Should you purchase a pressotherapy machine or a vibration machine to assist your clients with lymphatic drainage?

woman's lymphatic system diagram with a pressotherapy machine on one side and a whole body vibration machine on the other

The most successful body contouring professionals routinely incorporate technology to assist in lymphatic drainage.  Why?  Non-invasive fat reduction body contouring treatments kill or damage fat cells, but don’t remove the released fat from the body.  That’s up to your client’s lymphatic system.  Leading the field of lymphatic drainage machines used by body contouring professionals are…

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An easy guide to choosing the best vacuum therapy training course

woman looking up with arrows above her deciding on between two online vacuum therapy courses

Because vacuum therapy technology delivers so many diverse benefits, choosing the best vacuum therapy training course for your practice can be challenging.  Sure, it has to be a course that provides body contouring certification in vacuum therapy technology.  But beyond that, do you choose   a vacuum therapy course with a focus on advanced techniques…

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Fat freezing certification: cryolipolysis and coolsculpting

woman with cryolipolysis applicator on her thigh on the left with a course certification on the right

Fat freezing is an incredibly popular fat reduction treatment.  Do you offer it?  In 2019 more than eight million treatments were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons alone.  Even so, confusion abounds about the technology, cryolipolysis, and the brand name of the most well known cryolipolysis device, coolsculpting.  And many body contouring professionals still don’t have…

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Should you buy or lease body contouring equipment?

woman in white button up shirt holding words in each hand "buy" & "lease" body contouring equipment

Should you buy or lease body contouring equipment?  One of our customers, Kathy B., recently reached out to us with that question.  It’s a great question because it’s such an important decision for you and your body contouring business.  And the answer is, ‘it depends.’  There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but the answer…

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