The synergistic benefits of whole body vibration therapy and non-invasive body contouring

Benefits of whole body vibration therapy

What can you do to improve body contouring results, to practically guarantee your patient will be satisfied?  Our secret?  Encouraging multiple holistic therapies during the post-treatment period to optimize, accelerate, and even enhance, results.  Each holistic treatment or product we offer supports the patient’s lymphatic function.  Our holistic treatment spotlight today shines the light on…

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Improve non-invasive body contouring results with cupping therapy home care

Improve non-invasive body contouring results

In our medical spa, we have consistently educated our patients about the importance of home care following any non-invasive body contouring treatment.  Our team makes several recommendations, from nutrients and supplements, topicals, diet modifications, water intake, sleep optimization, to holistic lymphatic assist treatments we offer at our facility.  But what is the most budget-friendly, and…

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Allergan to expand its body contouring portfolio with agreement to acquire a cellulite reduction device

Allergan Aesthetics, Resonic

Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie Company, and Soliton and Resonic, a novel cellulite reduction device utilizing rapid acoustic pulse technology announced a definitive agreement allowing for Allergan to expand its body contouring portfolio. The agreement terms provide for Allergan’s acquisition of Soliton and Resonic, its Rapid Acoustic Pulse device which recently received FDA clearance for the…

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How vacuum therapy cellulite sculpt conquers cellulite

Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Sculpt

Cellulite does not happen overnight.  Most of the initial changes go unnoticed…until it’s too late and you cannot deny the dimples and bulges.  One day, you’ve had enough.  When your clients have ‘had enough’ with cellulite, spread the good news.  You have the solution.  You can reduce your client’s cellulite with a series of Vacuum…

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Vacuum Therapy: to start your body contouring business

Vacuum Therapy Revenue, body contouring

Are you dreaming of starting your own body contouring business?  Or becoming a certified body contouring technician?  Do you want to help clients with body concerns like unwanted pounds, excess fat, deflated bums, and cellulite?  Discover why Vacuum Therapy to start your body contouring business can be the perfect start.   In this article, you…

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