UltraSlim Professional Facts

This UltraSlim Professional Facts Report has been compiled by the Body Contouring Academy using exclusively information found on the UltraSlim Professional manufacturer website(s) and video(s).  Links to these website(s) and video(s) are provided at the end of this report.

Note to readers about this UltraSlim Professional Facts Report:  The UltraSlim Professional is the newer platform for the UltraSlim device. 

UltaSlim Professional treatment
UltraSlim Professional Facts


Fat reduction

Mechanism of action

Touchless Red Light Therapy (RLT) called Photobiomodulation Technology. The red light tricks the adipocyte into responding as if it were in a time of famine. The fat cell membranes are disrupted, resulting in temporary pores which allow fat to escape.

How it works

The red light therapy stimulates lipolysis by penetrating into the subcutaneous fat cell layer, creating openings in the fat cell membrane, and the fat is immediately released from the fat cell resulting in immediate reduction in the fat cell size.

FDA Cleared

Yes, for immediate reduction in the circumference of hips, waist and thighs.

Fat destruction or fat cell breakdown

Drains fat cells with lipolysis.

Areas of the body**

  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Thighs

**cleared for treatment as per manufacturer’s UltraSlim Professional facts and FDA letter.

Body contouring treatment to waist, love handles
Body contouring to abdominals
body contouring to thighs

Treatment time

Treatment sessions consist of 8 minutes on the front, 8 minutes to each side, and 8 minutes to the back, totalling 32 total minutes of actual treatment time.

What should the patient expect during treatment

Described as slightly warm and pleasant.  The patient lays down in a supine position (on her back) and the device is placed in a hovering position a few inches over the treatment area. After 8 minutes of treatment, the patient turns to one side and the process is repeated. The process is repeated on the other side. The patient lays in a prone position (flat on her stomach) for the final 8 minutes.

# treatments needed

Standard protocol is 6 treatments for optimal results and “to totally transform the body.”  Each body is different and the provider will create a customized treatment plan for each patient.

Treatment visit frequency

A direct answer for this question was not found on the manufacturer’s website(s) or video(s)


No downtime.

When to resume normal activities

No downtime. A direct answer for this question was not found on the manufacturer’s website(s) or video(s).

When will results be seen

The typical patient loses an immediate total of 3.5” during their first treatment. Over the next 72 hours, the patient will lose an additional 1.25”, giving the average patient a 4.75” total inch loss.

How long will results last

The fat cells have been depleted, not destroyed so maintaining a healthy lifestyle is mandatory to prevent the fat cells from refilling with new fat.

Marketing message for consumers/prospective patients

Lose at least 2” today.  No dieting, no drugs, no surgery.

More UltraSlim Professional facts in this YouTube video

Cite used to determine FDA clearance status.

*Information contained in this UltraSlim Professional Report was taken exclusively from the manufacturer’s product website(s) and video(s), for the purpose of serving as a resource material for aesthetic professionals. It is not intended to promote, criticize or otherwise comment on the device, and does not reflect the opinion(s) of the Body Contouring Academy.