The surest path to more money as a fitness trainer

happy fitness woman with water bottle

Looking for ways to make more money as a fitness trainer?  Set yourself apart by using the latest results-enhancing technology.  Deliver the best results faster and easier. Vibration therapy technology is the sure way to speed up and enhance results when used in tandem with your current training methodologies.  In this article we’ll show you…

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Boost your medspa profits with holistic body contouring treatments

a hand drawing a graph on glass representing how to boost your medspa profits with body contouring

Medspas, like other medical aesthetics businesses, must adopt new treatments fairly frequently.  Your patients want and expect new solutions.  And though these expectations can involve recently released machines (which carry a super high price tag), you don’t have to break the bank.  We have the perfect solution; an affordable way to keep your patients motivated…

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Successfully grow your wellness business with detoxification services

Let's grow your business written chalk board easel stand in hall of wellness center

Nowadays your patients consume a lot of junk food, are exposed to a wide array of environmental toxins and lead sedentary lives.  And if you operate a wellness center, a functional medicine or naturopathic clinic or a chiropractic practice, you know that most patients’ need help handling these burdens. That’s why bringing on detoxification treatments…

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Make money with fat freezing

woman throwing money in the air with a fat freezing treatment in the background

When it comes to non-invasive fat reduction, there’s sizzling hot revenue with freezing cold temperatures.  Here’s why.  CoolSculpting is a household name, synonymous with fat reduction.  That makes it easy to keep fat freezing machines busy all day every day.  And it explains why providers like doctors, med spas, day spas, estheticians and many others…

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