What body contouring professionals must know about PAH after cryolipolysis

PAH after cryolipolysis

Supermodel Linda Evangelista brought a ‘little talked about’ side effect of cryolipolysis to public attention when she filed a $50 million lawsuit this year against Zeltiq (manufacturer of Coolsculpting).  She said she suffered from paradoxical (abnormal) adipose (fat) hyperplasia (unusual increase in structure) or PAH.  It’s important to note that PAH has been reported only…

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Why this ultrasound fat cavitation certification course is smart

Ultrasound fat cavitation certification course

As the number of consumers with complaints concerning unwanted fat grows, and the trend for a quick fix rises, so does the market for non-invasive body contouring services.  The body contouring market is expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2022. And consumers don’t just want results.  They want results with treatments powered by fast, easy,…

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Cryoskin: the provider-friendly fat reduction tissue tightening cellulite smoothing machine


  “We want to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be comfortable in their own skin.”  Offering a unique ‘Free 30 day trial,’ extensive education and training, marketing assistance, and ongoing support, and with over 1500 (and growing) Cryoskin partners, Artemis Distribution is truly a “partner in aesthetics and wellness.”…

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Use our secret tactic to increase revenue and grow your medical spa

Increase revenue and grow your medical spa

In our medical spa, we developed a secret tactic to increase revenue that we share in this article.  It’s easily replicable, so you too, can use it to increase revenue and grow your medical spa.  This tactic enabled us to educate and bond with our patients, and ultimately grow our practice, simply by guaranteeing that…

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The synergistic benefits of whole body vibration therapy and non-invasive body contouring

Benefits of whole body vibration therapy

What can you do to improve body contouring results, to practically guarantee your patient will be satisfied?  Our secret?  Encouraging multiple holistic therapies during the post-treatment period to optimize, accelerate, and even enhance, results.  Each holistic treatment or product we offer supports the patient’s lymphatic function.  Our holistic treatment spotlight today shines the light on…

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