Why we have three vacuum therapy machines in our med spa

Investing in trendy technologies involves crossing your fingers in hopes they have stay-power. Whereas it’s always smart to invest in a ‘sure bet technology’ with a long track record of success. Vacuum therapy leads the category of ‘sure bets.’ Tune in to this episode to find out why we keep three of these machines busy every day! 

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Choosing technologies for your business is fun…but hard!  Should you take a risk with red hot trendy technology and hope it has staying power…or…do you go with a technology with proven stay-power and a long business-building record?  Truth is, we might argue either way on any given day, but today our focus is on a technology that is no longer trendy or sexy, because it’s been around for nearly twenty years, but that’s one of the reasons we love it - because it’s been a high-performer for years and years.  We’re talking about Vacuum Therapy.  Join us today as we give you the reasons why you should add all four vacuum therapy treatments to your services menu.  It’s a must-have for your business.  So stay tuned.


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Hi I’m Shannon and I’m Kay and we’re your hosts of The Proven Profits Podcast


Hi there, body contouring professionals!  Kay here.  Shannon and I truly appreciate you being with us here today.

Some body contouring treatments aren’t given the credit they deserve because they are ‘old hat.’  They’ve been around for so long being reliable work horses.  They do what they promise.  They don’t cause problems.  They bring in consistent revenue.  And they’ve been an integral part of building so many businesses throughout the years.  But…we tend to lose sight of them because we’re drawn to what’s new and trendy.  And that’s normal.  New and trendy is good too.

But today, let’s bring our attention back to what just might be the original.  

Vacuum Therapy.  

It’s been around for going on twenty years.

It’s earned notoriety and respect for delivering safe and effective body contouring treatments.

And we love it because it’s a proven high-performer that’s helped build so many aesthetics businesses.  

We have three vacuum therapy machines in our med spa and keep them all busy each and every day.  

Here’s why you can expect from today’s podcast

We’re going to talk about Vacuum Therapy Technology in general,

Then we’ll move on the Vacuum Therapy Technology’s 4 Body Contouring Treatments 

Localized Fat Reduction

Detox Slimming

Buttocks Enhancement 

Cellulite Minimizing

After that, we’ll discuss the two different types of vacuum therapy body contouring certification courses 

And we’ll end with a short discussion about the Vacuum Therapy Machine

So let’s get started

What is vacuum therapy technology?

Vacuum therapy is a holistic body contouring technology that utilizes a combination of technologies: negative pressure energy, mechanical massage and cupping 

And this one technology, this one machine, can provide so many different and completely diverse benefits.  

Listen to all of the Benefits Vacuum Therapy Technology delivers

Reduction of unwanted localized fat deposits

Total body slimming through detoxification

Lifting, enhancing and sculpting the buttocks

Reduction of cellulite; smoothing and toning the skin 

So with hearing these benefits, you probably have a hint at what kind of treatments it delivers.  Let’s take a look.

Vacuum Therapy Fat Reduction

Vacuum therapy technology can be used to reduce unwanted localized, superficial fat deposits.

Here’s how it works to blast fat:

The negative pressure of the vacuum therapy technology activates the metabolism and breakdown of fats in the treated area.

The negative pressure is delivered via the mechanical massaging action of the vacuum therapy handpiece. 

This causes damage to the superficial fat cells which then release their lipid contents;  the fat cells then either die or shrink.

The mechanical massaging action of vacuum therapy technology assists the body in the elimination of the fats from the treated area.  

A series of six weekly or biweekly treatments is recommended to start.  Improvement is cumulative and may take up to 2 - 4 weeks to be initially seen.Reassess after six treatments to determine if more treatments are recommended.

Next up…

Vacuum Therapy Detox Slimming

When your client complains of feeling bloated or ‘thick,’ it’s most likely due to lymphatic inefficiency; she has a buildup of excess fluids, toxins and waste in her body.

Vacuum therapy technology can be used as a detox treatment to assist the body in eliminating the excess fluids, toxins and waste from her body, which results in an overall slimmer appearance. 


Here’s how it works to detox the body:

Vacuum therapy detox slimming treatments address the total body, with an emphasis on the ‘problem area,’ if there is a problem area.

The negative pressure of vacuum technology creates a low atmospheric pressure thereby increasing circulation within the body stimulating and increasing both blood and  lymphatic circulation.

Detox slimming treatments also activate the metabolism and breakdown of fats. 

The mechanical massaging action of vacuum therapy technology assists the body in the elimination of the fats released from the treatment.  

Depending on the severity of the issue, treatments can be done once weekly, once every other week or once monthly.  Most clients require more than one treatment.  

Improvement is cumulative and can typically be initially seen within a week. 

And we can’t forget…

Vacuum Therapy Butt Lift (non-surgical BBL)

Vacuum therapy technology provides the most popular and longest-running of non-surgical alternatives for the Brazilian Butt Lift.  

Vacuum therapy butt lift treatments can be used to lift, tone, sculpt and shape the buttocks without the risks of surgery.  

Here’s how vacuum therapy enhances the buttocks and hips:

The negative pressure delivered via mechanical massage tones and tightens the gluteus muscles.

The negative pressure delivered though cupping increases both blood and lymphatic flow to lift and enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.

The negative pressure and mechanical massage, together with the cupping, encourages the production of collagen and elastic to firm and smooth the skin.

A series of six treatments is generally recommended. 

Treatments can be done weekly or biweekly.

Improvement is cumulative with most clients seeing initial results immediately.And the fourth treatment is the very popular…

Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Reduction

Very few body contouring treatments are truly effective at minimizing cellulite, but vacuum therapy technology is one of the few that is.   

In fact, Vacuum therapy cellulite reduction provides one of the most effective treatments for cellulite because it addresses all four causes of cellulite:  

Weakened skin and blood vessels

Excess fluids and toxins

Enlarged fat cells

Rigid fibrous bands

Here’s how it Vacuum Therapy minimizes cellulite:

Vacuum therapy technology’s mechanical massage combined with negative pressure energy

Improves circulation, stimulates collagen production, smooths and firms the skin

Increases lymphatic flow and blood circulation, smooths and slims the treated area

Reduces, metabolizes and breaks down fat in the treated area

Loosens fibrous bands, smooths the skin and reduces dimples and lumps in the treated area

A series of six treatments performed weekly or biweekly is recommended to start.  More treatments may be necessary; reassess at the end of the series.

It may take 2 - 4 treatments before initial results are seen; results are cumulative.

A maintenance treatment schedule is highly recommended to maintain cellulite smoothing results. 

We love vacuum therapy because of its versatility - can do so much; b/c we know it’s safe - no reported incident after nearly twenty years of service and there’s solid science behind it;  b/c it delivers reliable benefits; b/c it’s small and can be easily moved from room to room; b/c the machine is super affordable; because it’s been a great money-making workhorse for our businesses for nearly twenty years

It’s perfect for the person just starting out…either adding it as a service to their menu or starting their body contouring business with it.

And it’s a must-have for med spas too.  We incorporate all 4 vt services on our membership menu and we use it as a detox therapy post fat reduction treatments.  Our patients love vacuum therapy.  

So if you think Vacuum Therapy may be a good fit for your business, you’ll need just a couple of things to get started.  

Body contouring certification in vacuum therapy and a vacuum therapy  machine

First, Body Contouring Certification in Vacuum Therapy Technology 

You have choices when it comes to getting your body contouring certification in Vacuum Therapy Technology since vacuum therapy technology has the ability to address so many different body issues.  

You can choose between

a Vacuum Therapy certification course with a focus on advanced techniques in vacuum therapy butt enhancement like brazilian butt lift (BBL), but also includes cellulite, unwanted fat and detox. OR

a Vacuum Therapy certification course that focuses on addressing the multiple issues of  cellulite, unwanted fat, detox, plus BBL 

What’s best for your business?  Option (1) or Option (2)?

Advanced techniques in vacuum therapy butt enhancement like brazilian butt lift (BBL), but also including cellulite, unwanted fat and detox

Take a look at the details of the 

The Booty (and Body) Sculpting Masterclass: 

Advanced Vacuum Therapy and Vacuum Cupping

It’ll fit your needs perfectly!

A deep dive into the details about cellulite, unwanted fat, detox plus! the butt lift

Take a look at the details of the

Vacuum Therapy 4in1 Masterclass: The Comprehensive Blueprint

It’ll fit your needs perfectly!

Or you can look at both and see what is the fit for you.

Next, your Vacuum Therapy machine. We mentioned it already.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about the affordable price of the Vacuum Therapy Technology Machine.

We’re leaving a link in our show notes to a  vacuum therapy machine like the ones we use in our medical spa. We’ve kept three of them on hand for years and keep them busy every day!


We hope You can see why we believe in Vacuum Therapy Technology as a Menu Must-Have.  

It’s long record of safety and efficacy and being a proven high-performer.  We can vouch for that!

And the fact that it has the ability to treat multiple issues:

Unwanted Fat

Detox Needs

Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Cellulite Reduction

And…the machine is affordable PLUS! you can easily get certified and get started with the treatments right away!

You even have two different courses to choose from

That’s a wrap for today.  We hope you enjoyed it and until next time, Beautiful Wishes



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