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Weight Loss

The 1 change your clients must make to lose weight

weight loss tips to help body contouring

With seventy-one percent of Americans overweight, it comes as no surprise that conversations with our clients include frustrations and dissatisfaction with body shape and weight.  Though there’s a slew of factors that affect our weight status, there’s one behavioral secret that serves as the launching pad for weight loss success – for everyone.     Behavioral…

Vacuum Therapy: 4-in-1 Solution for your Aesthetic Clients

Vacuum Therapy Revenue, body contouring

Attention: Estheticians, Massage Therapist, Salon and Spa Owners!   Do your clients complain about lumps, dimples, excess fat, deflated bums, and cellulite? If so, it’s time to learn about – and consider offering – Vacuum Therapy treatments!   Discover why Vacuum Therapy can be the perfect start to building your dream aesthetic business.    (This article…