The Body Contouring Academy Membership has its privileges

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Students at the Body Contouring Academy are a self-motivated, confident, and capable bunch.  Let’s face it, professional body contouring education and training via online learning requires those traits.  But even highly capable students benefit from engagement with their peers (fellow students, former students, body contouring professionals) and their course faculty. That’s why we’ve launched the Body Contouring Academy Membership.


‘Welcome!’ from the Body Contouring Academy Faculty

Welcome from Shannon and Kay.  We’ve been in the aesthetics industry as medspa owner/operators since 2006.  Shannon as an LME/Spa Marketing specialist and Kay as an RN/Attorney.


Our crowning achievement has been creating an award winning medical spa in San Antonio that grew so rapidly we reached more than a million in revenue in the first year (2015) alone.  It continues to operate at that level today.


After achieving success and reaching our goals, what makes us happiest now is sharing what we’ve learned in our combined 25 years in the industry.  We’ve published a book, Body Contouring 101, Your guide to getting the body you want without surgery, and we host the first-ever podcast for body contouring providers, Proven Profits Podcast


We founded the Body Contouring Academy (BCA) in which we use our knowledge and experience to build our body contouring certification courses, to steer the education and training of body contouring students from around the world.


The Body Contouring Academy (BCA) Community Membership


You are among the elite

Hundreds of thousands dream of being a body contouring professional ‘someday.’  But only a fraction of those actually take action and enroll in one of our body contouring certification courses.


Congratulations to those of you who have (and those of you who will take action soon)!


When you enroll in one of our courses, you become a member of an elite group, the Body Contouring Academy Membership (the BCA Community), and as such, you have exclusive privileges.


What is the BCA Community?

We initiated the BCA Community to enrich your education and to ensure your success.   When you enroll in one of our courses at the Body Contouring Academy, you’ll be automatically plugged into an awesome, supportive community of fellow body contouring professionals.


You should consider the BCA community as your safe place to grow as a body contouring professional and to build and grow your body contouring business…for a lifetime.  Your membership does not expire.


In the BCA Community, you can communicate, share ideas, network, ask and answer questions, and continue to develop as a body contouring professional.


And all along the way, you will have our support (Shannon and Kay), plus the support of the most amazing group of students and body contouring professionals behind you.


BCA Community Member Exclusive Privileges

The Body Contouring Academy Membership has its privileges.

You’ll have

  • Exclusive access to our Freebies – tools, forms and templates you can download and immediately implement in your practice
  • A forum to ask questions and get answers
  • A non-judgmental space where you can share your views and your ideas
  • A venue where you can get opinions from a group of like-minded body contouring professionals
  • A vehicle to share your experiences and get feedback
  • A place where you can get input and advice from the course faculty and other body contouring professionals
  • And a platform where you stay motivated to succeed with the support of peers and faculty


The BCA Community has Rules and high standards of conduct

The Body Contouring Academy Membership gives you a place where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, and give advice without hesitation.  So it’s essential to have rules with high standards of conduct; it must be a space free of judgment, criticism and negativity.

The BCA Community Rules give you that assurance. Visit the Body Contouring Academy Membership Rules and Standards of Conduct to review the complete list.


What you can expect from us, your Body Contouring Academy Faculty

We (Shannon and Kay) are your BCA Community Moderators and Administrators.


Getting to teach and share our knowledge as course faculty…and now as BCA Community Moderators, gives us the pleasure of sharing our love for non-invasive body contouring and for growing a business.


Here’s what you can expect from us in the Body Contouring Academy Membership activity:

  • We will check in with the group at least one time a week
  • We will monitor conversations, though we won’t usually ‘chime in’
  • We will pose questions
  • We will answer questions
  • We will contribute to conversations, when appropriate
  • We will enforce the Rules and Standards of Conduct


We moderate it, but mostly the Body Contouring Academy Membership (BCA Community) is for you!

We created the BCA Community so you can learn from one another, support each other, and network to get to know others who share your interests in body contouring. As the ultimate guide to the best body contouring certification courses wisely points out, ongoing support is essential because so many questions arise when you’re putting your treatments into practice….long after you’ve completed the course.


We need volunteers to serve as our Initial BCA Community Leaders, our ‘Super Sculpters’

The Body Contouring Academy has a slew of shining stars.  They’ve set their sights on a goal and taken action.  We couldn’t be more happy or more proud!


Since we built the BCA Community to be a student-forward group, we need action takers and leaders like our shining stars to serve as our ‘Super Sculpters.’     

  • Are you a student who has completed a body contouring academy course and put it into action?
  • Are you a passionate doer who can assist others?
  • Have you run into struggles and problem-solved?
  • Are you operating a body contouring business now or have you operated one in the past?
  • Are you expanding your business with body contouring?
  • Are you brand new to body contouring but love to help others?


If so, we need you to serve as a Super Sculpter and help guide the BCA Community!

Please send us an email to volunteer or get the details.