How to choose the best body contouring machines for your business

Choose the best body contouring machines

Whether you’re opening a body contouring business or adding body contouring services to your existing business, choosing the best body contouring machines is one of the most critical decisions you have to make.  After all, your business success is contingent upon your ability to solve your client’s body concerns.  And to do that, you need the best body contouring machines.


But how do you make the right decision when there are so many to choose from and everyone says their machine is the best?  Information overload can actually cripple your ability to make a rational decision.    So make a sound decision by following the


6 steps we’ve used to choose the best body contouring machines for our 7-figure body contouring medical spa


1. Fully understand body conditions

Body contouring providers must be experts in all body concerns, from unwanted fat to cellulite to loose skin and so on.  For example, did you know there are multiple kinds of body fat..and do you know which kind of body fat is the hardest to treat?  Understanding the causes of the condition, what makes the condition worse or better, if the condition can be prevented, and what treatments are effective at treating the condition are all questions you need to competently answer about every body condition.


How can you acquire this expert body contouring-ology knowledge?


Learn from the experts.  One thing you can do is enroll in a high quality treatment certification course.  These courses should thoroughly discuss all of the body conditions that the machine can effectively treat.

Take a look at the Body Contouring-ology information covered in our Body Contouring 6-in-1 Masterclass.  Click here. 


2. Know the body contouring technologies

When you go to choose the best body contouring machines, it’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed and completely confused. How are you going to choose the best body contouring machines for your business when there are so many?  Rest assured…it is doable.


Break it down to technology.


Make sure you are well versed in all the body contouring technologies.  And there’s a lot of them.

  • Laser lipolysis
  • Cryolipolysis
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Radiofrequency
  • Vacuum (Negative pressure energy)
  • Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
  • LED (Cold laser)
  • Acoustic Wave
  • Lipo Laser
  • Vibration technology
  • Infrared Energy
  • Intermittent Compression
  • Massage/cupping


Learn these things about each technology

  • Indication (what is it used for)
  • Mechanism of action (how does it work)
  • What areas does it treat
  • What should the client expect during treatment
  • Number of treatments needed
  • When will results be seen
  • Recommended maintenance schedule
  • Contraindications


Though you are not yet at a point to make a decision…once you know your technologies, you’ll see it’s much easier to evaluate the machines.


3. Determine what your customers want

Have you identified your client’s greatest body contouring problems and concerns? Is it unwanted fat?  Loose saggy skin?  Cellulite?  Underwhelming buttocks?  All of the above?


Once you know what problems your clients (and your prospective clients) want to solve, and you’ve learned the technologies, you know what technologies your machines must have.


4. Establish your budget

Before you jump in and start shopping machines, you need to determine what you can spend on your machines.  What is your budget?  Will you purchase multiple machines or one machine?


When setting your budget, be sure to include the cost of education to operate the machine, plus any upfront costs to operate the machine.  Both your machine(s) and the education are investments in your business that produce both revenue for you and great value for your clients.


5. Rely on expert guidance

When it’s time to choose the best body contouring machines, if you don’t have a body contouring mentor or an expert you can trust, now is the time to find one.  Body contouring experts are people who have gone before you and can lay out a clear path for you.  You’ll make the most sound decisions for your investments when you rely on their advice.


Need a mentor?  We are happy to be your body contouring business mentor.  That’s why the Body Contouring Academy exists!  Take a look at our Low Cost Startup Model.  It includes machine choices and it might be perfect for your body contouring business.  Click here.


6. Determine your business plan

This is the point where you choose the best body contouring machines for your business.  Your decision should be based on your business goals.  Do you want to start slowly and build from there?  Do you want to start by offering a full menu for your clients?  Or somewhere in between?


Your choice of business plan. Our advice.


Start with one machine and one course

Our advice if you want to start with one machine and one course is the 6-in-1 40K machine and our Body Contouring 6-in-1 Masterclass.  The machine comes equipped with five different technologies.  And you can treat five different body concerns with it.  Learn more about the course and the machine.  Click here.


Offer a full menu of body contouring options

Do you want to go all-in and offer a full menu for your clients?  If so, our advice is to start with these machines and courses:



Offer multiple body contouring options

Or maybe you want to start somewhere in the middle of one machine and multiple machines?

If so, choose the best body contouring machines to meet all of your client’s needs.

The 6-in-1 40K machine and Body Contouring 6-in-1 Masterclass should be on just about every list.  Then add the machine and course that best solves your client’s problems, either Vacuum Therapy, Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation or Whole Body Vibration Platform.


Want to learn more about body contouring machines, body contouring certification courses, and/or starting a body contouring business?

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