Cellulite is stubborn: here’s what the experts do

Classic cellulite or linear cellulite? Both are stubborn and hard to treat. Learn how to identify these two distinct body conditions and what technologies your protocols must include to address all of the causes of each one. Tune in so you can treat cellulite the way the experts do! 

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Warmer weather means your clients are thinking short sleeves, trading out pants for shorts and wearing swimsuits.  And with all that comes concerns about cellulite.  Everyone knows cellulite.  Lumps, dimples, bumps - that’s classic cellulite.  But what about linear cellulite?  What do you know about it?  Linear cellulite lacks the signs of the more typical classic cellulite.  With linear cellulite you see crepey wrinkly skin.  But there is no doubt it is cellulite.  As a body contouring professional, you can treat both the dimples and lumps of classic cellulite and the crepey linear cellulite.  But you must treat them differently.  Problem is many providers fail to properly identify linear cellulite. And the reason is that linear cellulite is not commonly covered in most certification courses.  We do cover it in our 6in1 Masterclass and in today’s episode, 

We take a deep dive into both classic cellulite and linear cellulite and we also explain what technologies the treatment protocols for each condition must include...and why.  So tune in and grow your body contouring expertise!

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We feel comfortable saying that all practitioners recognize the dimples and lumps of classic cellulite.  But only an elite group of body contouring professionals possess the know-how to identify and treat the crepey, wrinkly appearance of linear cellulite. 

Linear cellulite materializes in the form of crepey, wrinkly skin…and in most cases, bears no resemblance whatsoever to the lumps and dimples of classic cellulite.  But don’t be mistaken.  Linear cellulite is cellulite!

And here’s the deal.  If you do not correctly identify the body condition (in this case - linear cellulite), you cannot ensure you are using the correct treatment protocol.  And to deliver results your clients deserve, you must use the appropriate treatment protocol.  

So in today’s episode, we’re arming you with the know-how to identify the particular cellulite condition and select the appropriate treatment protocol.  Continue listening to learn about classic cellulite, linear cellulite, and the differences in the 6 in 1 machine treatment protocols for classic cellulite and linear cellulite. 

And speaking of the 6in1 cavitation machine,

Multi-technology body contouring machines are must-haves for every practice and business.

We’ve discussed multi-technology machines before, but if you don’t know, multi-technology machines, machines that house multiple technologies on a single platform.  Not only do these multi-technology machines treat more than one body concern, they also provide an easy and affordable means to combine technologies to deliver the very best results.   

And we love the 6in1 machine.  You can do so much with the 6 in 1 machine treatment protocols.

They’re super smart investments for every body contouring business - and here’s why…

With the 6 in 1 cavitation machine, you can  

Minimize both classic and linear cellulite 

Reduce unwanted fat

Fade stretch marks

Tighten flaccid skin

And the technologies used in the 6 in 1 cavitation machine treatments:

Ultrasound cavitation

Lipo Laser (LED)

Radio frequency skin tightening

Vacuum Therapy

Have been proven both safe and effective.  

Just a quick reminder before we move on…

If you want to become an expert in 6 in 1 machine treatment protocols which treat classic cellulite, linear cellulite, fat reduction, skin tightening, stretch marks

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Back to the question of the day

Why must you use different 6 in 1 machine treatment protocols for classic cellulite and linear cellulite?

The answer to this question lies in a review and understanding of cellulite basics…as well as advanced body contouring knowledge.  Let’s break it down.

Okay, so first let’s discuss 

How clients with either of the two cellulite conditions present to your business or practice

Classic cellulite 

Presents as lumpy, bumpy, dimpled skin.

Is typically seen in women from puberty to menopause.

Linear cellulite 

Presents as crepey, wrinkly skin.

Associated with aging and photo damage and is typically seen in women in their forties and older. 

PRO TIP:  It’s possible to see a combination of classic cellulite and linear cellulite.  

Both conditions are cellulite even though they present so differently. 

And this is how and why cellulite develops…and persists…and even changes, as is the case with classic and linear cellulite.

First…the 4 causes of cellulite

It takes all 4 to create cellulite.  And there is still a debate over what starts first but most experts believe it starts with the skin.  So here is the cascade of events.

The skin cells have become malnourished and/or damaged;

The small bands of fibrous tissue (collagen) that connects the skin to the underlying muscle have become damaged, hard and rigid;

Blood and lymphatic circulation has slowed down which has caused a collection of fluids and toxins; and

Fat cells have begun absorbing excess fluids and enlarging.

How cellulite develops

Like we mentioned, there are small connective fibrous bands that run perpendicular to the top layers of the skin (up down connecting the .surface skin tissue.all the way deep to the muscle    

Subcutaneous fat cells lie in between these fibrous bands.

As the skin becomes damaged and cannot withstand the pull of each of the fibrous bands without dimpling (and the fibrous bands become more rigid and do not give way), the ‘valley’ of each dimple is created.  

Things worsen as excess fluids collect within the subcutaneous fat cells (from the slowing of circulation) creating swelling and enlargement of the fat cells, which creates the ‘peak’ of each dimple. 

Dimples, lumps, crevices.  This sounds like Classic Cellulite.  

What happens differently with Linear Cellulite, which presents as crepey, wrinkly skin?

Just as with Classic Cellulite (as stated above), Linear Cellulite includes 

Damage to the skin cells

Damage to the fibrous bands  

Impaired lymphatic and blood circulation 

→ But…when linear cellulite is present, because the client has lost subcutaneous fat in the area (usually due to the aging process), she is left with the ‘valleys’ from the rigid fibrous bands, but without the ‘bulges’ from enlarged fat cells.

→ And…because of the skin damage (due to normal aging and photo damage in many cases) and a loss of volume (usually from the aging process), the client is left with loose, crepey-looking skin.

Which brings us to the differences in the 6 in 1 protocols for classic cellulite and linear cellulite.

6 in 1 Machine Treatment Protocols for Cellulite

Now note the each of the following 6 in 1 machine treatment protocols that we're going to cover combines multiple technologies because you need multiple non-invasive body contouring technologies to treat the multiple causations of cellulite.  You need to rejuvenate the skin, you need to firm and tone the skin, you need to detox remove the excess fluids and toxins,  and you need to reduce the quantity and/or size of the fat cells.

So with the Classic Cellulite Treatment Protocols

With Classic Cellulite, your protocol should use these technologies to address all 4 causes of cellulite:

Ultrasound Cavitation to break down the fat and reduce the size and number of fat cells

Vacuum Therapy to detox - to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body 

Radio frequency to tighten, firm and tone the skin 

LED to rejuvenate the skin - increase collagen production and heal the skin cells

Makes sense, right?

If you don’t address each cause, you won’t effectively reduce cellulite.  


What is different about Linear Cellulite Treatment Protocols?

With Linear Cellulite, remember what we just covered?  You do not need to address fat, but you do need to address the other 3 causes of cellulite:

Vacuum Therapy to detox - eliminate any excess fluids and toxins from the body

Radio frequency to tighten, firm and tone the skin

LED to rejuvenate the skin - increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity and heal skin cells 

And of course, the amount of time you spend applying each of the technologies for the two types of cellulite differs.  We give you both of these protocols in our Body Contouring 6in1 Masterclass.   

Again, we encourage you to take a look at the course.

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And the Pre/Post Treatment Instructions

Here’s our thoughts.  Just about everyone knows classic cellulite when they see it.  But some body concerns are more difficult to identify.  Like linear cellulite.

Identifying body concerns and applying the correct treatment protocol is paramount in the successful  practice of non-invasive body contouring.  

Education is critical.  

You took a huge step forward by listening to this episode. 

Now consider the next step by enrolling in the Body Contouring Academy’s 6-in-1 Masterclass

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That’s it for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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