Electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) certification course, the affordable technology to tone muscles

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) certification

The latest ‘IT’ treatment?  Muscle stimulating technology.  Consumer demand for a toned, yet curvy body is at an all time high.  Problem is, few consumers can afford treatments with  EmSculpt, the big gun in the muscle stimulating arena.  Problem solved.  Introducing the electromagnetic muscle stimulation certification course.  Learn the affordable technology to tone muscles, enhance buttocks, and sculpt curves.   Get your Electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) certification and start making big money now.


In this article, you will learn

  • How muscle stimulating technology works
  • Medical grade muscle toning devices for use in physician practices and medical spas
  • Reasons to get your Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Certification
  • How EMS treatments benefit your clients
  • The huge earning potential of adding EMS to your body contouring business
  • How easy it is to get your Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Certification in our online  course and… how to get the right EMS machine
  • History of EMS
  • EMS vs TENS units


How muscle stimulating technology works

Muscle stimulating technology produces intense muscle contractions that build muscle, improve muscle tone, and sculpt muscle definition.  Recent research shows that treatments from this technology also burns fat.


Medical grade muscle toning devices for physician practices and medical spas

EmSculpt was the first medical grade muscle toning device to enter the market, introduced two years ago.  Since then, most major aesthetic equipment manufacturers have released their own versions. Today, there are several such devices available to physician practices and medical spas. Here’s a few examples:

  • Emsculpt, using high-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulation
  • Accufit, using electromagnetic muscle stimulation + functional magnetic stimulation
  • Cooltone, using active magnetic-pulse technology
  • truSculpt Flex, using multi-directional muscle stimulation


These devices are all great options, produce fantastic results, and make for the perfect addition to a medical spa or other physician-directed business.  We have an EmSculpt in our medical spa.


But…what about an aesthetic business that does not have a physician?

Why you should get your body contouring certification in Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS technology is the perfect holistic alternative to medical grade muscle toning technology.  It utilizes electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology to firm, tone, and lift muscles.  It results in more toned, defined muscles and an overall sculpted appearance.


In addition to EmSculpt, our medical spa offers electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) treatments – we love EMS and more importantly, our clients love it!


Benefits of EMS

As with the medical-grade muscle toning devices, electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS)

  • Tones muscles
  • Burns fat
  • Sculpts the body
  • And…provides detoxification benefits, referred to as electro lymphatic drainage


Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a must-have profitable addition to any body contouring business

Whether you’re just starting out in body contouring or have an established body contouring business, when you get your electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) certification…you will maximize your earning potential.  It’s in demand!  Take a look at your earning potential.




How to get your Body Contouring Certification in Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

We offer Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) certification.  And we provide a link to purchase the right EMS machine – the same one we use in our medical spa.  We make it easy for you!



Learn more about electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology


History of EMS technology

Electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology has been used for over sixty years.  The technology has remained essentially unchanged since then.  Can you believe that up until recently, it was used only by physical therapists to rehabilitate patients?!


Now EMS technology is employed by many professionals, personal trainers, chiropractors, athletes, physical therapists…and aesthetic professionals in-the-know.



Be careful not to confuse EMS with TENS units

Many confuse EMS technology with TENS Units.  Here’ the difference between the technologies.

  • TENS Units send electrical impulses across the skin and across the nerve strands to “distract” the pain signal.  They are used to temporarily reduce pain and discomfort.  They will not effect the muscles
  • EMS machines send electrical impulses to the muscles to cause commanding, deep muscle contractions.  These contractions result in toning, strengthening and sculpting the muscles


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