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Body ‘Quick Fix:’ Why we all want it

Body contouring quick fix

Needs and desires drive every market.  Whether it’s unwanted fat, cellulite, skin firming or muscle enhancement, now, more than ever, people are claiming the right to feel good about themselves, especially in seeking treatments to reach their ideal body.    


Numbers don’t lie.  The demand for non-invasive body contouring treatments has gone up 137% in the US in the last two decades; whereas, surgical procedures have fallen by 16%.  


Non-Invasive Body Contouring = the Body ‘Quick Fix’ your clients want

As technology continues to advance and becomes more affordable, fast & easy, plus accessible, we need to meet all the needs of our clients.  That’s why we, as aesthetic professionals, want to offer our clients non-invasive body contouring treatments – the ‘quick fix’ they want.     

Quick Fix Mentality

Let’s talk about the quick fix and body concerns.  In any situation, psychologists tell us the quickest fix tends to be the most convenient solution and that’s what we’re all most likely to choose.  


With body concerns?  For most of us, coming in for a series of non-invasive body contouring treatments seems much more appealing than working out and dieting for months.  We’re therefore willing to invest the money for the treatments.  And we know we can supercharge treatment results by combining the treatments with a diet and exercise program of some kind.  


Path of Least Resistance + Fastest Result = Human Nature 

Seeking a quick fix is really just human nature –  to seek the path of least resistance, one that also gives us the fastest result.  We make these kinds of decisions every day.  And it’s no different with decisions related to improving our bodies.    


Here’s why your clients want body contouring treatments and see them as the ‘quick fix’ solution for their problem. 


Non-Invasive body contouring treatments are 

  • Affordable Most treatments run between $75 & $175


  • Fast & Easy Results Most treatments are comfortable and last take no more than an hour, ‘lunch time treatments,’ and results can be acheived in 4-6 weeks 


  • Accessible Simply schedule an office appointment; most offices offer Saturday and/or evening appointments


Results in just a few treatments, in just a few weeks 

Most non-invasive body contouring treatments yield visible results quickly.  

  • Clients can see improvement immediately with some treatments, and after just 2-3 treatments with others.  
  • Protocols vary, but most protocols prescribe a series of fewer than 12 treatments over a period of no more than 6 weeks. 


The Perfect Solution for Estheticians, Massage Therapists & Spa Owners

Your clients, like the rest of us, have body contouring needs and desires.  They want to feel better about their bodies.  Give them the solution.  Offer body contouring. They’ll keep coming back and love you for it!


So….are you ready to get started?


The most affordable way to start?  

Non-Medical Body Contouring Treatments 

We recommend to start out by offering non-medical body contouring treatments.  Jump in!  We make it easy for you to learn.  These treatments use safe, reliable, and effective technology.  And, importantly, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do it.   


Regardless of the body issue you’re correcting, the varying technologies work similarly – by stimulating and/or assisting the body’s natural processes, specifically the blood circulatory system and the lymphatic system.  They encourage detoxification, collagen & elastin production, break down of fibrous tissue, localized fat cell damage & shrinkage, and/or muscle stimulation.


We can help you get started, grow and profit.  

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