Top-selling holistic body contouring treatments perfect for your non-medical aesthetic business

woman at front dest showing woman a brochure of holistic body contouring treatments

As a non-medical aesthetic professional without a physician in your business, what body contouring services can you offer?  Maybe you’re an esthetician, massage therapist, body contouring technician, cosmetologist, fitness trainer, weight loss center, day spa or other professional.  You can’t purchase and operate medical grade body contouring equipment without a physician.  But you can offer…

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The synergistic benefits of a whole body vibration therapy course in non-invasive body contouring

Benefits of whole body vibration therapy

As body contouring professionals we use treatments like cavitation and cryolipolysis to reduce fat. These treatments slim and shape the body beautifully on their own, but the most successful body contouring professionals don’t stop at fat reducing technology.  They use the synergistic benefits of lymphatic assist treatments to boost and accelerate results. Whole body vibration…

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How to choose the best body contouring machines for your business

laptop on a desk with body contouring equipment search with images depicting cellulite, fat loss, skin tightening, and muscle toning

In this article, we share the 6 steps we’ve developed over the years to choose the best body contouring machines for our medspa businesses so you can use them in your body contouring business too.     Whether you’re opening a body contouring business, adding body contouring services to your existing business or growing your…

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Should you purchase a pressotherapy machine or a vibration machine to assist your clients with lymphatic drainage?

woman's lymphatic system diagram with a pressotherapy machine on one side and a whole body vibration machine on the other

The most successful body contouring professionals routinely incorporate technology to assist in lymphatic drainage.  Why?  Non-invasive fat reduction body contouring treatments kill or damage fat cells, but don’t remove the released fat from the body.  That’s up to your client’s lymphatic system.  Leading the field of lymphatic drainage machines used by body contouring professionals are…

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