Why this body contouring fundamentals course is not just for the beginner

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Having been medspa owners since 2006, and working with students who want to do the same since 2018, the biggest struggle we’ve seen is with students who jump straight into treatments without having the necessary foundational knowledge.  We’ve spent twenty years in the body contouring industry; we know there’s so much to learn.  And if students, technicians and business owners don’t have a firm grasp of the body contouring basics, it’s going to be very hard to achieve long-term success. So whether you’re just considering body contouring or you’ve already started with body contouring or you’re well into your body contouring career, you’d be smart to read this short article and learn why our affordable comprehensive body contouring fundamentals course might be the perfect body contouring handbook for your resource library.

We understand that fundamentals are not as exciting as treatments

Before we dive in, we need to say, we get it.  It’s human nature to want to skip the dry and boring basics and jump right into exciting things like treatments.  But as with any profession, the body contouring fundamentals have everything to do with your professional development and your long-term success.  Fundamentals are everything.

Why fundamentals are everything

Fundamentals are the very foundation on which to build all of your future acquired knowledge and skills.  

Just as a home will not last without a good foundation, you’ll have a hard time building a successful and long lasting career without solid foundational knowledge. 

Professionals of all kinds must master the basics

  • Body contouring professionals aren’t alone in the need to possess fundamental knowledge.  
  • Estheticians don’t jump in and perform facials first.  They must obtain fundamental knowledge of skin, products and services that will enhance the look, feel and overall health of the skin. 
  • Architects don’t design concert halls during the first semester of their architecture program.  
  • And massage therapists don’t perform lymphatic massages until after they’ve mastered the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology and understand the techniques of massage.  
  • Likewise, body contouring professionals should possess thorough working knowledge of body contouring fundamentals to proficiently treat clients and hold expectations of long-term business success.  

The foundational body contouring knowledge you need  

We offer several body contouring certification courses in treatments and we also offer courses teaching you how to successfully run a body contouring business.  


So why did we author our body contouring fundamentals course?


  • So you know each of your body contouring career options and expected salaries to enable you to achieve greater success and career satisfaction.


  • So you have the information to determine ‘the right treatments for you’ to earn your body contouring certification…and avoid the fear of wasting your time and money.


  • So you gain a thorough understanding of the seven body contouring issues that you will encounter in your career, and know how to discuss them and how to treat them.


  • So you attain a complete understanding of the twelve body contouring technologies and what body issue each technology treats.


  • So you know about the different body contouring machines, who can use them and what body issues each machine is capable of treating.

Perhaps you’re thinking you can find all of these answers all on your own…without the body contouring fundamentals course

  • There’s so much to learn in non-invasive body contouring - and you want to learn.
  • Maybe you feel confused and overwhelmed.
  • Or maybe you just want to firm up your working knowledge.
  • Truth is…you can find nearly all of this information on the internet.
  • But not in one place.
  • And it will take you a ton of time...hours and hours, weeks after weeks, months on end.
  • And when you do find it, how do you know you can trust what you find?


We have a question:

⇨  Can you confidently and comprehensively address each of the foregoing categories?

⇨  If you cannot, our body contouring fundamentals course is what you need.

⇨ Good news!  The course is very affordable…at only $49!

You can trust us

We are Kay, an RN/Attorney, and Shannon, an Esthetician, who’ve been owner/operators of medspas since 2006.  


We’ve authored body contouring reference books; we host a podcast focused on building and growing successful aesthetics businesses; and we share our knowledge serving as faculty offering online body contouring certification courses


→ → → We know the body contouring business.  We think you’ll find that our body contouring fundamentals course is the body contouring handbook you’ve been searching for…

The comprehensive guide to getting started with body contouring: the foundation for success

An all-inclusive online introductory body contouring course that is sure to become your Body Contouring Reference Book for your entire body contouring career!

Take a look at what you’ll learn in the course:

  • All of your body contouring career options
  • The salary you can expect with each option
  • What it means to have ‘Body Contouring Certification’
  • The 7 primary body concerns clients want you to treat
  • The 12 primary body contouring technologies you can use 
  • The 3 Levels of body contouring machines…and how to tell them apart
  • The best body contouring machines for beginners…and what machine(s) is right for you 
  • The 7 Body Contouring Certification Courses…and which one(s) are right for you


⭑  The course is flexible, 100% online, self-paced, and you’ll have 24/7 access for a lifetime.

⭑  AND…you’ll earn a Body Contouring Certificate upon completion.

Comprehensive guide to getting started with body contouring

Ensure your long-term body contouring success!

Get the details of body contouring fundamentals course and consider enrolling today

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to body contouring or a seasoned professional, mastering the fundamentals is essential for long-term success.  Our comprehensive body contouring fundamentals course serves as the cornerstone of your career, offering crucial knowledge on treatments, technologies, and career options.  

With our expertise and your commitment, you’ll build a solid foundation for a thriving body contouring practice.  Enroll today and secure your path to success in the rewarding world of body contouring.