Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass: The Comprehensive Blueprint

This Vacuum Therapy online certification course includes the systems, protocols, forms & tools needed to successfully implement Vacuum Therapy

Does any of this sound familiar?

You would like to offer body contouring services but are feeling overwhelmed by all the little details that go into implementing something new

Frustrated over endless searching online for Vacuum Therapy documents, protocols and procedures you need

You think vacuum therapy would be a great fit in your business but don't know where to begin

You think vacuum therapy would be a great fit in your business but don't know where to begin


Vacuum Therapy 4 in 1 Masterclass: The Comprehensive Blueprint

This masterclass is a turnkey Vacuum Therapy online certification course that teaches you the proven tactics and methods to successfully launch Vacuum Therapy in your business

With this Vacuum Therapy online certification course, you will:

Learn how Vacuum Therapy technology works to break down fat deposits, defeat cellulite, slim & detoxify and enhance the booty

Learn how to identify the ways Vacuum Therapy solves your client's concerns and how to determine what treatment to recommend

Break down the CelluSculpt, Lipo Sculpt, Detox Slimming, and Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Sculpt Protocols: the Prep, the Treatment, the Treatment Conclusion Steps, and the Follow up

Gain an understanding of the forms: Treatment Form, Consent Forms, and Pre and Post Instructions Forms and how to determine pricing structure

Discover the expert formula for high body contouring conversions and how to set realistic expectations

Learn what body contouring and Vacuum Therapy content you must include in your website, and discover optional/preferred elements to make your website reach maximum performance and create your social media content marketing plan following our step-by-step instructions

 Learn ways to build an email list, methods to nurture that list, and how keep your list interested and engaged

Learn about the tools, tips, and props that demonstrate your expertise, and elicit conversations about your solutions that lead to sales

But that's not all!

The Vacuum Therapy online certification course also includes:

Printable, Ready-to-go Forms created by RN/Attorney

Enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that flow from Medical Legal expertise

Time Tested Tips

You'll learn from the pros with insider tips through out this course

On-going Support!

Get expert Coaching on-demand as your questions arise, and avoid feeling insecure

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After completing the Vacuum Therapy online certification course, you'll:

Get Certification in Vacuum Therapy!

Make more money with additional revenue streams!

Convert consultations to sales!

Market and sell body contouring like the experts!

Bring more clients through your doors!

Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line!

Body Contouring

What others are saying

"My clients know that I’m both a licensed nurse and licensed esthetician, so they tend to look to me for all the answers - even about the body. I’ve learned a lot on my own, but I had no body contouring Certification. So I decided to change that and enrolled in the Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass. I chose the Body Contouring Academy because of their years of body contouring experience and their proven success. I got my Certification in less then 30 days. The Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass gave me all the tools I need...and then some!" ~Missy, LVN LME

"When talking with my clients, it seemed my conversations always turned to their complaints about their bodies. I never had anything to offer them! Not even advice! I needed something to offer them.
What sold me on the Body Contouring Academy’s courses was that they were turnkey solutions. You get everything you need - from forms, to treatment protocols, to how to set your fees, and instructing on how to sell. The Coaching on-Demand perk was a real selling point. I knew I may have questions after I got started. And I did use it." ~Stephanie, LE

Turnkey Vacuum Therapy online Certification course, Vacuum therapy Machine

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Some frequently asked questions our students have before signing up:

Are all of the courses 100% online?

Yes. We made a calculated decision at the Body Contouring Academy to offer 100% web-based learning, online courses that busy people can take and finish quickly, all the while continuing with their current responsibilities.

Since the courses are all online, how do I get hands-on experience?

We design our courses and protocols to give you step-by-step instructions, task you with practice, and direct you to treat your VIP’s or friends/family to master your techniques.

How long do I have access to the courses after I enroll?

You have lifetime access to your courses. You can go back and review the course material anytime you need to.  And as your business grows, you can use the course to train your staff and for new hires.

Will you ever offer in-person courses?

We cannot say we’ll never consider in-person education, but we specifically chose online education because we feel its best suited for our students, most of whom are busy people with other obligations.

Do I need to pass any exams in the online body contouring certification courses?

No, there are no exams or roadblocks to your success.

Are there any prerequisites to enroll and take the courses?

No, there are no prerequisites to take any of our online body contouring certification courses.

Do I have to be a licensed professional to take the courses?

No, you do not have to be a licensed professional to take our online body contouring certification courses.

What if I am a licensed professional, i.e. Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Dental Hygienist, Athletic Trainer, etc?

Yes, you may take the courses.  Because licensure rules vary from state to state, we recommend you check the rules in your particular state (or country) to make sure your licensing authority does not expressly forbid you to perform body contouring.  In our experience, most licensing agencies do not specifically address body contouring in the rules, regs or FAQ.

What if I’m a student? Can I take the online body contouring certification courses?

Yes, students of any profession or school may take these courses.

When will I get my Body Contouring Certificate for my course?

You can print your body contouring certificate immediately upon completion of your online body contouring certification course. You can get it as quickly as you complete the course work. And you earn a separate Certificate for each course you take.

I can’t find what I’m looking for. Will there be more online body contouring certification courses on other machines/treatments available in the future?

We are always producing new material, so keep checking for more course offerings.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. CLICK HERE Be sure you have signed up to receive our Bulletins, so you’re first to know when we release new courses...and receive our tips and freebies. CLICK HERE

I want to start my own body contouring business.  Can you help me with this?  What other kinds of body contouring certification courses do you offer?

We offer everything you need to start and grow a profitable body contouring business.  We offer treatment courses, sales & consultation courses, and marketing courses.  Our long-awaited Body Contouring Startup Blueprint course and Body Contouring 101 series of courses are soon to be released! Make sure you sign up for our Bulletins so you’re the first to know. CLICK HERE

How do I know if my state will allow me to open my body contouring business?

Most states do not require a license or registration to perform the treatments we teach in our courses.  So you’re probably good.  But when considering starting any kind of business, it's good to research the local and state authorities for specific rules, regulations and requirements.  We cannot give legal advice.

Are your courses accredited, i.e. will I get continuing education credits for my license?

No, we don’t restrict our courses to licensed professionals.  Since our courses are open and designed for any person who is interested in becoming a body contouring professional or opening a body contouring business, the courses are not accredited for professional continuing education credits.  But we’re happy to say we’ve had many licensed professionals, nurses, estheticians, massage therapists, etc., enroll, learn and become successful body contouring professionals!

I want to learn all I can about body contouring. Besides the courses, what should I do?

Read our book, Body Contouring 101: your complete guide to getting the body you want without surgery.  It’s a step by step guide to show you how to succeed with non-invasive body contouring.  Check it out here

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