A 20-minute guide to a money-making marketing channel mix for your body contouring business

There’s high demand for body contouring. But there’s also more competition. Which means you have little room for error in your marketing plan. In this episode, we discuss (1) your marketing channel and advertising options and (2) give you our proven body contouring marketing channels mix, in an easy to implement step-by-step format.

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As non-invasive body contouring services grow in popularity so does the number of businesses offering the services.  That’s to be expected.  A bummer.  But your business can still totally prosper and grow. However, it does leave very little room for error in your marketing efforts.  Like using the right mix of marketing channels and advertising…which isn’t easy when there are so many.  Do you need to hire a marketing firm?  Probably not.  Do you need to become a marketing expert? Kinda. Or at least learn from folks like us who have operated aesthetic businesses for so long that we’ve become marketing experts.  In fact, we both love marketing.  And we’re good at it.  Remember we grew our last medspa to 7 figures in less than a year. But we know most business owners struggle with it somewhat, so in today’s episode,  we’re going to be talking marketing channels and advertising and we’ll reveal the perfect marketing channel mix for a body contouring business.  So stay tuned.

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Hi I’m Shannon and I’m Kay and we’re your hosts of The Proven Profits Podcast


Hello body contouring community and welcome to today’s episode.  Kay here.  Shannon and I appreciate you being here too. 

In our last episode we shared the details of the foundational marketing steps that the most successful business owners take…and that all the others skip.  Today we’ll review those steps briefly and then build on that with a breakdown of all the applicable marketing channels from which to choose, then give you our proven strategy for the ultimate body contouring business marketing channels mix.  

So like we said in our intro, now more than ever you need to do everything right in your marketing efforts 

We can’t emphasize enough that The strength of your marketing foundation is key to your marketing success.  

Have you dedicated time to the foundation of your marketing plan? 

Because if you skip these fundamental steps, your marketing plan is likely to fall short regardless how much time and money you invest in marketing channels.  

Let’s review the fundamentals because it’s been a couple of weeks since we talked about it.   And if you missed our last episode, it’s definitely worth your time to go back and listen.

So here’s the fundamentals you need to Determine first...before you consider anything else.

Who is your ideal customer?  

Your target market has their own specific problems and concerns they want you to solve.  

Understanding who your target market is is essential to understanding their problems and communicating why your business is the best choice to solve their problems.  

Your messaging must convey to them that you understand them and have ‘just right’ solutions for them

What is your USP,  your Unique Selling Proposition, your ‘Brand?”

As more competitors enter your market, your brand messaging becomes even more important.  

Your brand must be differentiated, create a strong impression and stand out from all the rest.  

Without a  well-defined brand, potential customers will either forget about you or base their decision to buy from you in regard to price alone.  

How will your website convert your visitors to leads?

It’s not likely that your potential clients will come into your business to inquire about your services.  

Instead they will visit your website.  Do you know the stats?, 92.3% of the population ‘googles it.’  

So your website must give them what they are looking for and have mechanisms in place to capture their contact information so you can follow up with them, nurture them and ultimately convert them into your customer. 


You have to believe us when we say you won’t reach your potential and join the ranks of the most successful businesses without devoting time and attention to these tasks.  The more years we were in business, when planning our marketing, the more value and time we assigned to these things.

Moving on the primary topic of this marketing episode;

Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are the avenue by which your business communicates with your target market to convince your target market to like you, trust you and ultimately buy from you.  

Your choices of marketing channels must “reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

In other words, you have to have the right marketing channel mix.


First before we discuss individual marketing channels, here are 4 general categories in which you’ll find these Marketing Channels.  Really these 4 are 2 sets of ‘either or’ categories.   

Types of Marketing Channels

Organic vs Paid Marketing Channels

Organic Marketing

Organic marketing is marketing that does not cost money, but it does require your time and effort.  

Most (but not all) organic marketing efforts fall under digital channels.  

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is marketing that you pay money to market your business…also referred to as advertising.

Advertising is the paid component of marketing, and can be accomplished via digital or traditional marketing channels. 

Digital vs Traditional Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is done online.  

Examples of digital marketing channels include content marketing, social media posts and SEO (search engine optimization).

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is any form of marketing that is not done online.

Examples of traditional marketing channels include radio, direct mail and billboard. 

Okay, organic (free) vs paid and digital vs traditional

Now let’s look at the specific marketing channel breakdown

Starting with

Organic Marketing Channels

First up…DIGITAL


Your website is your 24/7 storefront and sales generation machine.  

Your business’ website should be the primary destination of your target market. 

Multiple marketing channel opportunities originate from your website. 


Content Marketing (Blogs)

Regularly posted original blogs that educate, display your expertise and 

provide helpful information with a call to action (CTA) within it.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Actions taken to boost your website ranking in search engines (Google) for specific queries, so your business’ website can get noticed (and clicked on) by your target market.

Before/After Photos, Reviews and Testimonials 

Your customer’s before and after photos and reviews and testimonials can be repurposed, used on your website, in emails, on landing pages, in social media posts and in paid ads. 

Social Media Marketing

Posts made on social media platforms like Facebook and/or Instagram (the META companies) to promote your business, share content and drive traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Nurturing emails that educate, nurture and maintain relationships (stay ‘top of mind’) with your clients, prospects and leads. 

And/or monthly newsletters to your clients, prospects and leads.

Okay, that’s it for organic digital marketing channels…even though most organic marketing channels are digital, not all of them are.  Here are a couple of TRADITIONAL Organic Marketing Channels

Educational Events

Hosting or participating in educational events not only sets your business apart as an authority, but also builds brand awareness and generates leads.  

Referral Marketing (Word of Mouth)

An offer to current clients in exchange for a referral of a friend or family member. This one is also big.  Do you know that More people believe recommendations from your customers over any advertising that you do?

Okay, that was a lot of marketing channel options that are no cost or at least very low cost.

Moving on to or Paid Marketing (or Paid Advertising) 

And by the way, Advertising is a component of marketing, it’s the paid component of marketing, and it can be done using both digital and traditional marketing channels.  

Here are the digital options

Meta (Facebook or Instagram) Paid Ads  

Can be effective at reaching your narrow target market.

Allows you to specifically tailor your messages and offers to your target market persona.

Search Engines (Google) PPC (Pay per Click) Ads 

Targeted ads based on keywords you choose

Operate on a bidding system managed by Google

Search engines also offer ‘Banner Ads’ 


Retargeting utilizes “cookies” to track your website visitors who leave your site without taking action

After those visitors leave your site and land on other web pages, retargeting ads for your business show up on those web pages

These ads serve as a reminder of your business and services

Influencer Advertising 

Partnership/contract with influencers who your target market already trusts to promote your services.

Can be digital (social media influencers)

Can be traditional (television or radio personalities)  We had great success using a popular television personality

So that was digital paid advertising

What about Paid Advertising using TRADITIONAL Marketing Channels? 

What are those options?    

Traditional marketing channels include any marketing channel that is not digital-based.

Examples include Radio, Television, Billboards, Direct Mail, and Print, i.e. magazine, flyers, neighborhood papers, etc.  

Those are all options

That wraps up the marketing channel options that are most relevant to a body contouring business or any personal services business.


Full Disclosure here: there are many more marketing channels available

As you know, there are a multitude of marketing channels available.  

To prevent overwhelm today, we did not discuss these options 

Business listings and directories

Google my business

Which we will talk about at a later date because they are important

There’s also

Loyalty Programs


Podcasting or podcast guesting

Video Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing

Native Marketing

…just to name a few.

COMMERCIAL Next up…we’ll reveal the marketing channel mix you should use to promote your body contouring business

Or really the marketing channel mix that will bring success for any personal services business!

But before we dive in, Shannon has a message for us


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Okay, now that you’ve heard the breakdown of marketing channels and advertising options, here are the steps for our

proven Body Contouring Marketing Channels Mix


Create a firm Marketing Plan Foundation

Target Market Persona

Defined Brand 

Converting Website 

Set your budget 

Plan for a quarter at a time - Jan - Mar, Apr - June, and so on 


Make investing time and money on your website a priority 

Leverage social posts on FB and/or IG to drive leads to your website 

Host monthly or quarterly Educational Events 

Send monthly Nurturing Emails to your clients, prospects and leads

Notice these are all organic (free) options?

No money, just time.


These will require spending.  Once your budget allows more spend…

Consider Facebook or Instagram paid ads 

Consider Google PPC ads (not banner ads) 

Consider Influencer Marketing (social media or TV/Radio)

You don’t need all three.  Start with one and Base your decisions based on your target market and your brand positioning.  It’s going to be different for different businesses.


Study your Target Market

Be mindful how your Target Market behaves  

Be Evaluating your brand

Study your competition on a regular basis (competitive analysis)

Keep your website current, relevant and functional make sure it’s capturing those leads

And this is super important.  Less than 20% of business owners do this.  Track your metrics and adjust accordingly

In CLOSING, we have some words of ADVICE

Starting and growing an aesthetics business can be challenging.  

Investing in your marketing education, undertaking the foundational marketing steps and choosing the right marketing channels will set you up for long term growth, profitability and success.  

That’s why we offer a marketing course and that’s why the business courses we’re working on now and will release soon contain so much marketing and sales.  

We know how important it is

So to kickstart your business’ Marketing Plan, and get the marketing know-how you need

Check out our online Marketing course

We’ll leave the link in the show notes


As a business owner, you wear so many hats.  It’s hard to get it all done, much less becoming good or an expert at everything.  With marketing, you may have a big learning curve.  We are well aware you are a body contouring business owner, not a marketing executive.  So…let us help you.  WE’ve been down the same road.  So Start with our marketing course and then look for our business courses as we release them.  That’s it for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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