An easy guide to choosing the best vacuum therapy training course

Vacuum Therapy Training

Because vacuum therapy technology delivers so many diverse benefits, choosing the best vacuum therapy training course for your practice can be challenging.  Sure, it has to be a course that provides body contouring certification in vacuum therapy technology.  But beyond that, do you choose   a vacuum therapy course with a focus on advanced techniques…

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How to help clients reduce ‘hip dips’

help clients reduce hip dips

Hip Dips.  It’s a name describing a condition that is caused by a normal variation of the bony structures of the pelvis and hips.  And even though there’s nothing pathological about it, clients cannot achieve an hourglass body shape if they have ‘dips in the hip.’  So if our clients have hip dips, they are…

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What is gluteal amnesia, dead butt syndrome, and flat butt syndrome?

gluteal amnesia, dead butt syndrome

Right now, you’re most likely sitting.  Either at your desk, your dining table or sofa.  For many reasons, most of us lead sedentary lives.  Your clients included.  We know the risks of sitting all day; we’ve discussed how it directly impacts our fat reduction results.  But what about butt sculpting?  What happens to our client’s…

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How to get your clients better butts: Butt Sculpt, Rump Plumper, Hip Dip

get your clients better butts

It’s a body-beauty trend that emerged many years ago.  And still today, women want a full-sized, curvaceous booty.  But most women don’t come by that naturally.  So as a body contouring provider, you must offer treatments to get your clients better butts.   You may offer the non-surgical brazilian butt lift (Butt Sculpt), a great…

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Murder charges expose underground butt sculpt injections crime ring

butt sculpt injections

It has all the makings of a highly-acclaimed docudrama…celebrity, utter shock…and death.  And to think the story revolves around body contouring, butt sculpt injections specifically.   After the news became public, nearly as many as 100 people have come forward claiming they or a loved one have been harmed, according to LAPD Deputy Chief Alan…

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