Lawsuit alleges medspa misled consumers by falsely advertising EmSculpt procedures

Falsely advertising Emsculpt procedures

In early July 2021, BTL industries filed a lawsuit against an Illinois clinic, Pinky Promise Beauty, alleging false advertising, unfair competition, false designation of origin, and copyright and trademark infringement.  BTL is the manufacturer for the Emsculpt family of products for non-invasive muscle-toning and fat reduction.


The BTL lawsuit alleges the med spa, Pinky Promise Beauty, promoted services delivered by Emsculpt’s federally trademarked product and misled its customers and consumers into believing the treatments were delivered by the Emsculpt device.  In the complaint, BTL alleges that Pinky Promise offers sham procedures using non-FDA cleared products, and falsely marketed these products to pass off as genuine Emsculpt procedures, leading to customer dissatisfaction and harm to the Emsculpt brand.  This complaint is the first of several that will be filed against clinics that are falsely advertising Emsculpt procedures.


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