Cash in on fat freezing and keep your treatment rooms booked all day

Fat freezing is a money-maker with many advantages over other fat reduction treatments. For one, who can deny the fact that CoolSculpting advertising has made fat freezing a household name? Learn the other reasons fat freezing is an easy sell and how you can capitalize on fat freezing’s growing demand. Listen and learn now!    

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If you’re a body contouring, aesthetics or healthcare professional, we’re sure you are just like us when it comes to this.  You are happiest when you are helping people.  But you also know you won’t succeed in business if you don’t make money.  Well the good thing is you don’t have to choose.  You just need to target treatments that both enhance physiques and supercharge your revenue.  We’re talking specifically about how you can make good money with fat freezing.  In this episode we explain why it’s easy to keep your fat freezing machines busy all day every day and exactly how to capitalize on the growing demand of fat freezing.  So if you want to make good money while delivering the results your clients want, don't skip this episode. Stay tuned! 

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Hi I’m Shannon and I’m Kay and we’re your hosts of The Proven Profits Podcast

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Hi there, body contouring professionals.  Kay here.  Shannon and I thank you for being here too!

At the Body Contouring Academy, we focus a lot on fat reduction.  That’s partly because it’s always been our biggest money maker and business builder.  And also because fat reduction treatments are growing in demand not just here in the US, but globally.  Excess weight and stubborn body fat are unfortunately alarmingly high worldwide.  Now this could be the topic of a podcast by itself, but today we’re zeroing in on a particular fat reduction treatment, fat freezing…or cryolipolysis.  And how you can cash in on the fact that more and more consumers are not only willing to, but prioritize spending a good portion of their budget for a sculpted body...using fat freezing in particular.

This is what we’re gonna talk about today

(1) we’ll discuss fat freezing treatments; 

(2) we’ll explore the reasons why you can make good money with fat freezing - in particular;  

(3) we’ll tell you how to get started with fat freezing;  

(4) and we’ll talk machines - we’ll lay out the factors to consider when choosing your fat freezing machine.


Okay, let’s get started…first let’s discuss

What you need to know about fat freezing treatments

Question: What is fat freezing and how does it work?

Fat freezing, aka cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that utilizes  controlled cold temperatures to destroy fat cells in the treated area without causing damage to the skin or surrounding tissues.

After the treatment over a period of several weeks, the dead fat cells left behind are eliminated from the body via the lymphatic system, resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.  

What problem areas can be treated with fat freezing?

Thighs - inner and outer

Abdomen - upper and lower


Bra fat

Back fat

Banana roll (area right under buttocks)


How much fat is removed in each fat freezing treatment?

Clinical studies reveal a range of between 15 and 28 percent fat reduction from a single fat freezing treatment.  

How many fat freezing treatments are needed?

Everyone is different, but most clients need a range of between 1 and 3 treatments.  The exact number of treatments depends on the client’s pre-treatment condition and her fat reduction goals.  

When will fat freezing results be seen?

Like all non-invasive fat reduction treatments, reduction is gradual, not immediate.

Results are seen as soon as the client’s lymphatic system removes the dead fat cells from her body. 

Some clients report seeing reduction as soon as two to three weeks after treatment.  

But since the fat elimination process occurs over a period of three to four months, typical final results are reached during this twelve to sixteen week time period.  

Okay, that might’ve been great new information or a good review of what you already know.  But what we’re going to discuss next is the reason or reasons why fat freezing is easier to sell than  the rest of the fat reduction treatments, in other words the reasons you will make good money with fat freezing.  


2) You will make money with fat freezing

First reason.  There are unique Money making advertising benefits unique to fat freezing

(Here’s a hint.  You benefit from the massive CoolSculpting advertising dollars) 

Coolsculpting has High name recognition, synonymous with fat reduction and consumers know the technology used by CoolSculpting is fat freezing

Here’s how it all came to be.

→ CoolSculpting is the brand name of the first fat freezing machine used in the US, first used in 2010.

→ Since its release, CoolSculpting treatments have been promoted heavily on traditional media outlets like  television, magazine and radio, as well as digitally, both on the internet and on social media. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

→ This has made fat freezing common knowledge to American consumers and has created the mindset that all fat reduction is done (or should be done) with fat freezing. 

→ CoolSculpting continues to spend a ton of money on advertising, so fat freezing is assured to stay top of mind with the American consumer. 

It’s a household name.  Is there any other service or treatment that you can think of where a company owning a competitor machine drums up business for you?  It’s something you should consider taking advantage of.    

And if that’s not enough, there are many

Money making operational benefits unique to fat freezing

(The bottom line is that Fat freezing has several advantages over all other fat reduction treatments) 

Fewer treatments needed

→ Compared to fat freezing’s 1 - 3 treatments, most of the other non-invasive fat reduction treatments require a series of weekly to biweekly treatments, usually a minimum of six treatments to achieve desired results.  

→ Clients love fewer treatments.

You charge a Higher price per treatment with fat freezing, it’s a high profit treatment

→ Most of the other non-invasive fat reduction treatments command a fee in the range of $75 - $175 per treatment, whereas fat freezing treatments generate between $300 and $1200 per treatment.

→ And all of these treatments take an hour time block.  With fat freezing, that’s much more money per hour of time spent! 

→ That means a lot more profit.  

Proven safe and effective 

→ Fat freezing has a long track record of both safety and efficacy.   

→ More than 4,000,000 CoolSculpting treatments alone have been performed worldwide since 2010.

And we touched on this already.  You have so much of a 

Money making opportunity due to the growing demand for fat freezing treatments 

(Demand for non-invasive fat reduction continues to grow with fat freezing leading the way)

Increasing demand for non-invasive fat reduction, fat freezing in particular

→ It used to be that people had no idea non-invasive fat reduction was even a thing, much less that it was available and affordable for them..But by now, most consumers know about the availability of fat reduction treatments and are willing to pay for them.

→ The fat freezing market is projected to see a compounded annual growth rate of 6.3% in a short seven year period from 2021 all the way to 2028.

Are you considering bringing on fat freezing?  Well, you’ll need to 

3) prepare your business for fat freezing so you can start making money

You’ll need Education, Training and Certification

Our advice.  Before investing in a fat freezing machine and marketing your fat freezing treatments, it's critical to become educated, trained and certified in fat freezing treatments.  

And we have a 

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) Certification course for you

And it’s intensive and thorough cryolipolysis (fat freezing) training

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

The history of cryolipolysis

How cryolipolysis works

Cryolipolysis benefits

When are cryolipolysis results seen and how long do results last

The critical role the lymphatic system plays in non-invasive fat reduction

Cryolipolysis client selection:  clients are candidates for Cryolipolysis

Areas that can be treated with cryolipolysis

How to perform cryolipolysis treatments, step by step protocol

The cryolipolysis treatment experience: before, during and after

Side effects of a cryolipolysis treatment

Contraindications to cryolipolysis

Informed consent for cryolipolysis 

Pre and post care instructions 

Building your business with marketing, sales and practice

How to attract body sculpting clients

The cryolipolysis client consultation and treatment plan design

How to practice cryolipolysis and become a skilled technician

Sanitation and maintenance

Cleaning, sanitation and machine maintenance

Downloadable Forms - everything you need to implement fat freezing right away

Cryolipolysis Protocol

Cryolipolysis Informed Consent

Cryolipolysis Treatment Form

Cryolipolysis Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

And of course, like all of our body contouring certification courses  as soon as you complete the course, you’ll immediately receive your certification digitally!

Ready to learn more?

We’re leaving a link to the course details in today’s show notes.

And the last fat freezing topic we’ll cover today is 

4) How to choose the best fat freezing machine 

First here are the factors to consider when you’re researching.



Different fat freezing machines can offer different features and even include additional technologies like radiofrequency and/or ultrasound technology.   

Size and Portability

If you want the flexibility of using your machine in different treatment rooms or if you plan to use your machine in more than one location, it’s important to choose a machine that is easy to move.

Treatment Areas

It’s important to determine what treatment areas you want to treat with fat freezing.  Some fat freezing machines are designed to treat specific areas while others are more versatile, with the ability to treat many areas.

Number of Applicators

Consider how many applicators the machine comes equipped with.  The number of applicators determines how many areas can be treated at once and may affect the treatment speed.


The cost of a fat freezing machine varies depending on the features and capabilities each delivers.  It’s important to assess and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the machines and select the machine that fits both your budget and your business plan.  

We gave you the factors to evaluate, but even so, researching machines can be quite overwhelming.  So we’re gonna give you our favorite.  If you like it, you can choose it.  It’ll at least give you a start, maybe a shortcut, to your search for a fat freezing machine.  


Bonus Material

Our favorite fat freezing machine 

Which we have Based on these factors




✅Manufacturer Reputation

✅Affordable Price  

Since we can’t show it to you with audio, we’re leaving a link to the machine in show notes.  So take a look at it there!

  Back to cashing in on fat freezing 

Thanks to branding done by CoolSculpting, most consumers think that fat reduction is done via fat freezing.

And that is just fine as far as we’re concerned because fat freezing is safe, effective, popular, commands high fees, and the demand is growing.

Bottom line.  You can make money with fat freezing.  Lots of money if you do it right.  

So if fat freezing is right for you…

Get your fat freezing certification (take a look at our course)  

Buy the right fat freezing machine  (check out the link to our favorite)

And…Don’t wait!  Get started making money with fat freezing now

That’s all for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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