Body contouring diet recommendations: what to tell your clients

Body contouring professional wearing a lab coat and stethoscope writing diet recommendations with fruit and measuring tape beside her

Not sure what kind of diet to recommend for your clients undergoing fat reduction treatments?  Read further to learn the best body contouring diet recommendations for your fat reduction clients.   A review of how non-invasive fat reduction works and why your clients need to follow diet instructions while undergoing body contouring treatments Non-invasive fat…

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The synergistic benefits of whole body vibration therapy and non-invasive body contouring

Benefits of whole body vibration therapy

What can you do to improve body contouring results, to practically guarantee your patient will be satisfied?  Our secret?  Encouraging multiple holistic therapies during the post-treatment period to optimize, accelerate, and even enhance, results.  Each holistic treatment or product we offer supports the patient’s lymphatic function.  Our holistic treatment spotlight today shines the light on…

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7 body contouring treatments to offer for post pandemic bods

body contouring treatments

Pandemic weight gain is real and your clients need your help.  All esthetic professionals, regardless of specialty and license – estheticians, massage therapists, nurses, etc. – can easily and affordably provide their clients with some basic body contouring treatments in a non-medical setting, or a medspa.  Take a look at seven simple body contouring solutions…

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The 1 change your clients must make to lose weight

weight loss tips to help body contouring

With seventy-one percent of Americans overweight, it comes as no surprise that conversations with our clients include frustrations and dissatisfaction with body shape and weight.  Though there’s a slew of factors that affect our weight status, there’s one behavioral secret that serves as the launching pad for weight loss success – for everyone.     Behavioral…

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