How to take fat reduction to the next level and dominate your market

Fat reduction treatments are popular for good reason. They work. But to take your business to the next level, you need to go beyond meeting inch loss expectations and delight your clients with supercharged results instead. In this episode, learn how we did just that and have dominated our market for the past eight years…then use our methods to dominate your market. Listen now.

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Do you have a favorite body contouring treatment?  We have to admit that we do.  Fat reduction has a special place in our hearts.  It’s how we built our med spa.  And we’re not talking just delivering the expected inch loss results. Oh no. We’re talking going way beyond that to surprise our patients with supercharged results.  And today, we’re going to share that with you so you can do it too.  We’ll cover the best fat reduction technologies because it all starts with that.  And then…we’re going to share our proprietary methods, secrets of sorts…to deliver supercharged results. Going above and beyond.  It’s how we built our business.  So if you want to know how to build a super successful body contouring business, this episode is one you cannot miss.  So stay tuned!

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Hi I’m Shannon and I’m Kay and we’re your hosts of The Proven Profits Podcast


Hi there, body contouring professionals.  Kay here.  Shannon and I thank you for joining us today.

Back in 2015 when we opened the doors to our brand new medical spa, we were the first of our kind.  A med spa focused on body contouring, fat reduction in particular.  A bold move, but as the saying goes…fortune favors the bold…and it paid off for us.  But we were not newbies.  We’d been in the industry since the early 2000’s.  So we knew we needed to be special, different from the rest.  We used our experience to formulate a method that made us special.  And in less than a year, we built the 7-figure medical spa that’s still exceeding expectations today.

Fat reduction has been and continues to be the fastest growing of all non-invasive body contouring treatments.   It goes without saying that every aesthetics business should offer at least one, if not more, fat reduction treatment.  And you should develop a plan to do more than meet the expectations of inch loss.  Your plan should include how you will surprise and delight your clients instead.

So let’s examine some fat reduction market statistics

The fat reduction market is the fastest growing market of all aesthetics (not just body contouring) procedures.  

With a 2023 market size of 10.65 billion dollars, the market size is expected to more than double over the next ten years, reaching 25.6 billion dollars.  

Why is the fat reduction market still growing after all these years?

Experts say sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating are necessitating the need for fat reduction, and they cite the following certain growth factors for the growing demand for fat reduction.  And these are 

An increasing number of baby boomers with disposable income

A cultural shift in younger generations viewing body contouring treatments as part of beauty maintenance, like lashes and nails 

The rising overall acceptance of aesthetic treatments 

An increased willingness to spend on aesthetic procedures

Bottom line.  Your aesthetic business’ growth and profitability depends on providing one or more of the best fat reduction technologies.  

Before we reveal the best technologies, we need to tell you our discussion today is limited to technologies that are available in Level III machines.  Level III machines are entry level machines with no conditions to purchase or operate. So they are open to everyone.  We’re not going to discuss technologies that are only available in Level I machines because these machines are not available to you if you do not have physician affiliation. Specifically this includes the technologies of SculpSure (heat based laser lipolysis)  and  Emsculpt Neo (which is combination muscle toning HIFEM + Radiofrequency)  So just know that these technologies are also top of our list and great to build your business but you need a doctor.  

If you’ve Missed our discussions of body contouring machine levels, you can catch up.  We discuss it in detail in chapter 4 of our ebook, .  We’ll leave a link in our show notes directly to chapter 4 for you.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get started with discussion of The three most popular non-invasive fat reduction technologies 

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Fat Cavitation (Ultrasound)

Lipo Laser (Low Level Laser or cold laser) 

We have no favorites, so we’ll discuss them in alphabetical order.


*Also referred to as Fat Freezing

How does Cryolipolysis technology work?

Cryolipolysis utilizes controlled cooling to destroy fat cells in the treated area by freezing them.

The frozen fat cells in the treated area die.

Then over a period of 3-12 weeks, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells and debris left behind from the treatment via the lymphatic system 

Why clients love Cryolipolysis

Requires fewer treatments than the other best fat reduction technologies

Permanent fat cell elimination

Versatile treatment areas

Very popular, the ‘original fat blaster’  

Right or wrong, It’s what so many people equate with body contouring 

Why you’ll love Cryolipolysis

Easy to Market: the most recognized and requested of all best fat reduction technologies

Easy to Sell: the term fat freezing is synonymous with fat reduction

Flexible treatment schedule, fewer treatments are required at 3-12 weeks apart

Good income: typical fees for one treatment start at $350

Clients love their results

Next up

Fat Cavitation

*Also referred to as Ultrasound Cavitation, Fat Cavitation and Ultrasonic Cavitation

How does Fat Cavitation technology work?

Cavitation technology utilizes ultrasound (sound waves) energy to destroy fat cells in the treated area. 

This sound wave energy causes bubbles to form around the fat cells.  

These bubbles ultimately rupture fat cell membranes and destroy fat cells.

The fat cell’s lipid contents are released and the fat cells die.

Then over a period of 1-6 weeks, the body naturally eliminates the fat cells and debris left behind from the treatment via the lymphatic system 

Why clients love Fat Cavitation


Permanent fat cell elimination

Easy and comfortable treatment

Versatile treatment areas

Fast initial results

Popular with a long track record of safety and efficacy  


Why you’ll love Fat Cavitation

Well known treatment and easy to sell

Flexible treatment schedule, 1 or 2 weekly treatments

Good income: typical fee for one treatment is $125

Most treatment protocols start with six treatments

Clients love their results

And for the third technology, it’s

Lipo Laser (Low Level Laser technology)

*also referred to as Cold Laser, Red Light Therapy, LLLT and Light Emitting Diode (LED)

How does Lipo Laser technology work?

In contrast with Cryolipolysis and Fat Cavitation technologies, Lipo Laser technology does not destroy fat cells.  

Instead Lipo Laser technology shrinks and damages fat cells, which later heal.  

Here’s how it works

Delivers laser energy at a low level, 635-650 nm, to damage fat cells in the treated area.

The laser energy creates an opening in the fat cell membranes which allows the lipid contents to escape, resulting in smaller fat cells in the treated area.

The damaged fat cells will repair and heal.

And over a period of 1-6 weeks, the body naturally eliminates the fat and debris released into the body from the treatment via the lymphatic system. 

Why clients love Lipo Laser technology

Comfortable, even relaxing, treatments

Versatile treatment areas

Affordable treatments

Ability to treat larger areas than any of the other best fat reduction technologies

Appeals to those clients who do not want to destroy fat cells

Why you’ll love Lipo Laser

Paddle application is the least labor-intensive of the other best fat reduction technologies

Easy to please the client with the ability to treat larger areas than the other best fat reduction technologies 

Well known treatment and easy to market and to sell

Flexible treatment schedule, 1 or 2 weekly treatments

Good income: typical fees start at $75

Clients love their results

So by now you can see why we offer the body contouring certification courses we offer.  It’s all by design to set you up for success.  

If you’re interested in offering cryolipolysis, we have the  

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) Certification Course 

In the course 

You’ll learn the science and theory behind the technology plus the practical knowledge you need to become an expert practitioner

Online, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations

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TIps on how to build your business with sales and marketing

And a whole lot more!  We will leave a link to the course details in our show notes.

Or…maybe you’d like to offer both Fat Cavitation and Lipo Laser?  

And you can!  In our The Body Contouring 6 in 1 Masterclass 

It includes both Fat Cavitation Certification and Lipo Laser Certification…and more!

Its a turnkey body contouring online certification course teaching you 4 technologies!

Fat Cavitation

Lipo Laser

Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening

Vacuum/LED combo


Online, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations

All the forms you need to get started right away!

And a ton more!  We’ll leave a link to this course in the show notes too.

So we’ve covered the top 3 fat reduction technologies…and our advice is to offer at least one of these if not more. 

Now to our secrets….let’s talk about going beyond what your clients expect with fat reduction…and delighting your clients instead.   

Let’s just get this straight.  We know our body contouring technologies work superbly; they slim and shape as promised.  But like we said already, isn’t that what your clients expect?  What really impresses them (and grows your business) is your ability to give them more than expected.  And you can easily do that by delivering an extra level of service that will supercharge their results.  

Let’s dive into the ways we can enhance fat reduction results - the technologies we use and why.   

First.  Our fat reduction technologies reduce fat and this is how they do it - no matter the technology your use

They do it by either destroying or damaging fat cells  

These fat cells release the lipid contents and other debris into the interstitial space  

Where the lymphatic system picks up the lipids and debris to eliminate from the body 

Resulting in inch loss and shaping

Second.  Here’s what our fat reduction technologies and treatments DO NOT DO

Assist lymphatic system function in eliminating the debris from the treatment

Tone and define the underlying muscles 

Tighten loose skin  

So how you Delight your clients is pretty straightforward

You do it by treating what fat reduction technologies do not

i.e. assist lymphatic function, tone muscles and/or tighten skin, 

serve to enhance fat reduction results and deliver that extra level of service that will delight your clients.  

So…go the extra mile…and delight your clients by offering treatments that do what fat reduction treatments do not.  These are the …

Technologies that maximize and optimize inch loss 

Lymphatic Assist Technologies, aka Detox Slimming Treatments

Whole Body Vibration Therapy  (Vibration Platform)

Intermittent Compression Therapy  (Pressotherapy)

Technologies that maximize shaping and sculpting 

Muscle Toning Technologies

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology

Technologies that maximize firming and tightening 

Skin Tightening Technologies

Radiofrequency (RF) 

Let’s break them down one by one.


Technologies that maximize and optimize inch loss

You’re sure to earn a reputation as the expert body sculptor in your market when you deliver inch loss results worthy of talking about.  That’s going beyond the typical fat reduction results and delivering the kind of inch loss that delights your clients.

One way you can achieve this goal is with lymphatic assist technologies, aka detox slimming treatments.

Lymphatic assist technologies enhance lymphatic flow by increasing both blood and lymphatic circulation, leading to (1) faster and (2) super-optimized body contouring results.

Why Lymphatic Assist Technologies, aka Detox Slimming Treatments?

Body contouring technologies destroy or damage fat cells…but afterwards…your client’s lymphatic system must process, mobilize and remove the fat cells and debris left behind from the treatment…to achieve inch loss.  

Unlike blood circulation, which is actively moving because of the heart’s pumping action, lymphatic drainage is part of the body’s passive drainage system.  

Most of the lymph flows up, against gravity, so the lymphatic system must rely on the body’s muscle movement to circulate.

The more fat and debris remaining in the body after treatment due to inefficient lymphatic flow, the less visible the inch loss.

Most client lifestyles do not support healthy lymphatic function

Few clients practice any kind of daily exercise

Lymph vessels require body movement for activation

Many clients sit all day in a job 

Prolonged sitting negatively impacts lymphatic function

Many clients suffer from chronic stress

Biochemical changes caused by chronic stress and the stress   

 hormones slow the lymphatic flow 

Most clients do not maintain healthy diets

The largest collection of lymphatic vessels (GALT) reside in the gut

Many clients do not consume adequate water 

Lymph is mostly water, about 95%

Adequate hydration is necessary to keep lymph flowing freely

Lymphatic Assist Technologies, aka Detox Slimming Treatments

There’s two of them we use.  These lymphatic assist body contouring technologies will supercharge fat reduction results and delight your clients.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy (Vibration Platform)

A passive exercise treatment that increases blood and lymphatic circulation with muscle contractions.

Clients stand on the vibration platform for a 10-minute program and enjoy ‘getting their exercise’ in an effortless and enjoyable way.

The Whole Body Vibration Platform moves rapidly in up and down, back and forth, and side to side motions.  

These vibration machines can engage up to 98% of your client’s muscle fibers stimulating blood flow and lymphatic flow to accelerate the elimination of fats, excess fluids, toxins and other waste from your client’s body.  

We’ll mention it again, we offer body contouring certification courses in technologies that we know will build and grow your business.  Like this one.  Vibration Therapy.  And you can go to our show notes for the link to the course details to

Learn more about our Whole Body Vibration Therapy Online Body Sculpting Course (button)

And the second lymphatic assist treatment we use is 

Pressotherapy (Intermittent CompressionTherapy)

A computer-controlled compression therapy system that uses inflating pumps within a bodysuit.  

The intermittent inflation and deflation within the bodysuit applies intermittent pressure that stimulates both blood and lymphatic circulation.   

The increased blood and lymphatic circulation accelerates the elimination of fats, excess fluids, toxins and other waste.  

The treatment feels like a soothing massage and clients enjoy the feeling of being pampered.  

You can find the link to the Pressotherapy Body Contouring Certification Course In our show notes too.

That’s it for lymphatic assist technologies.  Let’s move on to

Technologies that maximize shaping and sculpting

Body contouring technologies reduce fat…which clears the way to see the underlying muscle definition.  But the fat reduction technologies do not tone, shape and sculpt the underlying muscles.  

To delight your client with a slimmer body, plus a toned body with sculpted muscles, supercharge your fat reduction results with a muscle toning technology.  

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology

EMS Technology tones, builds and sculpts muscle Electromagnetic muscle stimulation creates intense contractions of the muscles - much stronger than is possible to get while working out  

For example, a hard workout might get thirty to forty percent contraction of the muscle.  

Whereas electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) treatments can get as high as eighty to ninety percent, so your clients can make bigger changes in the muscle, and do so much more quickly.   

And…EMS Technology also promotes healthy lymphatic function by increasing blood and lymphatic circulatory flow.

Plus!  There have been some surprising findings about EMS technology recently.  

A recent study showed a greater amount of fat loss when EMS technology is used in conjunction with a fat reduction technology, like cryolipolysis.  

Another study found a reduction in both the waist circumference and body fat percentage as a result of muscle toning treatments. 

So if you think EMS Technology is a good choice to delight your clients and boost your business, you can 

Learn more about getting certified in EMS Technology in our

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Course for Body Contouring

Look for the link in the show notes to get the EMS course details.

And now last but certainly not least are the III

Technologies that maximize firming and tightening

Some clients are worried that Body contouring technologies that reduce fat will cause skin laxity by the inch loss, but they don’t.  You can reassure your clients.  That being said, they don’t treat loose skin either. 

And it’s commonplace for clients who want fat reduction to have the secondary goal of firming and tightening the skin in the treated area.  

So…to delight your clients with both (1) fat reduction AND (2) skin firming, supercharge your fat reduction results using Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening technology.  

Radiofrequency (RF) technology results in rejuvenated skin; the skin gets firmer and stronger 

RF utilizes wavelengths of heat energy causing a controlled injury to the skin cells.  

This prompts the body to produce new and improved skin (collagen and elastin) cells.  

The new collagen growth tightens the skin over the course of a few weeks.

The new elastin growth provides more bounce-back to the skin over the next few weeks.

Sounds good, right? You’ll be happy to know that Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening technology is included in our  Body Contouring 6 in 1 Masterclass

Together with Cavitation and Lipo Laser!

So to Get the course details, that link is in the show notes

Gosh y’all.  That’s a whole lot of teaching for one episode, we know.  But all of it goes together.  It’s the package we’ve used since 2015…and the med spa is still using it, and dominating.   We want you to dominate your market too.  So we’ve shared it with you.  We provide the how-to -do-it our body contouring certification courses.  So take advantage of it.  

That’s it.  Now it’s time to say, until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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