Why your body sculpting training plan needs this Pressotherapy course

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Are you looking to add the hottest offerings to your treatment menu?  Consider adding a treatment that enhances the results of ultrasonic cavitation, lipo laser, vacuum therapy, cryolipolysis, laser lipolysis, RF, and virtually all other body sculpting treatments…in addition to delivering amazing body sculpting benefits of its own. It’s Pressotherapy.  And you can add Pressotherapy to your menu easily by including this quick, affordable online Pressotherapy certification course in your body sculpting training plan.


In this article you will learn

  • Why Pressotherapy is the hottest secret to best body sculpting results
  • What is Pressotherapy and how does it work?
  • Pressotherapy benefits
  • Pressotherapy treatment areas
  • The Profitability of Pressotherapy
  • The affordable online Pressotherapy certification course


Pressotherapy: Why it’s the secret to best body sculpting results

To understand Pressotherapy, you must first understand the lymphatic system and its relationship to non-invasive body sculpting technology.


The lymphatic system is our body’s ‘other circulatory system,’ tasked with the removal of waste, excess fluids, and toxins from the body.


Non-invasive fat and cellulite body sculpting treatments work by releasing fats, excess fluids, and toxins into the body, which the lymphatic system must then remove…before results can be seen.


If the lymphatic system does not work efficiently (which is all too common with today’s lifestyles), these fluids, toxins and fats remain in your client’s body…and poor-to-no results can be seen.  Pressotherapy will assist your client’s lymphatic system and lead to fast, optimal results.


It’s clear why adding Pressotherapy to your body sculpting training plan is a must.  Body sculpting providers who offer Pressotherapy have a distinct advantage over those who do not.


What is Pressotherapy and how does it work?

Pressotherapy, aka pneumatic compression technology, is a non-invasive computer-controlled and programmed lymphatic massage.  As the name suggests, the treatment involves the application of alternating compression (‘pressing’) and decompression (‘release of pressing’) of air upon the body, which is delivered via the machine’s bodysuit (worn by your client).


The machine inflates and deflates rhythmically to increase both (1) blood flow and (2) lymphatic circulation to and from your client’s lymph nodes.


This dual action accelerates and optimizes the elimination of fats, toxins, and excess fluids from your client’s body.


The result?  Faster and enhanced visible results following your client’s body sculpting treatments like cavitation, lipo laser, vacuum therapy and radiofrequency…a happy client…and a  successful body sculpting business.


Pressotherapy Benefits

In addition to being an integral tool to delivering enhanced results for your clients, Pressotherapy, as a stand alone treatment, has multiple benefits of its own.


  • Generalized slimming
    • For the clients who feel swollen, puffy, bloated, or complain of weight gain
    • For the clients who are committed to a total body sculpting program
  • Targeted slimming
    • For the clients who want to focus only on a problem area
  • Smoothing and firming
    • For clients wanting to smooth cellulite and tone skin
  • Detoxification
    • Modern lifestyles compromise lymphatic function
    • Everyone could benefit from the detoxifying benefits of Pressotherapy
    • Clients undergoing body sculpting treatments need the detox assist
    • Clients who desire to lose weight need the detox assist


Pressotherapy treatment areas

You can use Pressotherapy to target problem areas or to cover and treat the entire body.

  • Total body – legs, abdomen and arms (exclude breasts)
  • Lower body (legs)
  • Lower body and abdomen
  • Abdomen
  • Abdomen and arms
  • Arms


The profitability of Pressotherapy

Adding Pressotherapy to your body sculpting training plan will not only bring you happy clients, it can deliver a huge increase in your income.


You can perform a Pressotherapy treatment within an hour time block, spending 30 – 45 minutes actual treatment time.  And because Pressotherapy is a treatment in which you can get your client started, then leave to see another client or complete another task, it can be quite profitable.  Depending on your goals, it can be a ‘set it and leave it’ treatment.


We recommend charging $75 – $175 per treatment, depending on your market.

Take a look at your added income potential from Pressotherapy!


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See why you need a Pressotherapy course as a part of your body sculpting training plan?!

Upon completion of this online Pressotherapy certification course, you will

  • Get your Certification in Pressotherapy and start doing treatments
  • Know the science behind the technology and the body conditions
  • Possess the know-how to set your pricing and design your treatment plans
  • Hit the ground running with ready-made Protocols, Consent form, Treatment form, and pre/post instructions
  • Maximize your income doing what you love!


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