Why a comprehensive body contouring protocol should include lymphatic boosters

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Non-invasive fat reduction technology, like cavitation, cryolipolysis, radiofrequency or LED or diode laser, kills or damages your client’s fat cells in the treated area.  But on treatment day your clients don’t leave your business looking immediately slimmer and more sculpted.  True, the technology has fulfilled its role.  But at post-treatment, your client’s lymphatic system must complete the technology’s work. Their lymphatic system must process, mobilize and remove the fat cells, fluids, and debris the treatment left behind…before reduction can be seen.  And the problem is that all too often, due to our modern lifestyles, clients can endure a long wait only to see less-than-optimum results.  Adding lymphatic boosters to your body contouring protocol can 100% prevent this problem…and lead to amazing results and ecstatic clients!


In this article we address

  • How does the lymphatic system work and what role does the lymphatic system play in body contouring?
  • Lymphatic function and our modern lifestyles
  • What are lymphatic boosters and how to implement them in your body contouring business
  • Will your clients get results without lymphatic boosters?
  • Lymphatic Boosters get the best results for your clients PLUS build your business


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Comprehensive body contouring protocols include lymphatic boosters


How does the lymphatic system work and what role does the lymphatic system play in body contouring?

  • The lymphatic system’s primary role in the body is to eliminate waste, toxins and excess fluids.
  • Non-Invasive fat reduction treatments put an additional workload on the lymphatic system.
  • After a body contouring treatment, on top of normal function and demands, the lymphatic system must eliminate the debris (fat cells, fluids, toxins) left behind from the treatment.


Here’s how it plays out in the body

  • The lymphatic system is a circulatory system, like the blood circulatory system.
  • The vessels of the two systems, blood and lymphatic, run side-by-side in the body.
  • The heart’s pumping action of the blood circulatory system moves blood throughout the body.
  • The lymphatic system has no pump and relies on our motion to move the lymph along.  When the lymph does not move properly and gets backed up, it cannot eliminate all the waste, toxins and excess fluids, acting much like a clogged sink drain inside our bodies.
  • The lymphatic system gets backed up and becomes ‘inefficient’ when we make certain lifestyle choices.  We’ll discuss these in the next section.
  • What are the symptoms of lymphatic inefficiency?  When our lymphatic system is not functioning optimally, we become bloated, swollen, puffy, gain weight, have trouble sleeping, suffer from headaches, and feel downright terrible.


For a more in-depth, but easy to understand discussion about the lymphatic system, read Cleveland Clinic’s lymphatic system primer.


Lymphatic function and our modern lifestyles

Remember how the lymphatic system has no pump?  It’s only a passive drainage system.  Add to that the fact that most of the lymph fluid moves upward in our bodies…against gravity.  So without a pump, and moving against gravity, the lymphatic system has to rely on us to move our bodies.  Moving our bodies moves the flow of our lymphatic system.  But moving isn’t all it needs.


To function adequately, our lymphatic system needs all of these things

  • Movement
  • Water (hydration)
  • Low stress levels
  • Proper nutrition
  • Deep breathing


Modern lifestyles work against everything on the list.  Check this out.


Modern Lifestyles do not support healthy lymphatic function

  • Movement – most of us don’t exercise regularly + we have to sit for our jobs
  • Water (hydration) – most of us don’t adequately hydrate
  • Stress – most of us suffer from some form of increased stress or even chronic stress
  • Nutrition – poor quality diets actually increase lymphatic congestion and most of us don’t maintain healthy diets
  • Breathing – when was the last time you practiced deep breathing?  Most of us don’t do it


You can see why it is that most clients who come to see us for fat reduction treatments already suffer from a challenged lymphatic system even before our treatments release additional demands on their bodies.


What are lymphatic boosters and how to implement them in your body contouring business

Lymphatic boosters are treatments or therapies that boost the lymphatic system.  They promote healthy lymphatic function.  Most if not all of the treatments are natural and holistic therapies.

All lymphatic boosters enhance lymphatic flow by increasing both blood and lymphatic circulation.  You’ll find a variety of therapies that use different mechanisms of action to meet the same objective – enhance lymphatic system performance.  So it’s easy to find one that your clients will love.


Take a look at some of our favorite lymphatic boosters.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy (Vibration Therapy)

A passive exercise therapy that increases blood and lymphatic circulation via intense (but comfortable) muscle contractions. Clients stand on the vibration machine for a 10 minute program and enjoy ‘getting their exercise’ in an effortless way.


Learn more about Vibration Therapy


Learn how to use Vibration Therapy to build your business.


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Pressotherapy (Intermittent CompressionTherapy)

A computer-controlled compression therapy system that utilizes inflating pumps within a bodysuit to put intermittent pressure on the client’s body stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.  The treatment feels like a soothing massage and clients enjoy the feeling of being pampered.


Learn more about Pressotherapy and how to use it to grow your business.


Check out the Pressotherapy online course and get the scoop on the Pressotherapy machine here.


Vacuum Therapy (Negative Pressure Therapy, Detox Slimming Therapy)

A combination (negative pressure + mechanical massage) therapy that increases both blood and lymphatic circulation to promote the elimination of fats, excess fluids and toxins.  In addition to the detoxification benefits, clients reap an additional treatment benefit =  breaking down superficial fats.


Learn more about Vacuum Therapy and how to use it to grow your business.


Check out the Vacuum Therapy online course and get the scoop on the Vacuum Therapy machine here.


Endospheres Therapy

Utilizes Compressive Microvibration technology that vibrates, uses mechanical compression + delivers rotating pressure and lifting action, all combined to enhance lymphatic drainage by stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation.  Another dual action therapy that clients love: enhances the lymphatic system + improves the skin through collagen stimulation.


Learn more about Endospheres Therapy and how to use it to grow your business.


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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy involves squeezing a small silicone cup on targeted areas of the body so as to create negative pressure, then gliding (mechanical massage pressure) the cup in zig-zag, back & forth + circular motions to stimulate circulatory and lymphatic circulation.  A great lymphatic booster that clients can do at home.  Quick, easy and affordable.


Learn more about Cupping Therapy and how you can easily implement it into your business.


Will your clients get results without lymphatic boosters?

No doubt non-invasive body contouring technology reduces fat and inches and sculpts the body.  And it can get the job done without lymphatic boosters.  However, this does not really hold true for clients with poorly functioning lymphatic systems or those who lead lifestyles that hinder the function of their lymphatic systems.  And unfortunately, we have found that most modern day clients fall within one of these two groups.


It’s our duty as body contouring professionals to provide our clients with the education and the tools to achieve the results they desire.  That’s why you should teach your clients about the lymphatic system’s role in body contouring and offer lymphatic boosters to assist them getting desired results.


Lymphatic Boosters get the best results for your clients PLUS build your business

Incorporating lymphatic boosters will get better results for your clients, higher revenue for your business, and will build your reputation as the go-to expert body contouring provider in your market.


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