Make the money you want doing what you love

Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass: The Comprehensive Blueprint

The systems, protocols, forms & tools needed to successfully implement vacuum therapy quickly and profitably.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re ready to make the money you deserve and create the life you want

You’d love to go to work and spend your day making other people happy

You’ve learned that vacuum therapy for cellulite, detox, unwanted fat and butt sculpt is  in high demand, but you don’t know where to begin

You want to make the right decision, so you’re searching for guidance from industry experts you can trust

You are ready to take action and willing to put in the work to build the life you desire

Vacuum Therapy 4 in 1 Masterclass: The Comprehensive Blueprint

Build your own body contouring success story using the proven education, protocols, forms, systems, and techniques developed by real life body contouring experts and used in their 7-figure medical spa

Multiple benefits for both you and your clients!

How do you know this Vacuum Therapy course can help you?

It’s proven. It built a 7 figure body contouring business...and it’s still used today. It will

Give you the confidence to start treating clients and making money

Provide the shortcuts you need to put you on the fast track to body contouring success

Show you how to get high volumes of clients through your doors

Teach you how to perform expert consultations so your clients want to buy from you

Show you how to get the best results for your clients and create customers who love you

Map out the way for you to become THE body contouring expert in your market

We want to help you accomplish the same success we achieved, and that’s why we created a course where you can have access to all of our secrets.

BUT we need to talk with you about a couple of “myths” that may set you back...


It may have worked for them, but I’m not sure it will work for me

If that thought has crossed your mind, you are sabotaging yourself and not giving yourself a chance to succeed.

The protocols and methods we teach WILL work for you if you put forth the effort.

And if you do, you will definitely succeed!


I don’t have the money or time right now...I’ll do this later

It’s easy to think “I’ll do this next year.”  But fast forward to a year from now and you still have the same amount of money and you’re stuck in the same job - when you could’ve been a year into your body contouring career!

There is no better time than NOW to build your future.


I don’t have the money or time right now...I’ll do this later

It’s sad.  So many people NEVER follow their dreams because of the fear of ‘not enough money.’

But you don’t need thousands of dollars.

And you don’t need to quit your job.

You just need to roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

What some of our students are saying

"My clients know that I’m both a licensed nurse and licensed esthetician, so they tend to look to me for all the answers - even about the body. I’ve learned a lot on my own, but I had no body contouring Certification. So I decided to change that and enrolled in the Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass. I chose the Body Contouring Academy because of their years of body contouring experience and their proven success. I got my Certification in less then 30 days. The Vacuum Therapy 4-in-1 Masterclass gave me all the tools I need...and then some!" ~Missy, LVN LME

"When talking with my clients, it seemed my conversations always turned to their complaints about their bodies. I never had anything to offer them! Not even advice! I needed something to offer them.
What sold me on the Body Contouring Academy’s courses was that they were turnkey solutions. You get everything you need - from forms, to treatment protocols, to how to set your fees, and instructing on how to sell. The Coaching on-Demand perk was a real selling point. I knew I may have questions after I got started. And I did use it." ~Stephanie, LE

After completing the Vacuum Therapy online certification course, you'll:

Gain respect with Vacuum Therapy Certification

Make money doing what you love

Be recognized and in high demand

Market and sell like the experts

Attract masses of clients through your doors

Earn the income you deserve

With this Vacuum Therapy online certification course, you will:

Show your expertise and explain the science to your clients!  Learn the science behind how vacuum therapy works to break down fat deposits, defeat cellulite, slim & detoxify, plus how it firms, tones, lifts and enhances the buttocks

Know how to determine which body contouring treatment is right for your clients!  Uncover what the experts use to determine which vacuum therapy treatment to recommend for each of your clients concerns

Have what it takes to become an expert body contouring technician!  Master the details and know every step of each of the vacuum therapy treatment protocols

Possess the know-how to price your treatments to sell!  Learn how to use market research to set your pricing

Acquire the ability to perform consultations and sell treatments like an expert!  Discover the expert formula for high converting body contouring consultations, plus how to set realistic expectations to keep your clients happy

Learn how to make winning marketing decisions and avoid wasting money on marketing!  Learn how to create a body contouring social media marketing plan and uncover what’s really necessary (& not necessary) to include in your website

Hold the secrets to increasing revenue without spending a dime!  Discover how and what to do with your existing client base (& you don’t need many) to multiply your income

Know how to win clients over with your body contouring expertise!  Uncover the secret props, tools, and tips that the experts use to prove their body contouring expertise


Avoid feeling unsure and insecure at any step of the way!  You get on-going support from the experts at the Body Contouring Academy as any questions or roadblocks arise

Vacuum Therapy: An incredible income opportunity

It’s no surprise that Vacuum Therapy can bring real income, real fast!

Body Contouring

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A personal message for you

We are so excited to see all of you in our course, and watching you as you grow your body contouring career and business.

Just know that all you have to do is follow all of the modules in the course, which are teaching what has been proven to work over the years in our medical spa, and you’ll soon be enjoying the wonders of the world of body contouring.

The choice is yours.  Will you go after your dreams?

Beautiful wishes now and always!

Kay and Shannon

Body Contouring Academy

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