Improve non-invasive body contouring results with cupping therapy home care

Improve non-invasive body contouring results

In our medical spa, we have consistently educated our patients about the importance of home care following any non-invasive body contouring treatment.  Our team makes several recommendations, from nutrients and supplements, topicals, diet modifications, water intake, sleep optimization, to holistic lymphatic assist treatments we offer at our facility.  But what is the most budget-friendly, and a super effective way, to improve non-invasive body contouring results?  Cupping therapy done by the patient, after treatment, for 6-12 weeks at home.


We show you how patients can do this in a short how-to video below.

Read further to get our FREE Cupping Therapy Instructions downloadable pdf.


Cupping therapy, a form of alternative medicine

While it’s best known as a traditional Chinese medical practice, cupping has been practiced since ancient times worldwide in Asia, Africa and Europe.


Now recognized as a form of alternative medicine in the U.S., cupping therapy involves a small cup applied to the body that when squeezed creates negative pressure.  Your patient glides the cup (mechanical manipulation) over the treated areas in up-down, zig-zag and circular motions…always ending with strokes moving towards the lymph nodes.


Cups can be made of different materials, such as glass and bamboo.  However, silicone cups, specifically,  provide the benefits for non-invasive body contouring concerns.


Cupping therapy promotes lymphatic function to improve non-invasive body contouring results

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in non-invasive body contouring.  Unlike blood circulation, which is actively moving because of the heart’s pumping action, lymphatic drainage is part of the body’s passive drainage system.


Most of the lymph flows up, against gravity, so the lymphatic system must rely primarily on the body’s muscle movement to circulate.


Cupping therapy dramatically improves circulation in both the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. This facilitates elimination of fats, excess fluids, and toxins from the body which leads to greater reduction, more toned skin, and smoother cellulite.


Most patient lifestyles do not support healthy lymphatic function and need lymphatic assistance to improve non-invasive body contouring results

  • Few patients practice any kind of daily exercise

Lymph vessels require body movement for activation

  • Many patients sit all day in a job

Prolonged sitting negatively impacts lymphatic function


  • Many patients suffer from chronic stress

Biochemical changes caused by chronic stress and the stress hormones slow the lymphatic flow

Even the stress of the SculpSure treatment can have a bad impact


  • Most patients do not have healthy diets

The largest collection of lymphatic vessels (GALT) reside in the gut

Poor diets put stress on the digestive system & cause lymphatic congestion (GALT – gut associated lymphatic tissues)

  • Many patients do not have adequate water intake

Lymph is mostly water, about 95%

Adequate hydration is necessary to keep lymph flowing freely

Dehydrated cells anywhere in the body do not function well



Watch the cupping therapy video

Want to see cupping therapy in action?

Watch how your patients can do cupping therapy at home and improve non-invasive body contouring results.

We made this video about cupping at our medspa a few years ago.




The cup shown in the video is our ‘private labeled cup,’ called Cellu C Cup™.

You can private label a cup too!


When you search for a cup to private label, select

  • a silicone cup
  • that your patients can grip easily and
  • that your patient can bend easily enough to create a suction.

And make sure to include written instructions and diagrams for your patients.


Download your FREE pdf of Cupping Therapy Instructions for your patients.



3 more ways your patients can benefit from cupping therapy at home.

You want to improve non-invasive body contouring results for your patients.  And cupping therapy at home is a great augmentation to treatments in your spa…a great way to improve non-invasive body contouring results.


But cupping therapy is not a replacement for non-invasive body contouring treatments at your practice.


That being said, cupping therapy does provide some independent benefits.


I. Cupping therapy helps to promote fat loss.

Cupping therapy promotes fat loss by stimulating the circulation required to metabolize or break down fat.  The negative pressure and mechanical manipulation created by the cup allows for

  • penetration into the deeper layers of fat; and
  • a separation of fat from the collagen fibers.


II. Cupping therapy helps to smooth and tone the skin.

The mechanical manipulation of the cup increases blood flow, nourishing the skin and encouraging collagen production.


III. Cupping therapy helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • For the fat component of cellulite, cupping therapy breaks down fat and helps the body eliminate it.
  • For the dimply, connective tissue component of cellulite, cupping therapy stretches and relaxes the collagen fibers beneath the skin, reducing the dimpled appearance.
  • For the “cottage cheese” appearance of cellulite, cupping therapy assists the lymphatic system in eliminating excess fluids and toxins leading to a smoother appearance.


Cupping therapy is a safe, effective way to improve non-invasive body contouring results.

And it’s budget-friendly for your patients. Get started now!


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