4 Clear-Cut Ways to Achieve Insanely High Conversion Rates

Learn practical steps to execute insanely high conversion rates and make it easy to get a “yes” response to build your body contouring business. 


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When your lawyer talks, you listen.  When your pastor talks, you want to obey.  When a police officer stops you on the street to ask you a question, you want to cooperate.  You don’t give it a second thought. You want to comply.

You’ve probably never questioned this behavioral wiring to conform to requests by these types of individuals.  It just seems normal, right?

But why do you instinctively (without conscious thought) feel the need to comply?  The answer lies in another one of those six Principles of Persuasion, the Authority Principle.

That’s our topic today.  We’re going to continue our discussion about Persuasion with an examination of the Authority Principle and how we can use it to achieve an insanely high conversion rate that will ultimately lead to a massive increase in your profits.  

So, what is the Principle of Authority?  Simple put, the Authority Principle triggers our compliance.  It rests upon this premise. When we interact with others who are in a position of authority, we feel a duty or an obligation to comply with their requests.  

So let’s apply this Principle into the body contouring world.  

Your patients should see you as an expert in the field of body contouring.  Previously, we’ve discussed how you should convey your expertise and authority in your website, your advertising, your phone scripts, and all of your systems.  

Putting the Authority Principle into play, your expertise allows you to persuade your patients to follow your lead and your advice.  The patient sees you as a credible, knowledgeable expert and they feel the need to follow what you say.

So what are some ways to convey your authority?  Well, if you are physician, you’re already at an advantage.  You are a doctor. Your title, quite simply, conveys authority and respect.  

But what if you’re not a doctor?  How do you convey authority and put the Principle of Authority into play?

You should take these simple steps – if you are not a doctor, and even if you are a doctor:

     Dress the part
You know you’re being judged, so wear that lab coat, name tag with your title and credentials; make sure you’re impeccably groomed   

 Convey confidence
        A firm handshake, good eye contact, a smile, speaking loudly, great   


 Have others sing your praises
        You do this through the rest of your team, comments like “I don’t know

        if you know this, but Dr. Handy is a body contouring expert.” or “I’m

        going to let Dr. Handy answer that, he is the real expert.”  

        Research confirms this.

        Science has told us it’s important to signal to others what makes you        

        a credible, knowledgeable authority before you attempt to influence

        based on authority.  

 Display your expertise
        If it’s possible, hang your degrees and awards on the wall for display –

        either in the room where you do Consultations or in the lobby.

Research shows that having others sing your praises and displaying your credentials prior to your using authority to influence increases your sales by 15 -20%.  Now that’s so impressive! Especially when you consider it’s something that costs you nothing to implement.

You can see that knowing the Principle of Authority and how to use it can add massive numbers to your bottom line…but you have to implement it.

That leads us to your action step for this episode.

Your Action Step:  Implement a plan putting the Authority Principle into action in your business now.  Follow our 4 steps. The sooner you implement, the sooner you profit, the more you have to gain.

Tune in for our next episode as we continue our discussion breaking down each one of the six Principles of Persuasion and show you how to use each of them in your body contouring practice so you will generate massive increases in your revenue.

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Bye for now from Shannon and Kay at the Body Contouring Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.

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