Invent your OVERALL UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION to attract more customers

In this episode, we provide actionable strategies showing you how to create an Overall Unique Selling Proposition.  Part 1 of 3, the first step to attracting more patients and yielding mega-profits is to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

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You want to make more money.  You want more body contouring patients.  

You know the competition can be brutal, but you can and you must differentiate yourself from the rest to achieve the success you want.  

We have found that it’s pretty universal in all businesses.  Businesses that succeed are often not doing anything outside of the ordinary or complicated.  But what they are doing are the right things over and over and over again with consistency and without wavering.  These businesses decide what they want to do, then stick to the basics, the fundamentals, and they never deviate.

For example, Chick Fil A.  Have you noticed how they never say “thank you.”  They say “my pleasure.” Every Chick Fil A has fresh flowers on every table.  You don’t shop Nordstroms for price. You shop there for the quality merchandise and over-the-top customer service.  

There’s several different ways to differentiate and we’ll discuss some of those in other episodes but in this episode we’re starting with your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  That’s because you can’t talk about setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack without first talking about Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Your USP defines your business’ unique position in the marketplace.  Quite simply, it’s the reason your product or service is different or better than all the other same or similar products or services in the marketplace.  

In other words, what are the reasons that patients would choose to come to your practice or business for body contouring?  Who are you? Why are your different? Why go to your practice?

Let’s talk real life practical examples.  Like

years of experiences
awards or certifications
are you locally owned and operated?
do your team members have certain designations?
have you performed a large number of body contouring treatments?  If so, how many?
do you offer anything unique?  

Like at our medical spa, we have a ‘Rejuvenation Bar.’  We don’t have a waiting room. Now that’s totally unique.  The bar is a totally cool place to hang out, fill out paperwork, enjoy a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage (what we call a ‘Puretini’), chat with others and just enjoy some “me” time.  We have a television behind the bar playing “Sculpt Away TV” – educational videos about our services and products.

Now that’s a unique USP but it doesn’t have to be that unique.  For example, you could expand on being the hometown guy who became a body contouring expert and you could practice anywhere but this is your home and your people and that’s where you’ve chosen to live and who you’ve chosen to help.  

And don’t look at just one thing.  You should pick 2 or more things and combine them for an overall differentiated value.  It’s hard to completely unique, to be the only one with something so you shouldn’t hang your hat on just one thing.  Someone else in our city could duplicate our Rejuvenation Bar. Sure, they couldn’t replicate it exactly but we would no longer be the only one with a Bar.  So we use other differentiators to define ourselves to define our overall differentiated value.

These are our other differentiators, which when combined, define our USP:

We offer a computerized laser body scanner.  
We offer added value of a lymphatic treatment to every body contouring procedure.  
We tout our expertise as having performed over tens of thousands of body contouring  treatments over many years of experience.

All of this combined, part of what we refer to as the ‘SCULPT AWAY WAY,’ is our USP or Unique Selling Proposition.

Now it’s time for YOU to DIG DEEP.  How do the chips stack in your favor?  

Each one of you listening is in a unique position.  

You may not realize it but you are.  


What things can you do ‘the best’ or ‘differently’ to appeal to potential customers and ultimately create an incredible experience for your patients that sets you apart from the crowd?


That’s it for today but there’s more to come…

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Next week, in our next podcast episode, we’ll discuss –

How to attract new patients with differentiating yourself and your business by WOWING your patients before they come to see you.  

Bye for now from Kay and Shannon at The Body Contouring Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.  

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