Considerations when deciding to treat multiple body contouring areas in one visit

treat multiple body contouring areas

What is your response when a client asks you to treat two areas (like both her abdomen and her thighs) on the same day?  It’s great she’s so motivated.  And you’d like to grant her request.  After all, clients want the convenience of treatments on the same day.  And generally, it’s perfectly safe to treat two different areas in the same day (what we refer to as double-sculpting), but it is not always in your client’s (and your business’) best interest. There are certain considerations you should assess when deciding whether to treat multiple body contouring areas in one day.


Consider these things when deciding whether to treat multiple body contouring areas in one day 


I.  Can your client’s lymphatic system handle the ‘double elimination’ that goes along with ‘double-sculpting?’


Every non-invasive fat reduction technology releases lipids and debris into your client’s bodies.  That means the treatments produce an additional workload for your client’s lymphatic system.  Keep in mind that most body contouring clients have underperforming lymphatic systems at best…even before our treatments.  And if your client’s lymphatic system is sluggish at clearing away the debris from the treatment, your client will not be able to see her full results.  That makes for an unhappy client and a drag on your body contouring business.


  • How much fat are you treating, i.e. how large is the client?
  • What kind of lifestyle does your client lead?  Ask specific questions.  How much water do you drink each day?  Do you sit for your job?  How much stress do you have in your life?  What kind of exercise do you do and how often?  Describe your daily diet.
  • Do you offer any type of lymphatic booster therapies, i.e. Vibration Therapy, Pressotherapy, Vacuum Therapy, to assist your client’s lymphatic function?



At our medical spa, one of our key differentiators is offering ‘double sculpting,’ or treating two areas simultaneously.  We can do this for three reasons: (1) because we own two Sculpsure devices, (2) we educate our patients about the lymphatic system and its role in non-invasive fat reduction, and (3) we offer, promote, and encourage multiple lymphatic booster therapies to assist their lymphatic system function.


When you are considering the request to treat multiple body contouring areas in one day, you should include education about the lymphatic system and its role in body contouring.  And we highly encourage you offer lymphatic boosters.


II. How flexible is your client’s schedule and how flexible is your schedule?


If you own more than one non-invasive fat reduction device, you may be able to sculpt two areas at once using two devices.  But if you don’t, you’re looking at two visits (one twice a week) or back to back hour-long blocks on the same day.  And so is your client.


  • Is your client able/willing to come in for two treatments and two visits a week?
  • Can your client stay as long as a two hour visit?
  • Do you offer evening and/or weekend hours to accommodate your client’s hours?
  • Are you educating your clients about the lymphatic system and its role in body contouring?
  • Does your client understand and appreciate why you may recommend against two areas on the same day?
  • How easy is it for you to open or squeeze in two one-hour blocks back to back in one day?


When making a decision whether to treat multiple body contouring areas in one visit, consider your schedule and your client’s restraints.


III. The decision to treat multiple body contouring areas in one visit can deleteriously affect your machine’s longevity; you’ll need a plan


Put simply, running your machines back to back without ‘a rest’ can shorten their lifespan.  And as body contouring providers, we invest a good portion of our budget into our non-invasive fat reduction machines.  We want to do all we can to extend their life and to treat as many clients with them as possible.


  • Most manufacturers recommend powering down the machines

Did you know most device manufacturers, from the manufacturer of the 6in1 Cavitation machine, to the Sculpsure device, to most of the Cryolipolysis machines, recommend powering down the machine after an hour of use?  The exact time needed for the machine to ‘rest’ after powering down varies depending on the manufacturer and the machine.


For example, we use Sculpsure at our medical spa.  Our protocol dictates that we power down the device for at least five to ten minutes following every 20-minute treatment.  With a 20 minute treatment, that’s not hard to do.  We can still run the same machine two times within an hour block.


But many machines require a longer treatment time.  A Lipo Laser treatment for example takes a good 45 minutes.  If you are treating two areas back to back, what will your client do for the machine’s ‘rest period?’

  1. One solution is to offer the lymphatic booster therapy, the Vibration Platform.  You can keep your client busy with a restroom break, a ten-minute vibration therapy program, then back to the treatment room for round two.
  2. If you don’t offer something to keep your client busy, you might be tempted to skip the ‘rest period’ to keep your client happy, which is not good for your machine.


When making a decision whether to treat multiple body contouring areas in one visit, consider taking steps to preserve the lifespan of your machine(s).  Make a plan.


Our Double-Sculpting Protocol

The protocol at our medical spa allows for double-sculpting on patients without lymphatic issues or other medical issues that could interfere with lymphatic functioning.  The protocol provides for the treatment specialist to instruct on lymphatic booster treatments, five to ten minutes of ‘machine rest’ between treatments, and provides detailed scheduling instructions.


Our protocol further dictates that beyond two treatment areas on the same day, a determination be made on a case-by-case basis.  These cases require consultation with our medical or nursing personnel and medical authorization.


Now it’s time to write your double-sculpt protocol.


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