Why the 6 in 1 cavitation machine treatment protocols for classic cellulite and linear cellulite differ

Woman evaluating her cellulite to choose 6 in 1 cavitation machine treatment protocols

We feel comfortable saying that all practitioners recognize the dimples and lumps of classic cellulite.  But only an elite group of body contouring professionals possess the know-how to identify and treat the crepey, wrinkly appearance of linear cellulite.  To deliver the results your clients deserve, it’s imperative to utilize the appropriate protocols.  So, in this…

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Boost your medspa profits with holistic body contouring treatments

a hand drawing a graph on glass representing how to boost your medspa profits with body contouring

Medspas, like other medical aesthetics businesses, must adopt new treatments fairly frequently.  Your patients want and expect new solutions.  And though these expectations can involve recently released machines (which carry a super high price tag), you don’t have to break the bank.  We have the perfect solution; an affordable way to keep your patients motivated…

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Expert’s tips to minimize bruising from vacuum therapy treatments

woman pinching her upper thigh

The mechanical massage and negative pressure of vacuum therapy treatments can cause bruising to your patients.  As a healthcare provider, you know it’s simply the nature of vacuum technology.  Bruising can happen. That being said, you should definitely not consider post-treatment bruising as a common and inevitable side effect.  The experts know the steps to…

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Is the S Shape cavitation machine or the 6 in 1 cavitation machine right for you?

woman with her hands open behind S-Shape Cavitation and 6in1 Cavitation machine on a round table

Fat cavitation has a long history of delivering consistently good results.  And professionals have long recognized the huge business-building opportunity cavitation body contouring treatments provide.  But as a provider with so many different cavitation machines available, like the newest platform – the S Shape cavitation machine – it’s next to impossible to feel confident that…

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