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How to help clients lose inches naturally: detox slimming treatments

Lose inches naturally, lymphatic system


Do your clients complain about weight gain, bloating, feeling plump?  What about headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and joint pain?  Each of these symptoms may indicate an abnormal buildup of fluids and toxins.   


For the most part, our bodies do a pretty good job at eliminating toxins and fluids, but our modern lifestyles can slow down and severely impair our elimination system, particularly the lymphatic system.  


Vacuum Therapy provides slimming benefits through detox action

Detox treatments that utilize holistic methods to stimulate and enhance the lymphatic system, like Vacuum Therapy, can assist our bodies to detox – and lead to inch loss, weight loss, and an overall slimming effect.


Our body’s elimination system

Each day we eat, drink, breathe, and touch enough toxins to kill us within just a couple of days…if not for our body’s hard working elimination system.  


Several organs hold important roles in our elimination system. 


Since most weight and body contouring detox issues BEGIN and END with the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, and its role in waste elimination, we focus this discussion on it.  

Focus on the Lymphatic System for detox

When clients complain about feeling bloated, retaining fluids, feeling fatigued, having trouble sleeping, and being unable to control weight gain, you should immediately focus on the lymphatic circulatory system. 


The lymphatic system is one of two circulatory systems tasked with eliminating toxins, excess fluids, and other waste products from the body.  


The heart pumps the blood circulatory system  

The constant pumping action of the heart moves blood throughout our bodies via blood vessels. Each day, fluids, waste, and other debris leak out of our smallest blood vessels (capillaries) and into our interstitial tissue.  The burden lies with the lymphatic system to pick up the leaked fluids, waste, and other debris from the interstitial tissues, and eliminate it.   


The lymphatic circulatory system has no pump

Unlike the blood vessels, the heart does not move the lymph fluid through our lymphatic vessels. The lymphatic system has no pump; it relies solely upon the motion of our muscles to move the lymph fluids throughout our bodies.  Anytime we lack sufficient muscle movement, we create a lymphatic insufficiency within our body.  


The results of lymphatic insufficiency

  • Lymphatic insufficiency means the fluids, waste, and other debris remains in our interstitial tissues. 
  • When the primary problem with lymphatic insufficiency is excess fluids, we experience swelling, bloating, puffiness, looking “thick,” or feeling enlarged.     
  • When the lymphatic insufficiency also causes a buildup of waste, toxins, and other debris, we can suffer from headaches, fatigue, aching joints, insomnia, and skin issues. 



Aesthetic detox treatments become necessary to assist the lymphatic system 

Our client’s modern lifestyle adversely impairs lymphatic system performance.  

  • Don’t ‘move’ enough
  • Don’t drink enough water
  • Suffer from chronic stress
  • Don’t get enough sleep
  • Eat too many processed foods
  • Don’t eat enough foods rich in antioxidants
  • Consume too much salt
  • Jobs require too much sitting


Ask your clients to make these simple lifestyle changes 

  1. Quality Sleep – allows the brain to recharge and eliminate toxins that accumulated during the day
  2. Drink Water – Strict Rule: Consume ½ body weight in ounces each day (ex: 150#, drink 75 oz of water per day);  Lymph fluid is 90% water and needed to transport waste out of the body
  3. Healthy Diet – provides the nutrients needed to detox and avoids the intake of additional toxins
  4. Get Active – simple changes like walking 3-5 days a week or taking stairs instead of elevators can provide the motion needed for the lymphatic system to work properly
  5. Meditation, Yoga – adding stress-reducing activities can help with chronic stress
  6. Get up from the desk and move every hour – prevents lymphatic system stagnation while working


Detox Slimming Vacuum Therapy Treatments provide support for the lymphatic system

When your client presents with symptoms of an insufficient lymphatic system, your duty is to provide education regarding the causes and the changes she should make.  


But lifestyle changes may not be enough.  And old habits are hard to break. 


More often than not, your client needs treatments.


How Detox Slimming Vacuum Therapy works

  • Treats the total body, with emphasis on ‘problem area(s)’
  • The negative pressure of vacuum technology creates low atmospheric pressure which increases blood supply and circulation to the body
  • It stimulates and increases lymphatic circulation
  • The sub-atmospheric pressure activates the metabolism and breakdown of fats 
  • Enhances removal of wastes, fats, fluids, and toxins from the body
  • The pressure and massaging action of the handpieces further improves circulation to activate the removal of wastes, fluids, fat, and toxins from the body 


Give your clients the solution to detox problems –  Vacuum Therapy Treatments

Your client will benefit from your education and professional intervention – and will love you for it.


Recommend a series of Detox Slimming Vacuum Therapy treatments, once or twice a week, for 2-6 weeks (depending on the severity of the issue).  


Reevaluate at the end of the series.  Maintenance treatments may be indicated.


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