How to price your body contouring treatments to maximize profits

how to price your body contouring treatments

How much can you make doing body contouring?  That all depends on how you price your services, which can be tricky.  If you set prices too high, you could miss out on valuable sales.  Set them too low, you miss out on valuable income.  To maximize profits, you must use the right pricing strategy.  We’ll…

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How to draft ethical body contouring ads that sell

Ethical body contouring ads

This article is intended as a guide and is not intended to replace legal advice from your legal team.  As with any issue with legal implications, you should consult your attorney for advice.   On July 9, 2021, BTL Aesthetics filed the first of several lawsuits against clinics and spas claiming they falsely advertised that…

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5 reasons to use video testimonials to grow your medical spa

5 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Use Video Testimonials

Do you use video testimonials to grow your medical spa?  If you don’t, you should start now.   The most believable and convincing messages don’t come from what we say.  Instead, the most persuasive messages come from the words of our satisfied customers.  Nothing trumps actually hearing a patient’s heartfelt delight with the transformation we…

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Use this proven system to get more new patients for your medical spa

Use this Proven System to get more new patients for your medical spa

A step-by-step guide We aesthetic providers share the same knee-jerk reaction when we need more new patients…“We need more leads!”  But be careful not to paint a broken fence and invest in more advertising before you probe deeply to isolate your real problems.  It may not be obvious. To identify your real issues, use this…

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4 crucial elements of a lucrative digital marketing strategy

aesthetic digital marketing strategy

How many calls and emails do you get from marketers each day telling you they have the best  solution for your digital marketing strategy?  We’re willing to bet you get a lot because we get at least 2-3 each day.  But what these marketers don’t tell you is that you must have four key ingredients…

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