Books to grow your Aesthetics and Body Contouring Business

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Body Contouring 101: Your Complete Guide to Getting the Body You Want Without Surgery

By Kay Casner Overley, JD, RN, BSN and Shannon Schimmel, LME

This book speaks directly to the pain felt by the body contouring patient.  You’ll gain valuable insight into the minds of your patients as we draw from our many years of listening and learning about our patient’s body concerns, pains, and desires.

We construct a complete non-invasive body contouring roadmap of meeting the patient’s needs through a collection of insights, research, instructions, stories, tools, and resources.

We share the processes and methods we developed, used, and still use today in meeting our patient’s needs...the very ones that paved the way for our seven-figure body contouring business.  We reveal our techniques, tips, products, holistic treatments, and more that have proven to deliver the best results, bring in the most revenue, optimize retail sales, and keep patients returning again and again to our business.

We believe in the power of collaboration.  If you’d like to shortcut your path to body contouring success, read our book.

The E-Myth: Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it

By Michael Gerber

We read this book more than fifteen years ago, applied its lessons, and we continue to refer to it again and again.

All small business owners will identify with this book. It tells the story of a typical small business owner from two distinctly different and competing perspectives, the Entrepreneur’s perspective and the Technician’s perspective. The Entrepreneur asks, “How must this business work?”  While the Technician asks, “What work needs to be done?”

It is a truly eye-opening walk through the startup, growth, and success or demise of a typical American small business, and will show you how to transform the way you see your business.  It will guide you through the process of business systematization.

Michael Gerber wrote this best-selling business book more than thirty years ago, but his lessons ring just as loud and true for today’s small businesses.  Those lessons have served as the very foundation and essence of our medspa business operations.

It’s a book you should read, remember, and refer to again and again.

Duct Tape Marketing Revised and Updated

By John Jantsch

The very first book we read to study marketing (more than ten years ago) continues to be our go-to reference today.  And as our marketing knowledge has expanded throughout the years, we find we value and respect the information and advice in this book more than ever.

The author’s subtitle describes it best, “The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide.”  It’s smart, practical and actionable.  You can put what you learn to work immediately.

Marketing has changed remarkably over the past several years, yet so much has remained the same.  This book teaches you what has remained the same, what has changed, and shows you how to evolve with the changes.

Most of us hire marketing professionals to help promote our business, and many of us leave the job in their hands.  But the author, John Jantsch, tells you that you should look at marketing as a system within your business.  And as with any operation in your business, you should have basic working knowledge...even if you don’t do the work yourself.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

By Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.

This book shows you exactly how to sell yourself, sell your business, and sell your ideas...ethically and naturally.

We’ve used the information found in this book again and again to create our sales systems, marketing campaigns, follow up systems, our membership program...and just about every system we use in our business.  It’s been a real key to our success.

And all the information in the book is backed by Dr. Cialdini’s thirty-five years of evidence based, peer-reviewed scientific research.  He lays it out in an easy to understand format that’s often quite funny and entertaining.

It’s been more than thirty years since this book was published, but the principles, techniques, and strategies are timeless.

So if you want to sell more services, sell your ideas to your team, and grow your business, read this book.