Whole body vibration therapy: business builder, client pleaser and results booster

Vibration therapy is one of our favorite technologies.  It does what no other technology can do. With our walk-in protocol, vibration therapy delivers ‘best results,’ keeps patients coming back for more, sells more services and grows our business.  In this episode, we share how our walk-in protocol works and show you how you can use our walk-in protocol to prosper too.

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Body contouring is our thing.  We love every single aspect of it.  But we have a confession to make.  We do have a handful of favorites.  And one of them - the treatment we’re going to talk about today - may surprise you.  Because it’s not a technology or treatment that celebrities or influencers have ever talked about. You won’t find articles about it in Cosmo or People magazine.  And you don’t even need an exam room to deliver the treatment.  Have you guessed what it is?  It’s Vibration Therapy.  Whole Body Vibration Therapy.  It’s an amazing lymphatic booster technology and clients love it.  But that’s not why it’s a favorite.  It’s a favorite because it provides us the opportunity for frequent - really frequent - client visits which gives us the opportunity to bond, build trust and develop relationships with clients…and this grows your business better than any marketing effort can.  So stay tuned to today’s episode.  We are going to be talking Vibration Therapy and sharing the important steps we take using Vibration Therapy to guarantee we bring in revenue and continue growing. 

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Hi there body contouring professionals.  Kay here.  Thank you for being here too.  

As body contouring professionals we use treatments like cavitation and cryolipolysis to reduce fat. These treatments slim and shape the body beautifully on their own, but the most successful body contouring professionals (including Shannon and I) don’t stop at fat reducing technology.  We use the synergistic benefits of lymphatic assist treatments to boost and accelerate results.  Whole body vibration therapy is a lymphatic booster treatment.  We’ve talked about the importance of lymphatic boosters before, really breaking it down last March in our episode appropriately entitled Why you can (and should) hack your client’s lymphatic system to get better and faster body contouring results.  We’ll leave a link to that episode in today’s show notes if you want to hear it. 

We won’t go that deep today, but we will do a quick anatomy and physiology review before we get into the details and explain what we love about Vibration Therapy. 

What about The relationship between the lymphatic system and non-invasive body contouring? The primary role of the lymphatic system is to eliminate waste, toxins and excess fluids from the body. Non-invasive fat reduction treatments destroy fat and leaves the fat and other debris behind following treatment for the lymphatic system to eliminate.  Results can not be seen until this debris has been cleared from the body.  

Remember, The lymphatic system is a circulatory system that does not have a pump.

The lymphatic system vessels run alongside the blood circulatory vessels in the body.

The blood circulatory system is actively moved along by the heart’s pumping action.

The lymphatic system is a passive drainage system; it has not pump and relies on the body’s motion to move the lymph fluids along. 

The lymphatic system depends on certain lifestyle factors to function adequately 

Movement - remember no pump; our muscles must move it along, Water Intake - lymph fluid is more than 90% water; without adequate hydration it doesn’t move properly

Proper Nutrition - fast food, eating on the run, stress eating, sound familiar? Low Stress Levels - our lives are incredibly stressful.

Modern lifestyles tend to lead to inefficient lymphatic systems.  That’s why we use lymphatic booster treatments in conjunction with our body contouring treatments. And remember, even under ideal circumstances, Final results after a non-invasive body contouring procedure are not achieved for several weeks or even months Neither clients or providers are ‘done’ when the procedure or treatment series concludes.  We’re relying on the lymphatic system to “complete” the treatment by eliminating the fat and waste 

In comes Whole Body Vibration Therapy…

It’s a passive exercise therapy that increases blood and lymphatic circulation via intense (but comfortable) muscle contractions. Clients stand on the vibration machine for a 10 minute program and enjoy ‘getting their exercise’ in an effortless way.

We have two of them in a public area of our medical spa but outside the view of the lobby and bar area.  So you could say it’s semi-private.  And we offer educational videos on mounted tv’s.  Many clients use the time to review emails or just take a ten minute break from it all.  But even though standing on the vibration platform seems easy, the technology is doing a lot of work. A Whole Body Vibration Machine works in three ways

Force (Gravity) The whole body vibration machine produces a vibrating up-and-down,  side-to-side and back-and-forth motion generating forces upon the body from 1G to 6G’s, depending on the amplitude and frequency of the settings used. In essence, the machine increases the amount of gravity working on your patient’s body. Studies show the beneficial effects of the FORCE of the vibration machine. Your patient’s body responds to force (or gravity) by Building muscle, Increasing bone mass, Increasing lymphatic function, Strengthening the cardiovascular system   

Muscle micro-adjustments When your patient stands on the vibration machine, every muscle in her body is forced to react in a continuous flow of micro-adjustments...contracting...then relaxing...rapidly, repeatedly and reflexively.  

Vibration machines can engage up to 98% of your patient’s muscle fibers, producing big rewards in just a short amount of time.  The up-and-down motion improves your patient’s muscle tone.  The side-to-side and front-to-back  motion improves your patient’s coordination and balance.  

Neuromuscular stimulation- The rapid-firing of your patient’s muscles causes a neuromuscular response that flows through her entire body.   This causes multiple beneficial physiological changes.

What about The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Therapy for your patients

Before we get into the all the benefits, Shannon has a short message for us.


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Let’s talk about the benefits of whole body vibration therapy for your patients 

Number one on our list! Improved Lymphatic Function. Multiple studies have been performed over the last several years that show whole body vibration therapy improves lymph drainage. As the machine vibrates slower, lymph drainage improves.  Slowing the vibration allows time for the lymph nodes to open, drain and close. This action allows your patient’s lymphatic system to eliminate the fats, fluids, and toxins left behind after the non-invasive body contouring procedure. And as a bonus benefit, promoting lymph node activity also improves immune function.

Fat Loss and Weight Loss- Research concludes that whole body vibration therapy is 54% more effective than aerobics and strength training in causing visceral fat reduction.  

Studies have also shown the participants using the whole body vibration machine were less likely to gain weight.

Cellulite Reduction- Studies revealed a 26% reduction in cellulite after participants used the vibration machine for six months, 2 to 3 times a week.

Other Benefits of whole body vibration therapy- decreases cortisol levels, counteracts age-related muscle wasting, builds bone mass, lowers blood pressure, improves strength.

So the benefits of whole body vibration therapy for our patients are clear and pretty darn convincing. Wouldn’t you agree? But we told you at the outset that those benefits, though amazing, are not the reason that whole body vibration therapy is a favorite. 

It’s our favorite because it’s such a huge business builder.  Let’s talk about the benefits vibration therapy brings to your business. Remember For most non-invasive body contouring procedures, final results are not achieved until a few weeks or even a few months after the final treatment.  

And getting good results are key to create happy patients, develop long term patient relationships, Build an outstanding reputation, maintain a high (90+) patient satisfaction rating, increase sales, grow your business and ensure your business longevity.

And remember most clients have poorly functioning lymphatic systems

We need to help them. So…we offer vibration therapy at no charge to all of our body contouring patients. We educate each of our patients about the benefits of the use of the total body vibration platform following a non-invasive body contouring treatment. We follow that education with a ‘rather insistent invitation’ to drop by anytime, as often as possible, to use one of the total vibration platforms at our medspa. We remind the patients to drop by when we place our follow up calls the next day. We remind them again with an email at one and two weeks after their procedure.Finally, we re-educate and remind them at their 6 week follow up appointment.

We have crafted a vibration therapy walk-in protocol to use these frequent visits to 

Create lasting relationships, Build trust, Provide additional opportunities to follow up and fill in educational gaps, Identify and solve negative issues before they grow and fester, Provide re-education, Identify new needs, Educate about and sell additional services and products to address the newly discovered needs, Increase the lifetime value of the patient

In addition to the protocol, our team has a separate vibration therapy walk-in process to use. And the Patients who participate in Whole Body Vibration Therapy will see faster results, will feel motivated to comply with other post-treatment instructions, find it easy to participate with this frequent, enjoyable 10-minute exercise treatment, Will bond with you and your team, will trust you and your team and they truly look forward to dropping in to see everyone.

Don’t you see how unique and valuable the benefits of vibration therapy are?

There’s really nothing else like  it.  We love it.

We love seeing our patients as often as possible and getting to know them so well.  

And we really love how it is such a solid business builder. If you can see the benefits too, and you’d like to add it to your business, We do have a whole body vibration therapy certification course.  In that course, we share our Walk-In Vibration Therapy Protocol and our Walk-In Vibration Therapy Process.  You get them both ready to use.  That way you can implement our vibration therapy system and start growing your business right away.   We will leave a link to the course details in our show notes.  

That’s it for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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