Research proves showing before and after photos boosts patient satisfaction

Showing before and after photos

Recently two physicians, Nebahat Demet Akpolat, M.D. and Sezin Unlu, M.D., set out to examine the effect of showing (versus not showing) pre-procedure and post-procedure photos to aesthetic patients at their follow up appointments.  They found that the patient’s satisfaction with outcomes was greatly impacted by whether the photos were shown.  The study concluded that…

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Murder charges expose underground butt sculpt injections crime ring

butt sculpt injections

It has all the makings of a highly-acclaimed docudrama…celebrity, utter shock…and death.  And to think the story revolves around body contouring, butt sculpt injections specifically.   After the news became public, nearly as many as 100 people have come forward claiming they or a loved one have been harmed, according to LAPD Deputy Chief Alan…

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Could this discovery alter the future of the body contouring business?

Future of the body contouring business, fat cell discovery

Breaking news!  Scientists at the University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center announced they have found a way to genetically alter fat cells to burn calories and to stop storing fat.  Success so far is with mice, not with humans…yet.  Human petri dish experiments are currently underway.  Incredible news!  But could the ability to genetically alter…

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