A medspa butt enhancement formula for extraordinary results

cosmetologist applying gel to client's bank end for butt enhancement formula

When one body contouring technology delivers great results, can combining two technologies produce extraordinary results?  Such is the case with non-surgical butt lifts combining vacuum therapy and EMS muscle toning.  Vacuum therapy and EMS deliver great results on their own, but when combined they produce extraordinary results.  Over our twenty years of treating medspa patients,…

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Master the art of body contouring with our Booty Sculpting Masterclass

Beautiful woman measuring butt in front of mirror in living room after booty sculpting mast class

Are you a healthcare professional or beauty enthusiast looking to expand your skill set, provide cutting-edge treatments, and increase your income? If so, you’ve come to the right place!  The Body Contouring Academy proudly presents our Booty Sculpting Masterclass – a comprehensive training program designed to empower aspiring professionals with advanced vacuum therapy and vacuum…

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Boost your medspa profits with holistic body contouring treatments

a hand drawing a graph on glass representing how to boost your medspa profits with body contouring

Medspas, like other medical aesthetics businesses, must adopt new treatments fairly frequently.  Your patients want and expect new solutions.  And though these expectations can involve recently released machines (which carry a super high price tag), you don’t have to break the bank.  We have the perfect solution; an affordable way to keep your patients motivated…

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Expert’s tips to minimize bruising from vacuum therapy treatments

woman pinching her upper thigh

The mechanical massage and negative pressure of vacuum therapy treatments can cause bruising to your patients.  As a healthcare provider, you know it’s simply the nature of vacuum technology.  Bruising can happen. That being said, you should definitely not consider post-treatment bruising as a common and inevitable side effect.  The experts know the steps to…

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An introduction to non-invasive body contouring

female body with outline and arrows outlining body

For the past several years, non-invasive body contouring treatments have been soaring in popularity.  The treatments offer affordable body shaping results with minimal to no discomfort. Clearly, incorporating body contouring treatments can dramatically increase your client base and your revenue….but finding the information you need to do so can be difficult and confusing.  In this…

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