need?     Take these action…

The WOW Differentiator A Critical Step in Building a Profitable Body Contouring Business

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/13/2021 |

  Do you want your clients to choose you for their body contouring needs?   Do you want to attract new clients for body contouring?   Yes!  Of course you do! But how?   Differentiators The foundation to attracting more body contouring customers and bringing in more revenue from body contouring services is with differentiators.  As…

Does eating late at night cause weight gain? How to advise your client.

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/12/2021 |

  So your client tells you she wants to lose weight or at least maintain her weight.  Have you repeated the advice most often given to you?  “Do not eat later than 5 pm.”   Stop eating early in the day for weight loss – a form of Intermittent Fasting. This theory – a form…

Vacuum Therapy: 4-in-1 Solution for your Aesthetic Clients

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/12/2021 |

Attention: Estheticians, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Salon Owners!   Do your clients complain about lumps, dimples, excess fat, deflated bums, and cellulite? If so, it’s time to learn about – and consider offering – Vacuum Therapy treatments!   Discover why Vacuum Therapy can be the perfect start to building your dream aesthetic business.    (This article does…

Create Your Dream Aesthetic Business

By Body Contouring Academy | 01/11/2021 |

Most Americans feel unhappy with their bodies and want to take action to make changes. According to the report published by the IPSOS (a leading global aesthetics researcher), the vast majority of Americans feel dissatisfied with their bodies.  Those unhappy numbers startle: 86% of women and 74% of men want to change something about their…

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