Fat reduction?  When to recommend detox slimming treatments instead

Complaints of weight gain, ‘feeling plump’ and puffy are commonplace in body contouring. How do you determine if the problems are related to problem fat or to excess fluids and toxins…or both? Do you recommend detox slimming treatments or fat reduction treatments… or both? This episode give you the answers to those questions and more! Tune in.

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Weight gain, bloating, feeling plump…these are some of the more common body contouring complaints. What treatment or treatments come to mind when you hear them?  Those treatments may be fat reduction treatments, but are those complaints always due to fat?  The answer is no.  These patients may very well need our help with detox slimming treatments, either first before fat reduction or during the fat reduction treatment series or maybe detox slimming treatments are all they need.  So the question is how do you know if your patient needs detox slimming treatments or fat reduction treatments or both?  We’re going to answer that question in detail in today’s episode.  So get ready to learn as we 

Explain how an inadequately functioning lymphatic system leads to weight gain and ‘plumpness’ (it’s not always due to excess fat); 

Discuss the reasons why nowadays nearly everyone suffers from a detox problem; and 

Tell you all about two of our very favorite and most-used detox slimming treatments

Stay tuned!

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When there’s an abnormal buildup of excess fluids and toxins in their bodies, patients may complain of weight gain, puffiness, feeling bloated, and even fatigue, insomnia, moodiness, headaches and others.  These complaints are a sign their lymphatic system is not functioning properly and they need our help.  

Now thankfully, for the most part, our bodies do a pretty good job at eliminating excess fluids and toxins.  Problem is modern lifestyles severely impair our body’s elimination system and most of us need more help these days. Our patients included.  Skilled body contouring professionals recognize these signs of inefficient lymphatic functioning.  They know when detox is needed.  And instead of immediately opting for fat reduction technologies like cavitation or lipo laser, they recommend detox slimming treatments first, in addition to and sometimes only.

In this episode, we’re giving you the knowledge you need to join the ranks of those skilled body contouring professionals who recognize the need for detox slimming treatments.  

Here’s what to expect

We’ll start by explaining how an inadequately functioning lymphatic system leads to weight gain and ‘plumpness’ (it’s not always due to excess fat); 

And we’ll discuss the reasons why nowadays nearly everyone suffers from a detox problem; and 

Tell you all about two of our very favorite and most-used detox slimming treatments

And we’ll tell you What you should tell your patients about making lifestyle changes to include in your verbal education and your written post-treatment instructions. 

Let’s start to work with a brief review of the lymphatic system. 

The lymphatic system is one of two circulatory systems tasked with eliminating toxins, excess fluids, and other waste products from the body.  

The blood circulatory system

The lymphatic circulatory system

The blood vessels and the lymphatic vessels are lined up side-by-side and travel the same pathways in the body. 

First.  The blood circulatory system.  It has a pump - the heart  

The constant pumping action of the heart moves blood throughout the body through the blood vessels.  

Each day, fluids, waste, and other debris leak out of the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) and into the interstitial space.  

It’s the lymphatic system’s task to pick up the leaked fluids, waste, and other debris from the interstitial space, and take it via the lymphatic vessels to process for elimination from the body mostly through the urine.    

The second system.  The lymphatic circulatory system.  It has no pump

Unlike the blood vessels, the heart does not move the lymph fluid through the lymphatic vessels. 

The lymphatic system has no pump; it relies solely upon the motion of the body to move the lymph fluids throughout the body.  

Anytime our clients lack sufficient muscle movement (which is all-too-common), they create a lymphatic insufficiency within their body.  

So what does lymphatic insufficiency mean and what are the implications?

Lymphatic insufficiency means the excess fluids, waste, toxins and other debris remain in the body.

When the primary problem with lymphatic insufficiency is limited to excess fluids, the client will experience swelling, bloating, puffiness, looking “thick,” or feeling enlarged.     

But when lymphatic insufficiency has the buildup of floods, but also causes a buildup of waste, toxins, and other debris, the client can suffer from headaches, fatigue, aching joints, GI issues, insomnia, moodiness and inflamed skin. 

So here are some signs your client may benefit from detox slimming treatments

And this is important for both clients without complaints of problem fat - and also for clients who complain of problem fat, but she is also experiencing any of these symptoms

feeling bloated

retaining fluids

feeling fatigued

having trouble sleeping

experiencing problems with concentration  

being unable to control weight gain 

you should first assist recommend detox slimming treatments, followed by a fat reduction treatment protocol. 

And these are all incredibly common complaints, right?  It’s a pretty common problem.

So now that you know these symptoms and you start identifying patients who detox slimming treatments are indicated, when should you prioritize detox slimming treatments over fat reduction treatments or at least include detox slimming treatments in your fat reduction protocol?


Non-invasive fat reduction treatments rely on the lymphatic system to eliminate the destroyed fat and debris left behind after the treatment.  

With a poorly functioning lymphatic system, your client’s body cannot efficiently eliminate the waste and debris.  

So if you jump straight into fat reduction treatments without addressing the poorly functioning lymphatic system first, you’ll risk overloading the client’s lymphatic system…which makes inch loss difficult, if not impossible to see.  

For patients who need or want fat reduction treatments, The optimum approach is to complete a detox slimming treatment series first, then follow with the fat reduction treatment series.  

But patients don’t always see the benefit and want to jump straight to fat reduction, so it’s okay to start with a detox slimming treatment the week before you start the fat reduction treatment series (together with the lifestyle instructions that we’re going to give you later on) and include or mandate a detox slimming treatment each week of your fat reduction treatment series.  

And there will be patients who are completely satisfied after a detox slimming treatment series.

We’ve mentioned lifestyle several times today.  Here are the lifestyle factors that make detox slimming treatments necessary

Our modern lifestyles severely impair lymphatic system performance.  Here’s why.

Most people

Don’t ‘move’ enough

Don’t drink enough water

Suffer from chronic stress

Don’t get quality sleep

Get poor nutrition

Eat too many processed foods

Don’t eat enough foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Consume too much salt and sugar

Have jobs that require too much sitting

And in a short time, we’re going to tell you what to include in your post treatment instructions to address these lifestyle factors.

But first let’s talk about our two favorite detox slimming treatments.  Both of the treatments are natural and holistic.  Not medical.  So anyone can buy the machines (they are affordable), get certified in the treatments and make the treatments available.  

It’s simple really.  These two Detox Slimming Treatments use holistic technologies to promote and restore healthy lymphatic function.  

Here’s the basics of each one so you can determine which one is the best fit for your practice and your patients.  We offer them both at our medspa.

Let’s first take a look at 

Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming Treatments

Machine used

Vacuum Therapy machine

We’ve talked about vacuum therapy machines before.  They are very versatile and can actually be used for many body contouring issues, including detox.

We think Vacuum therapy is a menu must-have.   

Vacuum therapy machines run around $150 and there are tons of them to choose from so we’ve left a link to a vacuum therapy machine like the ones we use at our medspa in today’s show notes…and just so you know - we have three of them!


How Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming treatments work

The vacuum therapy machine utilizes a combination of two technologies: negative pressure + mechanical massage, to increase both blood and lymphatic circulation resulting in the elimination of fats, excess fluids and toxins.  

In addition to the detoxification benefits, clients reap an additional treatment benefit =  breaking down superficial fats.

Number of treatments 

Generally a series of 6 weekly treatments are recommended to start, though it depends on each client’s condition and goals.

Each treatment yields subtle results and builds upon the previous treatment

We love vacuum therapy detox treatments because they are safe and effective, but why do clients love Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming treatments?

Clients enjoy the treatments, describing Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming treatments as both stimulating and soothing.

So if you’re considering getting started, 

How to get certified in Vacuum Therapy treatments

We have a great course for you 

You can earn your body contouring certification in vacuum therapy

100% online and self-paced

PLUS! In the course

Get all the forms you need to start performing treatments right away

Treatment Protocols

Consent Form

Pre/Post Treatment Form

Treatment Form

If you’d like to take a look at the course details, we left a link to the course details in the show notes

Next up in our two favorite detox slimming treatments are


Pressotherapy Detox Slimming Treatments

Pressotherapy can be very profitable as it can be a set it and exit treatment.

If you haven’t heard us talk about the multi-tasking moneymakers, check out our episode 54.  We’ll leave the link to that episode in today's show notes.  

Machine used Pressotherapy Machine

Pressotherapy machines run a little bit more than vacuum therapy machines, at around $550.  You’ll see why they’re a bit more pricey in a minute when we describe the machine.

You’ll find a whole lot of pressotherapy machines to choose, so we’re including a link to 

a Pressotherapy Machine like the ones we’ve used in our medspa in the episode show notes…oh and also, we have two pressotherapy machines in our medspa!

How Pressotherapy Detox Slimming treatments work

Pressotherapy (aka intermittent compression therapy and lymphatic drainage therapy) utilizes pneumatic compression technology applied by the use of inflating pumps within a bodysuit worn by the client.   You know, like the ones you see applied to patients' legs when they’[re in the hospital.  And those are used for similar reasons, to keep the blood and lymphatic system moving while the patient is bedridden.  

The pumping action puts intermittent pressure on the client’s body to stimulate the flow of the blood and the lymphatic circulatory systems to eliminate toxins, fats, excess fluids and other waste.  

Number of treatments 

Though every client is different, generally a series of 6 weekly treatments are recommended to start.

Each treatment yields subtle results and builds upon the previous treatment.

We love Pressotherapy because it’s safe and effective, but why do clients love Pressotherapy Detox Slimming treatments

Clients really enjoy the treatments, comparing Pressotherapy Detox Slimming treatments to a relaxing massage.   

So if you’re considering getting started, then  your next question is 

How are you going to get certified in Pressotherapy treatments

We also have a great course for this favorite detox treatment, you can

Earn your body contouring certification 

100% online and self-paced


Get all the forms you need to start performing treatments right away

Treatment Protocols

Consent Form

Pre/Post Treatment Form

Treatment Form

If you want to take a look at the course details, go to our show notes.  We left a link to that there

We can tell you that Detox slimming treatments can truly work wonders, but…lifestyle changes are needed too.

So as promised, here are the lifestyle instructions…

What you should tell your clients about making lifestyle changes 

Detox slimming treatments boost the circulatory and lymphatic systems to assist your client’s in eliminating excess fluids, toxins, fats and other waste.

But for optimum results and a healthier body, your clients also need to make as many of the following changes in their lifestyles.

And even though you need to set up a maintenance treatment schedule, your patient will not be coming in on a weekly basis after she completes your recommended series, so you need to set her up for success with education and instructions. 

Both your Verbal Client Education and your Written Post-Treatment Instructions should include the following advice.

Get quality sleep - This allows the brain to recharge and eliminate toxins that accumulated during the day.

Drink water - Strict Rule: Consume ½ body weight in ounces each day (ex: weight 150 pounds, drink 75 oz of water per day) Lymph fluid is 90% water and water is needed to transport waste out of the body.

Consume a healthy diet - Nutrients are needed to detox; and you should be watchful to avoid the intake of additional toxins.

Get active  - Simple changes like walking 3-5 days a week or taking stairs instead of elevators can provide the motion needed for the lymphatic system to work properly.

Consider meditation, yoga, tai chi Adding stress-reducing activities can help with chronic stress.

Get up from your desk and move every hour . This prevents lymphatic system stagnation while at work or when sitting for long periods.

Here it is in a nutshell…


Our clients’ modern lifestyles severely impair their bodys’ elimination system.  

The great majority of them need our help.  

When there are signs of inefficient lymphatic functioning, body contouring professionals should know that detox treatments are needed. 

Today we’ve 

Reviewed the science and biology behind our body’s detox system 

Given you two of our favorite detox slimming treatments

Recommended the machines to purchase 

And showed you how to get your body contouring certification in the treatments. 

Now it’s time to purchase your machine and earn your certification…then implement detox slimming treatments in your business right away!

That’s it for today.  We appreciate your time and hope you learned something.  So until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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