How to get a body contouring certification quickly and affordably

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Are you an esthetician or aesthetic professional looking to command higher earnings and grow your business?  Or are you an aspiring body contouring technician looking to start a business?  If so, look no further….because you can get Body Contouring Certification online in as little as a day at the Body Contouring Academy.  Our turnkey body sculpting Masterclass level body contouring certification courses guide you step-by-step to become a body contouring technician, create your own body contouring business and exponentially increase your earnings.


In our Masterclass level body contouring certification courses, you will gain access to

  • proven protocols not known by others in the industry
  • proprietary pricing methods to command the highest fees
  • expert lead generation, website, and marketing blueprints 
  • secret strategies used to build a 7-figure body contouring business
  • proprietary methods to convert body contouring consultations to sales
  • the confidential formula to make all of your clients ecstatic and build a huge following

How to get certified in Body Contouring?

  • You can earn your body contouring certification through completion of the Body Contouring Academy’s online certification courses.
  • There are no prerequisites.  And you don’t need to have any type of licensure to take the courses.
  • We designed our certification courses for a broad range of busy peopleestheticians, massage therapists, nurses, cosmetologists, students, spa owners, career changers, and entrepreneurs.

Why do you need body contouring certification to get started in body contouring?

Your body contouring certification verifies both your legitimacy and your competency to perform the body contouring treatments.  It’s proof that you’ve completed the educational objectives in the course you completed.


Do licensed professionals like estheticians certification in addition to their professional license?

Unless you have received education and training in the body contouring technologies and treatments as part of your professional education, you will need body contouring certification to prove you’ve had education and training to perform body contouring treatments.

Why choose the Body Contouring Academy?

We founded the Body Contouring Academy in 2018 after spending fifteen plus years as owner/operators of medical spas.   Our most recent project was a medspa opened in 2015, built solely around non-invasive body contouring.  In less than  a year, we grew that medical spa to a million dollar plus business....that still produces 7-figures a year today.


We did it by developing and perfecting body contouring treatment protocols and treatment techniques, systems and tools. We include those very same treatment protocols, systems and techniques in our body contouring certification courses.


You should learn from experts and you can trust in our body contouring business expertise.  In addition to our body contouring certification courses

Body Contouring Academy Online Courses

Get started with one of these Masterclass level body contouring certification courses

No need to worry about the cost of machines.  Most devices for our courses cost less than $500...and deliver Real Results.

And there is no need for a Medical Director

You’ll learn how to operate Level III Entry Level Equipment in our Masterclass courses.

As noted in chapter 3 of the ultimate guide to body contouring certification courses, Level III equipment has no conditions to purchase and/or to operate.


Take a look at a Level III body contouring machine example, the 6in1 Cavitation Machine.

ultrasonic cavitation 6in1 machine

Here is the 6-in-1 cavitation machine like the one we use at our medical spa.  It’s our pick based on years of experience and expertise.

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No body contouring experience?  No problem!

  • If you choose  our Masterclass courses, we’ll personally support you via email for as long as you need us.
  • And you’ll become a member of our BCA Community, where you will form lifetime connections with like-minded body contouring professionals.

Excited & Ready to get started?

Our totally turnkey courses include

  • Protocols
  • Treatment Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Pre/Post Treatment Instructions

AND you get your body contouring certificate immediately upon completion!

Get started now!  You can earn an additional $2,000/month by performing just 4 treatments a week.  That’s $24,000 a year!!  No consumables.

Body Contouring Certification has never been easier

  • Getting your body contouring certification has never been easier - you can do it all online from wherever you are!
  • Transforming your practice into an amazing business has never been easier.
  • Demand for body contouring services has never been higher.
  • Create your competitive advantage now!

Want to get started with body contouring but don’t know where to start?

Get your questions answered and learn the steps you should take.

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Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in April of 2021 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.