How to Bring your Unsold Patients Back in to buy from you with the Ultimate Sales Follow-Up Process

Have patients left without buying?  Listen as our hosts share with you the fundamental strategies of their proven sales follow up system and why you should implement them to bring aesthetic patients back in to buy from you.   


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Your patient came in for her consultation, but even though you know did everything right, she did not buy. Now what?

Well, she’s not gone for good. You’re just moving on to Step 2 of the Sales Presentation. With your failure to close at the Consultation, your Sales Presentation just evolved into a 2 Step Process. Step 2 is the Follow Up Process.

So many sales professionals make the mistake of never moving to the Sales Follow Up Process. It’s estimated that 48% of sales professionals never contact the patient again after she leaves.

Huge Mistake. That’s close to a guarantee you’ll never close the sale.

Don’t be one of the 48%.

You absolutely must follow up…and more than once or twice. In this episode, we’re going to provide you with the information, tools, and foundation you need to ace the Follow Up Process, lead those patients back to your office to buy from you and become a number one seller.

Wouldn’t it be great if every patient who came in for a Consultation bought from you? Unfortunately, a percentage of those patients won’t. Statistics show that 57% of the patient’s purchase decision has been completed by the time they come in for the Consultation. So shoot for at least a 57% sales conversion rate.

You’ll need to continue to work the remaining 43%. What do we mean by “work them?”

We mean you must follow up, call them, email them, text them. Unfortunately, most sales professionals don’t like follow up and don’t do a great job at it or don’t do it at all. It’s the most unglamorous part of the sales process.

Good sales professionals never give up on unsold patients and make certain that someday these patients do come back and buy. If you want to be in that top tier of body contouring providers, and if you’re listening to this podcast – we think you do – we know you’re going to do it and we’re telling you it doesn’t have to be such an unenjoyable burden.

As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder. The secret to the kind of awesome follow up that will be sure to bring patients back in to buy from you is in developing a follow up system, or a process.

So how do you design and develop your sales follow up process?

Start with a good foundation. Include all the necessary elements.

First, start with this Theme: Polite Persistence
This means you must be relentless in your sales follow up and
Follow up regularly
But not so often to be perceived as a pest.

Next, include Proven Strategies
Use a Follow Up Schedule
No one will fall through the cracks when you map out your

Utilize different Contact Formats
Use a combination of telephone calls, email and text (we’ll go
deeper into forms of contact in our next episode)

Time your follow up for maximum impact
Contact more frequently in the first 21 days

Leverage both phone scripts and text & email templates
Save time and stay consistent

Track and document all contact attempts
Review all information before contacting

Always get agreement on the next steps
Be considerate, set a date or time period and contact

You’ve learned that nearly half of sale professionals avoid contacting the unsold patient after she leaves. We don’t think this is due to lack of time. It’s due to emotional factors like feeling like you’re bothering the patient or being a pest, fear of rejection, and disliking talking on the phone.

Chances are you can personally relate to one or more of these emotional factors.

That brings us to your action step for this episode.

Action Step: Identify the emotional factors you have that may interfere with your effective follow up. Then create a plan to overcome those fears so you can move on to the next step.

In our next episode, we’ll unveil both our Immediate Follow Up Model and our Long Term Follow Up Model and show you how to put both of these Systems into play in your practice so you don’t lose a single sale.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned and subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode.

Bye for now from Shannon and Kay at the Body Contouring Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.

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