Why a comprehensive body contouring protocol should include lymphatic boosters

Lymphatic boosters

Non-invasive fat reduction technology, like cavitation, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency or LED or diode laser, kills or damages your client’s fat cells in the treated area.  But on treatment day your clients don’t leave your business looking immediately slimmer and more sculpted.  True, the technology has fulfilled its role.  But at post-treatment, your client’s lymphatic system must…

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Why your body sculpting training plan needs this Pressotherapy course

body sculpting training

Are you looking to add the hottest offerings to your treatment menu?  Consider adding a treatment that enhances the results of ultrasonic cavitation, lipo laser, vacuum therapy, cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis, RF, and virtually all other body sculpting treatments…in addition to delivering amazing body sculpting benefits of its own. It’s Pressotherapy.  And you can add Pressotherapy…

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Why this ultrasound fat cavitation certification course is smart

Ultrasound fat cavitation certification course

As the number of consumers with complaints concerning unwanted fat grows, and the trend for a quick fix rises, so does the market for non-invasive body contouring services.  The body contouring market is expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2022. And consumers don’t just want results.  They want results with treatments powered by fast, easy,…

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EndoSphéres Therapy: cellulite reduction PLUS holistic wellness benefits

Endospheres Therapy

Information for this article was derived from a podcast interview aired on the Body Contouring Academy’s Proven Profits Podcast.  To hear the interview, “Endospheres Therapy: cellulite reduction PLUS holistic wellness benefits” its entirety, tune in here.   “We’re seeing a swing in the aesthetics industry for treatments that have a serious holistic wellness punch, especially coming out…

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Use our secret tactic to increase revenue and grow your medical spa

Increase revenue and grow your medical spa

In our medical spa, we developed a secret tactic to increase revenue that we share in this article.  It’s easily replicable, so you too, can use it to increase revenue and grow your medical spa.  This tactic enabled us to educate and bond with our patients, and ultimately grow our practice, simply by guaranteeing that…

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