How to decide between fat cavitation training and fat freezing training

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One of the greatest things about non-invasive body contouring is also one of the hardest things.  There are so many remarkable technologies that provide amazing benefits for your clients.  How do you choose where to start since you can’t learn it all at once?  As body contouring educators, we are asked that question every day.  And in this article, we answer it with regards to fat reduction treatments.  We’ve selected our top two options and we give you the facts to decide, “is fat cavitation training or fat freezing training best for me?”


Before we dive into fat cavitation training and fat freezing training, let’s discuss what it means to earn your body contouring certification.


Why do you need body contouring certification?

A body contouring certification provides proof that you completed the educational objectives in a particular course and that you have the knowledge to operate the particular machine and perform the specific treatments you learned in the course.  Your Body Contouring Certificate should be recognized everywhere.


When do you need a body contouring certification?

You need a Body Contouring Certificate from an institution of higher learning, like the Body Contouring Academy,  even if you have a license. For example, if you are a licensed nurse or a licensed esthetician, you will face negative consequences if you work on clients without a body contouring certification in that technology or machine because you cannot show that you’ve had the proper training and education.


Are there exceptions for the need to earn a body contouring certification?

There’s an exception.  You may not need a Certificate from an educational institution like the Body Contouring Academy for medical-grade equipment. That’s because most manufacturers of medical-grade and paramedical-grade machines provide the training and education for their machines and give you the Certificates you need.



  • How do you know if you need to get your body contouring certification in a particular body contouring machine or technology?
  • The answer is best understood by breaking the equipment down into the Three Levels of Body Contouring Equipment.


Body Contouring Equipment Levels


Level I Medical Equipment

These body contouring devices are medical-grade, FDA cleared, and require physician association - your business must have a physician or a medical director to purchase and operate these machines.


These equipment manufacturers provide training, education and certification after purchase.


  • Sculpsure
  • Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO
  • Coolsculpting, Cooltone
  • Trusculpt


Level II Paramedical Equipment

These body contouring machines utilize paramedical or medical-grade technology, most are FDA cleared, and these machines generally do NOT require physician association.  Most do require, however, that you have an established business as a condition to purchase.


These equipment manufacturers provide training, education and certification after purchase.


  • Cryoskin
  • Kaasen
  • Cryo T Shock
  • Endospheres


Level III Entry Level Equipment

These body contouring machines utilize FDA approved technologies and have no conditions to purchase.  The machines are usually procured from overseas manufacturers through companies like Amazon.  The machines are affordable and the technologies are dependable.


You will need to earn your body contouring certification from an educational institution like the Body Contouring Academy for these machines, technologies and treatments.

These manufacturers do not provide education, training and certification.


  • Fat Cavitation (6in1 machine)
  • Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis machine)
  • Lipo Laser (6in1 machine)
  • Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening (6in1 machine)
  • Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (EMS machine)
  • Vacuum Buttocks Enhancement (Vacuum Therapy machine)


How to choose your body contouring certification

When you are researching where to get your body contouring certification, you must consider much more than the price of the course.

Before clicking the ‘buy button’ make sure you’ve taken a look these 6 important details:


1. Qualification of Instructors

Make sure you are learning from body contouring experts who have gone before you


2. Years of first-hand body contouring experience

Make sure your faculty has actual personal experience selling and delivering body contouring treatments


3. Proven body contouring business success record

Make sure the instructors have a long history of body contouring business success


4. Authorities in the field of body contouring

Make sure the faculty are recognized authorities in the body contouring field, i.e. authors, podcasters, bloggers, consultants, coaches


5. Long term support after you finish the course

Make sure the instructors commit to supporting you in the long term


6. Lifetime body contouring Community Membership with the course

Make sure the course includes a Body Contouring support group - a Community Membership in which you can learn from others and network with those who share your interests


Why start with one of these two courses: Fat Cavitation Training or Fat Freezing Training?


You should choose from Fat Cavitation Training or Fat freezing Training…

  • Because these two technologies/treatments top the list of the ‘most requested’ and ‘most popular’ of body contouring treatments.
  • You can practically guarantee body contouring success when you offer one of these treatments.
  • The machines are affordable.
  • Offering either of these technologies makes it easy to fill your appointment book because your prospective clients have already heard of it and want these treatments.
  • Both of these technologies/treatments can build a successful body contouring business on their own.


Specific benefits of Fat Cavitation Training…

  • The 6in1 cavitation machine comes equipped not only with cavitation, but also other technologies: radiofrequency (RF), vacuum/LED, and Lipo Laser (LED)...and with these other technologies, you can treat multiple issues: unwanted fat, cellulite, stretch marks and loose (flaccid) skin.
  • With one machine and one course.
  • Clients ask for it by name.


Specific benefits of Fat Freezing Training…

  • Fat freezing technology is the most well known fat blasting technology.
  • Many people still think all fat reduction is done by a fat freezing machine.
  • Fat freezing has been around a long time; it was the first fat reduction technology cleared by the FDA in the US - in 2010, more than ten years ago!
  • Clients ask for fat freezing by name.


Fat Cavitation Facts

How Fat Cavitation Technology works

  • Fat cavitation, also known as ultrasound fat cavitation and ultrasound lipolysis, utilizes high-intensity ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells.
  • The cavitation technology’s high-intensity, low-frequency sound waves create a vibration which creates air bubbles inside fat cells.
  • These air bubbles expand and burst inside the fat cell causing the destruction of the fat cell.
  • The lipid contents of the fat cell are released from the ruptured fat cell into the client’s body for elimination via the client’s lymphatic system.
  • Fat cells affected by fat cavitation are permanently destroyed.
  • Fat cavitation only affects fat cells.  No other bodily tissue is damaged during the fat cavitation treatment process.


Fat Cavitation Treatments and Results

  • Results are seen gradually and require a series of treatments.
  • Most clients need a minimum of 6 treatments.
  • Treatments may be done one or two times a week, but no closer than 48 hours apart to allow time for the lymphatic system to clear the waste from the prior treatment.
  • Some clients report a visible reduction within just a few days after treatment, though the majority of clients start noticing reduction after 1 to 3 treatments.


Our Body Contouring 6in1 (cavitation) Masterclass teaches cavitation and the other technologies.


We built our Body Contouring 6in1 (Cavitation) Masterclass as the go-to certification course for starting or growing a profitable body contouring business.


In this course, you’ll not only get fat cavitation training, you’ll also get training and certification in several other body contouring technologies:

  • RF (radiofrequency) Skin Tightening
  • Lipo Laser
  • Combination Vacuum/LED


You’ll learn detailed Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of these conditions

  • Unwanted fat
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Flaccid (loose) skin


Plus you’ll get all the forms you need to implement the treatments in your practice right away!

  • Protocols
  • Consent Forms
  • Treatment Forms
  • Pre/Post Treatment Instructions


Just what you've been looking for?

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Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Facts


How Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Technology works

  • Fat Freezing, also known as Cryolipolysis technology, utilizes cold temperatures to destroy fat cells.
  • The technology delivers controlled, cold temperature to the targeted area of the body.  The cold temperatures are cold enough to freeze and initiate the destruction of fat cells, but not cold enough to harm or affect other bodily tissues.  The dead fat cells are permanently destroyed and are eliminated from your client’s body via the lymphatic system over a period of several weeks following the treatment.


Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Treatments and Results

  • Results are seen gradually as dead fat cells and other debris released from the treatment are expelled from your client’s body.
  • Timing of results varies from client to client.
  • Some clients report seeing reduction within 3 or 4 weeks of treatment, while others won’t see results until more than 6 or 8 weeks after treatment.
  • Final results are not expected until around 12 weeks post treatment.
  • Depending on your specific fat freezing machine model, clients generally need fewer treatments than many body contouring technologies, somewhere between 1 and 4 fat freezing treatments spaced at least four to six weeks apart.


You can get certified in fat freezing in our Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Certification Course


What you’ll gain from our Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Certification Course

We built this in-depth step-by-step Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) Course to give you what you need to be the in-demand body contouring provider in your market.


In this course, you’ll become an expert in fat freezing and be in high demand!


You’ll learn

  • The History of Fat Freezing
  • How Fat Freezing works
  • When your clients will see results
  • How long results last
  • How to select candidates for Fat Freezing treatments
  • How to determine treatment areas
  • How to perform Fat Freezing treatments
  • Fat Freezing contraindications, risks and side effects
  • What your clients will experience during a Fat Freezing treatment
  • Steps to become a skilled body contouring technician
  • Cleaning, sanitation and machine maintenance


Plus!  You’ll get

  • Detailed knowledge of ten different body contouring technologies
  • Gain detailed information about cellulite, unwanted fat, loose skin and stretch marks
  • Discover the role they lymphatic system plays in non-invasive fat reduction


And!  You’ll also learn

  • How to attract Fat Freezing clients
  • How to perform a Fat Freezing Consultation
  • How to design a Fat Freezing Treatment Plan


And as with all of our body contouring certification courses, you’ll get all the forms you need to implement the treatments in your practice right away!

  • Protocols
  • Consent Forms
  • Treatment Forms
  • Pre/Post Treatment Instructions


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Which one is right for you and your body contouring business?

Cavitation training or fat freezing training?


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