How to get a body contouring certification quickly and affordably

Body Contouring Certification

Are you an esthetician or aesthetic professional looking to command higher earnings and grow your beauty business?  Or are you an aspiring body contouring technician?  If so, look no more….because you can get Body Contouring Certification online in as little as a day at the Body Contouring Academy.  Choose from our Masterclasses or Professional Training Courses.  Our turnkey body sculpting Masterclass level courses guide you step-by-step to create your own body contouring business and exponentially increase your earnings. 


In our Masterclass level courses, you will gain access to

  • proven protocols not known by others in the industry 
  • proprietary pricing methods to command the highest fees 
  • expert lead generation, website, and marketing blueprints 
  • secret strategies used to build a 7-figure body contouring business 
  • proprietary methods to convert body contouring consultations to sales
  • the confidential formula to make all of your clients ecstatic and build a huge following  


How to get certified in Body Contouring?  You can get certification in body contouring through completion of the Body Contouring Academy’s online courses.  You don’t have to have any type of licensure to take the courses.  You’ll get your body contouring certification with them.  The certification courses are designed for estheticians, massage therapists, nurses, cosmetologists, students, spa owners, career changers, and entrepreneurs. 


Why choose the Body Contouring Academy for Body Contouring Certification

The Academy founders, well-respected body contouring experts and authors of Body Contouring 101: Your complete guide to getting the body you want without surgery, Shannon Schimmel, LME and Kay Casner Overley, JD, RN, created an innovative medical spa in 2015, built solely around non-invasive body contouring.  Then, in less than six months, they grew it to a million dollar plus business.  


How did they do it?  By developing and perfecting body contouring treatment protocols and techniques,, and all kinds of other tools. The very same treatment protocols, systems and techniques  are the secret to their medspa’s continued success, and the guarantee that it continues to operate, grow, and flourish today and well into the future.  


Even today, their medspa serves as the incubation center in which they continue to perfect and develop winning body contouring treatment protocols, techniques, and business strategies, which they share with you in the courses.    


Body Contouring Academy Online Courses

You’ll learn the very same treatments our MedSpa provides using the same devices we have used for years and still use today.

Our MedSpa still uses these treatments today, so you’ll benefit from our continued perfection of our protocols, systems and treatment techniques.  


In our Masterclass courses, we share our Secret Formula, our start-to-finish method to use these treatments to grow your business.

We teach the proprietary techniques, methods, and systems we developed and still use today.   


Most devices for our courses cost less than $300…and deliver Real Results.

No need to worry about the high cost of equipment; most devices cost less than $300.  Our courses show you how to build a practice with our hand-selected affordable devices that deliver real results.    


You won’t need a medical director to purchase and run the devices. 

These devices use holistic, non-medical grade technology so you can purchase and run without a medical director.  


No body contouring experience?  No problem!

If you choose  our Masterclass courses, we’ll personally support you with our Coaching on-Demand.  Expert advice at your fingertips.  


Why get your Body Contouring Certificate from the Body Contouring Academy?

  • You’ll not only get your Body Contouring Certificate 
  • You’ll also get the proprietary treatment blueprint that we used and still use in building a successful body contouring practice


  1. When you earn your Body Contouring Certification from the Body Contouring Academy, it tells the world you’ve learned from highly regarded experts and now possess a wealth of knowledge.
  2. The treatment certification courses give you the tools you need to build a profitable body contouring business.  You don’t just get your certificate.  When you earn your Body Contouring Certificate from the Body Contouring Academy courses, you get the proven winning treatment protocols you need to succeed with it.


Excited & Ready to get started?  

Totally Turn Key courses, include Protocols, Forms, Demo Videos + Certification  


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You can earn an additional $2,000/month by performing just 4 treatments a week.  That’s $24,000 a year!!  No consumables.


Body Contouring Certification has never been easier

Getting your body contouring certification has never been easier – you can do it all online from wherever you are!  Transforming your practice into an amazing business has never been easier.  Demand for body contouring services has never been higher.  Create your competitive advantage now!


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