An entrepreneur’s guide to starting a home-based body sculpting business

home-based body sculpting business

For the modern day entrepreneur, there’s never been a smarter time to get your dream business off the ground. The perfect business model?  A home-based body sculpting business.  With the changes brought about by the pandemic, now more than ever clients are seeking out safer environments.  And it’s hard to beat setting up your business…

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Why now is the best time to start a mobile body sculpting business

Mobile body sculpting business

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of opening your own body sculpting business, then it’s time to go for it  – make 2022 the year!  Why not set up a mobile body sculpting business?  It’s the least expensive, and lowest risk of any of the body sculpting business models.  And because of the changes…

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Stand out with fat freezing: get your online cryolipolysis certification

cryolipolysis fat freezing certification course

You’re sure to stand out as a body sculpting expert if you get certified in cryolipolysis.  That’s because fat freezing technology is ‘the original’ fat blaster, and the most well known of all non-invasive body shaping treatments.  How many of your clients, friends and family have already asked you about ‘Coolsculpting?’  So isn’t it time…

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