Not all leads are good: how to attract good leads that will convert to paying customers

Ignore statistics when you’re evaluating the quality of lead generation. More leads does not always mean more money. Lead quality counts. Unqualified leads and leads that are way off your target market will never amount to a payday. In today’s episode learn the marketing tactic we used and how we used it to build our 7-figure business. Why? It practically guarantees to turn leads into paying customers. Tune in now.

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For as long as we’ve been in business, 100% of the time marketing companies try to get our business by promising some huge number of leads. But does your analysis stop there?  Think about it.  It doesn’t matter how many leads you get if there is no hope for most of them to ever convert to a paying customer.  That wastes not only your money, but your time.  We have to remember our businesses don;t just need leads, we need the right kind of leads.  So what can you do?  In our experience, providing Educational Content, also known as content marketing is the top lead generation choice for any personal services business like body contouring.  Because with content marketing, you’ll bring in leads that are practically guaranteed to convert into paying customers.  In today’s episode, we’re going to tell you all about content marketing and give you the exact content marketing tactics we have used to generate tons of leads that we have consistently turned into lifetime paying customers.  If you want more quality leads, you’re not gonna want to miss this episode  So stay tuned.

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Hi I’m Shannon and I’m Kay and we’re your hosts of The Proven Profits Podcast

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Hello body contouring community and welcome to today’s episode.  Kay here.  Shannon and I really appreciate you being here too. 

We’ve been focusing on marketing lately.  And we were thinking we need to talk about lead generation a bit.  Because we know you think about it a lot - for good reason.  New leads are the life force of our businesses.  

Marketers will typically tell you, “we’ll get you the leads, but it’s up to you to get them through your doors.”   And a mistake so many businesses make is singularly focusing on the sheer number of leads.  So that sounds okay.

Now true, it is a numbers game to a certain extent.  The more leads you get, theoretically the more appointments you should get.  But in reality, it doesn’t work that way…because not all leads are good.  If your leads are not qualified or they’re way out of the scope of your target market, they will never become your customer.  No matter how much you work on them.

That’s why providing educational content is such an efficient way to market and attract leads.  If your educational content appeals to leads, helps them, if they like what you’re saying, then they’ll want to hear more from you.  They will become your lead.  A good lead.  A lead that your business appeals to.  A lead who will trust you and ultimately want to do business with you.  And if someone is checking you out and doesn’t  like what you say or care to hear anything further from you, well then they will not become your lead.  That’s a good thing.  Neither you nor your potential lead will waste any time.

So…what exactly am I talking about when I say providing educational content…or content marketing?

Put simply, content marketing is providing your target market with helpful, relevant information. 

This is so big.  Because with the one tactic of providing educational content, your business is accomplishing so many things,

Providing wanted information 

Building trust

Establishing your authority

Staying top of mind

Creating relationships…which is what success in business is all about, right?

Using educational content to attract leads to your business IS SMART

It’s not enough for a new lead to discover your business.  You have to provide them with enough reasons to keep them interested in your business…and eager to learn more from you. 

And since you want the attention of your target market, not of all the fish in the sea, you want to appeal to your TM and attract them to your business.  So remember the educational content you provide should be both useful and relevant for them, your TM.

This continued relationship with your leads using this educational content…that’s what puts them on the path to ultimately become your customer. 

Providing educational content or content marketing is not a one and done like so many other marketing tactics, it’s developing a relationship and growing that relationship.

Guys.  Educational content works.   

So like we said earlier, there’s a whole lot of different ways to use educational content to attract leads.  You won’t use every single tactic when you implement content marketing.  

And you can do this yourself.   Or you can hire a professional if you have the budget.  

We’ve always done our own because we feel comfortable writing and like all business owners, we feel no one knows our business, our services and our messages better than we do.  

Let’s get back to how to use content marketing.  The things you should do.

You’ll need to use the tactics that have been proven most successful for your particular industry,  a personal services business, like body contouring or skin care or massage or tooth whitening, etc.  You get the picture…

And what we’re recommending is using a combination of both digital and offline tactics.

So first off.  What are the digital tactics you should use.   We’ll list them.  Then we’re going to dive deeper into these in just a bit.

For now, here’s the overview of what we recommend using.


DIGITAL Educational Content 



Services page

Blog page

Social media 

Repurpose website content 

Nurturing emails 

Use nurturing emails to follow up 

OFFLINE Educational Content

Educational content delivered in-person 

Host quarterly educational events at your business 

Participate in community events 

And now as promised, let’s elaborate on these tactics. 

OKAY, first let’s break down the digital educational content tactics. 


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First, let’s talk about your WEBSITE

You want to include 

Education about your services, treatments and products 


Well really every page…but focus on these 3 pages now 

(homepage, services page, and blog section)

Number one, your Homepage

Do you have a treatment or a service that your business or your brand is known for?  

            Or if you don’t, what is your most profitable service or treatment?

You need to place this service/treatment prominently on your homepage.  

Highlight it there.  

Be aware that you don’t have long to catch your website visitor’s attention…just an average of 62 seconds.  It’s all \the time you have to appeal to them and give them a reason to want to learn more.

So resist the urge to put everything about the service or treatment on the homepage and instead give the visitor reasons why she should want to learn more from you.   

Make sure you have calls to action on your homepage to guide your visitors to the next step. 

No matter the length of content (as the visitor scrolls down) on your homepage, make sure to include the most appealing content above-the-fold.  That’s the content that shows up when the screen opens to your homepage.  Whether on a mobile phone or a desktop, tablet or laptop.  

Would you like to take a look at what this looks like in real ife?  You can get a good visual of what we just discussed on our most recent med spa, Sculpt Away’s website homepage.  We will leave a link to that our show notes.  

Next…your Services page

Your services page is one of your most viewed website pages (often second to your home page).  So it should be visible and easy to access from the homepage.  Make sure to add the service page or pages to the navigation bar on your home page.

On the services page, tell your visitors about your services.  Include a section with a description of each of your services/ treatments.  

You can use one page for all of your services, and we are leaving an example with all the services listed on one page in our show notes. 

Or you can use one page for each service and we’re leaving an example with a full page devoted to one service in our show notes..  

We’re leaving links to both of those in our show notes, so you can get a visual.

Include frequently asked Q & A’s about the treatments/services.

And if you have them, include before/after photos, client reviews or video testimonials and educational videos.

And third, you need to have a 

Blog section

Here’s why.  Customers want to do business with experts.  With blogs, you position yourself as an expert.

Blogs provide valuable information and education for your website visitors.  Statistics tell us that consumers researching new services look at an average of 5 blogs.

Blogs also convey expertise and authority. 

Make sure to include Blogs in the navigation bar on your home page.

But you may be wondering…

How do you know what to blog about? 

Blog about your client’s concerns.  

For example, a client says, “I want to tone my abs but I have a little fat to lose too.  Will Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) treatments help to reduce that abdominal fat also?”  

Your answer is a blog article!

When you listen to your client’s concerns, your blog article subject list will go on and on.  

That’s it for educational content on your website.  Let’s move on to

Social Media 

Good news!  You don’t have to create different educational content for social media apart from your website.  

Take your blogs, your service descriptions, the questions your clients ask and even the calls to action on your website, etc. and put a new spin on them for social media posts.  That’s referred to as repurposing.  Repurpose your already-produced educational content.

Why is repurposing your educational content so effective?

Likely you’re reaching a new or different audience

You’re definitely reinforcing your authority, expertise and displaying your knowledge 

Plus you’re increasing your exposure

And very importantly, you are saving your time.  A ton of it.  Producing new content takes way more time than repurposing content you have.

Now let’s move on to 

Nurturing Emails

You’ll use this tactic to follow up AFTER a lead shares her contact information with you.  These leads have expressed interest in your business, so you need to stay in touch and nurture them.

Nurturing emails are short (fewer than 200 words), non-salesy emails that should be sent on a consistent basis at least once a month.

Nurturing emails are the simply best way to provide follow up educational content for clients, leads and prospects.  They are providing little tidbits of focused information.  You might send one on the relationship between sleep and weight or how to calculate the BMI or the 4 causes of cellulite.  You get the picture.  You could use a newsletter too, but we prefer nurturing emails to newsletters for many reasons.

You can see how these emails give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.  Make sure your emails are well-written, informative, and contain relevant content.  In our opinion, nurturing emails and they are the best ways to stay ‘top of mind, build trust and position yourself as an authority.

That’s it for digital educational content.

Let’s move on to offline educational content.  

And that all has to do with 

Educational content that’s delivered in-person 

First up…it’s a must-do.  If you’re not doing this, you need to get started.

And that’s to

Host educational events at your business on a quarterly basis

You can certainly do them more frequently but quarterly is very effective

You can imagine how hosting events at your business brings many benefits to your business, including positioning yourself as an expert and securing your business as a leader in the field.

We recommend showcasing one service/treatment or ‘problem’ at each event.  For example, you could host a ‘Mommy Makeover Event” in which you include education about the body concerns and promotion of treatments for loose skin, stretch marks and unwanted fat. 

Plan, calendar and promote these quarterly events for your clients and prospects alike.

And similar to hosting at your business, you can 

Participate in community events

By participating in community events, you are perceived as an expert and your business as a leader in the field.  

Community events are a great opportunity to support the community, get your business discovered, network and spread the word about your services.  

And that’s it.  Everywhere you should be focusing with your educational content.  And these things WILL bring your leads that convert to sales….and become your clients for life.  

⇨  Successful businesses are built on smart marketing strategies.  

⇨  Using educational content to attract leads should be a big part of your business’ smart marketing strategy.  

⇨  So get started on Implementing it today! 

Last time, we talked about the many hats we as business owners wear.  All the responsibilities and tasks we are responsible for.  It can be hard and can feel so overwhelming.  We know.  We’ve both been business owners for a long, long time.

And we know with marketing, in most cases there’s a big learning curve.  Over the years, we became marketing experts…and you will too.  But it takes time.  In the meantime, we can help. We built a marketing course with you in mind.  So use our knowledge and use our experience.  If you think it might be for you, consider enrolling in the course.  So

Learn more about our online Marketing course

We’ll leave a link in the show notes. That’s a wrap for today.  Until next time. Beautiful Wishes.



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