How to decide between fat cavitation training and fat freezing training

cavitation training

One of the greatest things about non-invasive body contouring is also one of the hardest things.  There are so many remarkable technologies that provide amazing benefits for your clients.  How do you choose where to start since you can’t learn it all at once?  As body contouring educators, we are asked that question every day. …

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An easy guide to choosing the best vacuum therapy training course

Vacuum Therapy Training

Because vacuum therapy technology delivers so many diverse benefits, choosing the best vacuum therapy training course for your practice can be challenging.  Sure, it has to be a course that provides body contouring certification in vacuum therapy technology.  But beyond that, do you choose   a vacuum therapy course with a focus on advanced techniques…

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5 Incredible benefits digital courses offer body contouring professionals

digital course

Have you wanted to upgrade your skills, obtain certifications, and learn something new, but you’ve felt restrained by your responsibilities and demanding schedule?  Digital learning offers your solution.  Online courses give busy professionals like you the opportunity to find time to continue your education, to open more doors with additional expertise, and to increase your…

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Fat freezing certification: cryolipolysis and coolsculpting

fat freezing certification

Fat freezing is an incredibly popular fat reduction treatment.  Do you offer it?  In 2019 more than eight million treatments were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons alone.  Even so, confusion abounds about the technology, cryolipolysis, and the brand name of the most well known cryolipolysis device, coolsculpting.  And many body contouring professionals still don’t have…

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Don’t break the body contouring marketing rules!

body contouring marketing

In our last blog article, Want leads?  6 reasons to use social media marketing in your body contouring business, we discussed the six reasons why you must include a social media strategy in your body contouring business game plan.  But we didn’t discuss what body contouring marketing is and how to develop your body contouring…

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