Combining technologies to supercharge your non-surgical BBL butt lift results

Combining body contouring technologies can deliver powerful results. Think multi-technology machines like Emsculpt NEO and the 6in1 Cavitation machine. What about combining two different machines and their technologies? You can if you do it right! In today’s episode, we tell you how we combine vacuum therapy and EMS to deliver the ultimate BBL butt lift results.  

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The Booty (and Body) Sculpting Masterclass

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Certification Course


The saying goes that too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  But that’s not necessarily true when you’re combining more than one technology to deliver best results.   In the world of body contouring, it’s not unusual for us to do that.  Typically you use protocols utilizing a multi-technology machine like the 6in1 cavitation machine or the Emsculpt NEO.  But what about using two different machines and combining those technologies?  You don’t see that as much.  After years of practice in our med spas, we’ve developed protocols that do just that.  Combine the technologies from two different machines that when used alone yield great results but when used together, well they deliver extraordinary results. And in today’s episode, we’re disclosing our combination method that’ll take your non-surgical Brazilian butt lift results to the next level.  You’ll learn the two technologies to use, what each of those technologies brings to the treatment, the basics of our treatment protocol and we’ll tell you how to implement this combination treatment in your business.  So stay tuned.

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When one body contouring technology delivers great results, can combining two technologies produce extraordinary results?  Yes indeed.  And such is the case with non-surgical Brazilian butt lifts combining vacuum therapy and EMS muscle toning.  Vacuum therapy and EMS deliver great results on their own, but when combined they produce extraordinary results.  

Over our twenty years of treating med spa patients, we’ve developed proven combination treatments that deliver supercharged results. In today’s episode, we share one of those with you.  The combination treatment that delivers extraordinary butt lift results.

Today we’ll explain why vacuum therapy works wonders for booty shaping; how EMS muscle toning delivers lasting shapely buttocks; we reveal the details of our med spa combination butt enhancement formula combining these two high performing treatments …and! we show you how to implement this combination treatment in your practice.    

So let’s get started.  First up 

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (Non-surgical BBL)

Also known as the

Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift 

A little history. It was the year 2020 for the US that the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery became a big thing.  You may remember the celebrities touting drastic butt alterations.  But along with those extreme enhancements, came way too many complications, many very serious.  We won’t go into what happened to many patients or why it happened to many patients,  But that’s one of the reasons modern medicine answered the call for a safe, non-invasive, much more affordable treatment, and that’s the Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift non-surgical treatment.  

Vacuum cupping and vacuum therapy have long been recognized as safe and effective.  Cupping goes back to ancient times and vacuum therapy technology (or negative pressure) has been used for about fifty years.

Bottom line.  The non-surgical Brazilian butt lift (BBL) delivers more natural looking enhancement, which answers the demand of the modern-day health-conscious consumers.

Why Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift (non-surgical BBL) is so popular

The non-surgical BBL treatment powered by vacuum therapy technology has been extremely popular and in high demand since it was introduced.   It’s no wonder.  Take a listen to the benefits the treatment delivers:

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift treatments (non-surgical BBL)

Tightening the buttocks

Firming buttock tissues

Lifting the buttocks

Shaping the buttocks

Smoothing the skin

Reducing the appearance of cellulite

Improving blood flow to the tissues and muscles

⇨ You can also use vacuum therapy to address buttocks-related issues such as 

Minimizing hip dips and/or enhancing the hips

Restoring and/or enhancing the hourglass waist and hourglass figure.

That’s why there is more than one Vacuum therapy protocol to enhance buttocks.  

In our med spas, we’ve developed protocols that apply our advanced techniques (which we’ve also perfected) to address each of the concerns our patients may have with the buttocks (and/or related issues): 

There are 4 of them.  

Non-Surgical Butt Lift (BBL), which involves the application of both vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping to enhance the buttocks.

Rump Plumper, which involves the application of both vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping to shape the buttocks (ex: round, shelf, heart).

Hip Dip Reduction, which involves both vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping to round out the hips and/or enhance the size of the hips.

Waist Shaper, which involves both vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping to slim, mold and/or contour the waist.

We share all of these protocols and advanced techniques with you in 

The Booty (and Body) Sculpting Masterclass

We’ll leave a link to the details of the course in today’s show notes but 

Here are some ot the things you will learn in the course

The anatomy and physiology of the gluteal region

The intricacies of vacuum therapy, including proper use of equipment, safety protocols and the science

How to master the art of vacuum cupping

The post-treatment instructions and recommended maintenance plans


You’ll get all the forms you need to implement the treatments right away

Consent Forms

Detailed Protocols

Treatment Forms

Pre & Post Treatment Instructions

The course is flexible 

100% online

Self-paced with lifetime access 

No prerequisites or exams


You’ll get your certificate right away.  Download, print and frame!


Patients can see butt enhancing results after just one vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping butt lift treatment.  But as with all non-invasive body contouring procedures, a series of treatments is needed.   

Since vacuum butt lift results are not permanent, we recommend a maintenance treatment or two every three to six months, depending on the patient.  

But you can deliver super enhanced and longer lasting results by incorporating an Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) muscle toning treatment series with vacuum therapy butt lift.  

More on how to do that in a bit.  

⇨ First, let’s talk about Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) muscle toning treatments.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (Non-surgical BBL)


Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) muscle toning treatments

Called EMS Buttocks Toning 

To supercharge your Butt Lift treatments

Why add EMS?

EMS enhances both the tone and the definition of the gluteal muscles through intense, targeted muscle contractions produced by powerful electrical impulses.

The contractions produced by EMS technology stimulate muscle growth and strengthen the glutes, which results in a lifted and enhanced appearance. And the cool thing is, unlike vacuum therapy butt lift, 

And the cool thing is 

The muscle toning results from EMS treatments lasts as long as the patient maintains an active, healthy lifestyle.


⇨ And you’ll be glad to hear that studies have shown that patients love the results - especially those who’ve have experienced gluteal muscle loss due to aging, weight loss or a sedentary lifestyle (which is the majority of our patients, right?).

You can learn more about incorporating EMS treatments into your butt lift protocol to create a super Butt Enhancement Formula…

by taking a look at our 

Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Certification Course for Body Contouring

In the course, you’ll learn

The science behind EMS

Body conditions and treatment areas for EMS

Video of EMS treatment techniques

Get the treatment schedules

Get recommended treatment pricing


You’ll get

Detailed Treatment Protocols

Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Consent Form 

We’ll leave a link to the course in today’s show notes so you can get all the details!

So we’ve discussed vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping and EMS muscle toning as they pertain to the Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift (Non-surgical BBL),

Now let’s talk about Combining Vacuum Therapy and EMS for extraordinary butt lift results

For this combination treatment, remember that 

Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift  

The Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift (BBL) delivers great buttock enhancing results primarily by stimulating blood and lymphatic flow, nourishing the glute muscles and surrounding gluteal region, and producing a localized increase in tissue size and appearance.  

Most patients see results after just one treatment and each treatment builds on previous treatments.

The results are not forever lasting; patients will need maintenance treatments.


EMS Buttocks Enhancement

EMS Buttock Enhancing treatments deliver buttock enhancing results by toning and strengthening the gluteal muscles.  

Patients feel like they had a great workout after the treatment but may not see results for 3+ weeks after the treatment.

Though results take longer to see, the muscle tone, strength and shape improvements should last as long as the patient maintains a healthy lifestyle.

So by using our combination method, 

Adding EMS treatments to vacuum therapy butt lift treatments, i

Enhances muscle toning and shaping; it produces instant results (the vacuum therapy portion); along with long lasting results (the EMS portion)

            And together it 

Delivers extraordinary results!

Sounds great?  Here’s how you do it.

How to implement the Combination Butt Lift treatments in your business

Here are the basic Steps 

Reserve an hour and a half for the combination butt enhancement formula treatment.

You’ll still need to complete each treatment per protocol

Perform the EMS treatment protocol first.

Immediately follow the EMS treatment with the vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping treatment protocol.  


Start with a series of 6 weekly combination treatments, then reassess.  You’ll find that by adding EMS to the vacuum series, your patients can go longer between maintenance treatments.

You can find these protocols in our Booty course and EMS course.  

You can offer these supercharged treatments a couple of ways…with a Treatment Bundle (bundling the two treatments together) or a Branded Combination Treatment (a separate treatment)

At our medspa, we offer three butt lift treatment options:

Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift (BBL) - using vacuum therapy and vacuum cupping alone

EMS Glutes - using EMS alone

AND we offer a 

Combination Butt Lift applying our supercharged Butt Lift method (at a premium price of course)

⇨ Remember, the butt enhancement formula treatment requires 1.5 hours and you’re using two technologies so you’ll need to price it accordingly.

Choose the option or options that fit your business. 

Lastly, you can simply bundle the two treatments or you can 

Brand the name of your treatment 

So for a branded name, give your supercharged butt lift treatment a catchy name that suits your brand.  For example, our medspa is called Sculpt Away, we call our vacuum butt lift Butt Sculpt and our EMS glutes treatment MyoSculpt.  You get the picture. 

So in conclusion, 

Butt enhancement treatments are in super high demand.  Today, we showed you how to take advantage of that popularity and become the go-to provider for booty enhancing and answer that demand.

By obtaining the knowledge and the skills of vacuum therapy and EMS, you can use our supercharged butt sculpt protocol that combines the two technologies to deliver extraordinary results.

We’ve talked about the online body contouring certification course that will mold you into an expert booty sculptor using advanced techniques.  And left a link to the course details in the show notes. 

We’ve presented the online body contouring certification course that you should use to master the knowledge and develop the expert skills you need in Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) body contouring. 

We’ve shown you how to combine the two technologies and now…it’s time to give your patients the enhanced booties and hourglass figures they desire!

That’s it for today.  Until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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