How to decide between fat cavitation training and fat freezing training

smiling woman with palms up with cavitation course above one hand and cryolipolysis course above the other

One of the greatest things about non-invasive body contouring is also one of the hardest things.  There are so many remarkable technologies that provide amazing benefits for your clients.  How do you choose where to start since you can’t learn it all at once?  As body contouring educators, we are asked that question every day. …

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Why it’s time you rethink using BMI to screen out fat reduction clients (and learn how to treat bigger clients instead)

letters B,M,I on blocks with woman's first finger on the B

Body contouring clients come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic status.  Each client has different concerns and unique goals.  And there is certainly no standardized ‘ideal body.’  Which begs the question, should you use BMI to screen out fat reduction clients?  We ask because many fat reduction machine manufacturers advise against treating…

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Fat freezing certification: cryolipolysis and coolsculpting

woman with cryolipolysis applicator on her thigh on the left with a course certification on the right

Fat freezing is an incredibly popular fat reduction treatment.  Do you offer it?  In 2019 more than eight million treatments were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons alone.  Even so, confusion abounds about the technology, cryolipolysis, and the brand name of the most well known cryolipolysis device, coolsculpting.  And many body contouring professionals still don’t have…

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