The unexpected body contouring trends for 2024

The 2024 body contouring trends came as somewhat of a surprise…growing out of the 2023 inception of the new weight loss injections. The side effects of these drugs, saggy skin and loss of muscle mass, have sent the need for radio frequency (RF) skin tightening and EMS muscle toning through the roof. Get all the details in today’s episode!

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Talking trends today.  And here’s the deal.  We’ve waited a while to talk about this til the 2nd quarter because so far this year, we haven’t seen even one exciting NEW treatment or technology rise to the top and start to trend.  But…what we have seen trending has been somewhat unexpected!  It's not new technology or new treatments at all.  Turns out the 2024 trends we are seeing were created by a 2023 trend - the new medical weight loss injections.  We’ve talked about them.  They work so well patients are experiencing very rapid weight loss…which has created new problems for these patients.  We’ll discuss those new problems and the resulting trends in today’s episode.  Then we’ll go through the process we’ve developed and still use - and which you can also use - to decide if these trends are a good fit for your business.  So if you want to stay relevant and keep up with current market demands, stay tuned to this episode.

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Body contouring trends. Sometimes you can predict trends.  Sometimes they can be unanticipated and unexpected.  As was the case this year, 2024.  It hasn’t been hot, new treatments trending; instead the 2023 proliferation of weight loss medications that has brought about the unexpected 2024 body contouring trends.   

And as a business owner, it’s important to keep up as the market evolves.   But while it’s important to keep up with evolving demands, not every trending treatment is right for your business.  

In today’s episode, we will examine the somewhat unexpected but very powerful 2024 body contouring trends, and then we’ll walk you through the proven process we developed and still use to determine if either or both of these trending treatment(s) is a good fit for your business. 

Okay, let’s let the cat out of the bag.  

The 2024 Body Contouring Trends are…

#1  Radio frequency (RF) skin tightening treatments

#2  Muscle toning treatments 

We’ve already said that the 2023 introduction and popularity of medical weight loss medications led to our 2024 trends.  You know it.  These weight loss injections have been big time. And their popularity is only growing. 

But how did we get to radio frequency (RF) skin tightening and EMS muscle toning trends from medical weight loss injections?  

Put simply, it’s because the new weight loss medications afford fast and easy weight loss…which patients love. Hence the popularity.

But…we know that when weight is lost too rapidly, it leads to loose skin and loss of muscle mass for nearly everyone.

And the more weight that is lost, the worse the problems are.

And guess what?  The FDA is approving more and more weight loss drugs so we can expect saggy skin and muscle loss problems to continue and grow.  

We’re not going into the actual weight loss drugs today, but we did take a deep dive into these new weight loss injections in a recent podcast episode.  We will leave a link to that podcast in case you missed that episode and want to learn more about it.

Okay. going back to our 2024 trends.

#1 of the 2024 Body Contouring Trends

Radio frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Treatments

Chances are you don’t offer medical weight loss injections, but we bet you have many patients who are undergoing this treatment elsewhere.  The typical scenario is they are happily losing weight but noticing changes in their skin, or maybe even saggy skin already.

You can help them!  With RF.


How does Radio frequency tighten saggy skin?

Radio frequency (RF) energy technology delivers low-frequency electromagnetic waves that  generate heat and penetrate deep within the skin layers.  

This controlled RF heating 

stimulates the production of new skin cells

generates collagen production

stimulates elastin production

to result in stronger, tighter skin…and restoring the normal shape and tone of sagging skin.  

The most common complaints are 

Flabby, hanging tummies

Jiggly arms

Crepey thighs


What you should tell your patients about saggy skin

Start RF treatments as soon as possible. Intervene as early as possible.  Don’t wait until the problem is severe.  The more weight they lose, the worse the problem becomes…so it’ll be a ongoing process until they stop getting lighter.

A series of 6 -or- 8 treatments is recommended to start (consider the severity of the condition, the patient’s age, and the patient’s goals). 

Treatments may be scheduled once weekly or twice weekly, depending on patient preference, but should not be spaced closer than 72 hours apart.

Each treatment yields subtle improvement and builds upon the progress from the previous treatment(s).  Since the lifecycle of skin cells is about 21 days, you’ll see results from each treatment 3 weeks (or 21 days) later.  

If you don’t offer rf yet, but you think it might be a good fit for your practice.  First step is getting certified. 

We have a great body contouring certification course!  We think RF skin tightening is a great treatment for just about any body contouring business.

You can find 

Radio frequency (RF) Skin Tightening Certification 

In The Body Contouring 6 in 1 Masterclass

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Multi-Technology Combination

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It’s our most popular course and in it you’ll learn RF skin tightening, plus so many bonus benefits:

Because after completing the course, you can start performing 

RF Skin tightening treatments 


Fat reduction treatments  

Cellulite smoothing treatments  

Stretch mark reduction treatments  

All in just one body contouring certification course.

We’ll leave a link to the course details in today’s show notes.  Check it out and learn more.  

Radio frequency skin tightening is the #1 2024 trend, and that brings us to the

#2  2024 Body Contouring Trend

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) muscle toning treatments

Rapid weight loss doesn’t just affect the skin.  When weight is lost too rapidly, the body burns muscle for energy. And this leads to a loss of good lean muscle mass.  Not ideal.

So how does EMS technology build and tone muscles?

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), involves the use of electrical impulses to induce muscle fiber contractions which produce much deeper muscle contractions than a workout.  

EMS treatments build back the muscle lost during a period of rapid weight loss.

Now here’s how muscle loss and the need for muscle toning treatments differs from saggy skin and the need for skin tightening.

⇒ Ready?  Your patients may not notice the change and they may not say a thing to you about muscle loss

But here’s the deal.

40% of the weight lost while patients are using the new weight loss drugs is from a loss of lean muscle mass, and not fat.  That is huge.  It’s terrible.  That is not what these patients want and some of them don’t even realize it.   

So if the patient doesn’t herself identify the loss of muscle mass, you should educate her about it and the benefits of muscle toning treatments.

Now this isn’t true for all patients.  

⇒ Some patients may make comments like…

“I am losing my buttocks.” (the most common muscle loss complaint) The face and the buttocks are what get the attention, by the patient and by the media.  You’ve probably heard of Ozempic butt or Ozempic face.

Here’s what you should tell your patients about building and firming muscles

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation is the affordable gold standard treatment to improve muscle mass.

Easy, short weekly treatments. 

And you can give your patients the option. to combine with radio frequency (RF) skin tightening treatments in the same visit.  That’s a safe and effective combo treatment.  

If you’re thinking you might want to bring EMS muscle toning treatments on board, the good news is we offer a body contouring certification course in EMS muscle toning!  

It gives you everything you need to get started.

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Course for Body Contouring 

We’ll put the link to the course details in the show notes, so you can check it out if you want.

⇒  Those are the 2024 trends.  

Are you thinking one or both might be right for your business?  

Your instincts may be saying yes, but use our process to validate your gut feeling and know for sure.

Next step, the process

How to know if one (or both) of these 2024 body contouring trends is right for your business

Carefully evaluate the 2024 body contouring trends 

(1) how the trend fits within your business model.  Does it make sense to your brand? 

(2) whether the trend meets the needs of your ideal customers.  And will it resonate long term? 

Answer these questions about the 2024 body contouring trends

(And you can use this process when considering adding any new service!) 

What treatments do you currently offer?

Are your existing treatments profitable?

Do your machines work well and are your clients happy?

Does your team like your current machines?

Have your ‘ideal clients’ asked about a treatment you do not currently offer?

(only your ideal clients; do not consider what others have said)

Are you meeting the needs of your ideal clients?

Do your ideal clients have a new need or needs?

How much competition for the trend treatment in your market?

Does the trend treatment fall squarely within your business brand, your USP?

Next, answer the following questions: 

How much is the total investment?

Will the trend treatment produce new solutions for your clients and new profits for your business?

(be careful when considering equipment that produces the same benefits as your 

existing machines)

Can your business afford the investment?

Does your business have time to take time out of your schedule to train your team? 

How hard will it be to design and implement your marketing plan to introduce and sell the new treatment?

So today we discussed   

Trending in 2024…radio frequency RF skin tightening and EMS muscle toning.

These trends came about in 2024 as a result of the 2023 proliferation of weight loss medications resulting in rapid weight loss.

The rapid weight loss afforded by these weight loss drugs leads to saggy skin and muscle loss.

These trends are sure to continue as long as these medications are used and the FDA continues to approve more medications.  

So…is either (or both) Radio frequency RF skin tightening or EMS muscle toning right for your business?

If so, stay relevant and on trend.  Get your certification and implement these treatments now!

That’s it for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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