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How to craft a differentiation strategy that answers: “Why buy from you?”

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Aesthetic providers and aesthetic businesses solve similar problems for clients, and deliver similar solutions for those problems.  


Why would a prospect client choose you instead of your competitors?  


If you cannot answer this question, your business and its offerings are in peril of becoming simply a commodity, on which prospects and clients base decisions on price alone.  


Developing your USP can be your greatest challenge

The fact is that answering this question is often the greatest challenge facing small businesses.  The solution to solving this dilemma is known as your USP, your unique selling proposition.



Without a winning USP, most clients view aesthetic businesses as commodities and base decisions on price

We recognize that every aesthetic provider and/or aesthetic business is indeed unique and solves client’s problems in a unique way or ways.  Most clients, however, view most aesthetic businesses as commodities.  They believe that one is just like another and can get the same result as the other.  It’s our job to convince them otherwise – to show them how we are different.


The problem is defining your USP is not easy.  “Being dependable,” “offer many services,” “carry a full line of products,” “are honest,” “been in business for 20 years,” etc. are not points of differentiation.  


An effective USP must meet each of these elements

An effective USP shows your ideal clients how your business is uniquely qualified 

  • to truly understand their pain, 
  • solve their pain, and 
  • increase their gain.


How to construct a USP or reevaluate your current USP

To construct your USP or to reevaluate your current USP, first make a list of all the advantages of doing business with your practice.  List everything.  Do not leave anything out.  


Then…narrow your list down to these answers.


  1. What things on your list are unique as compared to your local competitors.
  2. Identify the things on your list that are most important and enjoyable to your clients.
  3. Which of the things would be difficult for your competitors to copy.
  4. Which of the items can be easily communicated to prospects, clients, and your team.


It can be better to use an Overall Differentiation, a combination USP

You need not focus on just one thing.  It’s a great idea to focus on two or more things and combine them for an overall differentiated value.  Using a combination of things that you do best, and uniquely, can prevent a competitor from copying.  



Listen to our podcast, for more guidance on developing your USP.

Attract more patients with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


Finally, be  known as the thing or things your USP represents

After crafting your USP or overall differentiated value, interject it into everything you do.  Make it the basis for your operational protocols, systems, processes, your marketing, your sales scripts and presentations, your advertising, etc.  


Make your USP an inseparable part of your business.  

Live by it.  

Consistently deliver the promises communicated by it. 

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