Successfully grow your wellness business with detoxification services

Let's grow your business written chalk board easel stand in hall of wellness center

Nowadays your patients consume a lot of junk food, are exposed to a wide array of environmental toxins and lead sedentary lives.  And if you operate a wellness center, a functional medicine or naturopathic clinic or a chiropractic practice, you know that most patients’ need help handling these burdens. That’s why bringing on detoxification treatments…

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Selling secrets: building rapport to convert more consultations

female medical professional building rapport with patient to convert more consultations

We get it. You want to convert more consultations to sales. But with body contouring it’s not so simple. Because it’s building relationships with clients that leads to sales conversions.  We’re talking about the consultative sales process. It’s a practice that allows you to uncover problems, establish trust and provide solutions, thereby serving as your…

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A guide to body contouring service policies

close up of hand holding a pen discussing body contouring service policies

We understand you didn’t go into body contouring to write service policies, but you need to do it to protect yourself and your business.  Sooner rather than later.  Here’s why.  Not having written policies leads to legal risks, lost income, harm to your reputation, appearance of unprofessionalism and confusion amongst your staff and your clients. …

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How to use educational content to attract leads to your business

lap top witheducational content to attract leads for a body contouring business on the screen with female hands at the corners of the laptop

We don’t have to say it.  Attracting leads is the life force of your business.  Question is since there’s so many different ways to attract leads, how do you choose the best ways for your business?  As successful medspa owners, we encourage every personal services business (day spa, skin care, massage, etc.) to use educational…

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Why your body contouring business must implement local marketing

local marketing search results for medical spa on a mobile phone being held in a hand with city buildings in background

As a brick-and-mortar personal services business, your local market is where the majority of your clients and prospects reside.  Most people who do business with you will live within a fifty mile radius of your business.  The reason is simple.  People want convenience and are more likely to utilize the services of a business that…

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