A handy guide to using whole body vibration therapy for weight loss support

Whole body vibration therapy provides so many benefits.  For instance, at our med spa we use vibration therapy’s amazing ability to boost lymphatic drainage to accelerate results from non-invasive fat reduction treatments.  Body contouring treatments kill fat cells, but the patient’s lymphatic system must eliminate the fat cells from the body before seeing any sculpting results.  And with modern day lifestyles, most patients need our help with lymphatic system support.  But…we also use vibration therapy for weight loss patients.  Whole body vibration therapy offers unique support for weight loss patients, including multiple benefits that extend beyond the scales.  In this article, we’ll discuss the science behind vibration therapy-assisted weight loss, its incredible benefits and how to utilize vibration therapy for weight loss support in your business. 

Weight loss, targeted fat loss (body contouring) or both

When a patient tells you she wants to lose weight, you need to dig deeper to ascertain whether her goal is overall weight loss -or- sculpting her body (targeted fat loss) -or- both.  Most laypersons see weight loss and body contouring as one-in-the-same But professionals know that losing weight, on its own, will not restore an hourglass figure.  Just as sculpting the waist by four inches won’t show up as a fifteen pound loss on the scale. 

Weight loss and body contouring go hand in hand

Weight loss and body contouring go hand in hand.  Your business may or may not offer a weight loss program.  Either way, that’s okay.  But if your business provides non-invasive body contouring services, you should also offer a service or two to support your patients’ weight loss goals.

Body contouring therapies that support your patient’s weight loss goals 

The good thing is there are a variety of professional grade therapies that your business can bring in to support your patients’ weight loss endeavors.


We use (and love) each one of these body contouring therapies, but our number one choice overall to boost fat loss for patients on a weight loss journey is vibration therapy.  And here are the reasons why.

Reasons why Vibration Therapy is our #1 choice for weight loss support


  • Proven safe and effective
  • Provides multiple benefits

More on the multiple benefits of vibration therapy later in the article.

  • Only a minimal investment is needed

You can purchase professional machines for as little as $349. 

(These are just like the ones we’ve used at our med spa for years!)

whole body vibration machine
  • It’s an easy-to-learn technology and it’s simple to implement.
Vibration platform with 5 stars for the Whole Body Vibration Therapy Body Sculpting Course

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  • No overhead!  There is no consumable cost to operate.
  • Practically no labor is needed! 
  • Patients love using it!  
  • It’s one of the best business building tools.  Learn how to build your business using vibration therapy.


  • It fits easily into your patients’ busy schedules.  It takes less than thirty minutes 2-3 times a week of your patients’ time! 

Whole Body Vibration Therapy: its mechanism of action produces multiple benefits

Whole Body Vibration Therapy machines produce bio-mechanical vibrations that cause intense, but totally comfortable, muscle contractions.  


These vibrations, which move (1) up-and-down; (2) side-to-side and (3) back and forth, stimulate the entire body - the muscle, bone, circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and cognitive systems…all in a positive way…producing multiple benefits. 

The multiple benefits of Vibration Therapy

Improves Lymphatic Function 

Assists your patient’s lymphatic system to eliminate the fats, fluids, and toxins left behind after the non-invasive body contouring procedure.


Cellulite Reduction

Studies have shown a 26% reduction in cellulite after using whole body vibration therapy for six months, at a frequency of 2 to 3 times a week.

Improves strength and fitness and enhances athletic performance

The muscle contractions produced by vibration therapy lead to increased muscle mass, strength and endurance.


Counteracts the deleterious effects of the aging process 

Vibration therapy has been shown to improve balance and mobility, and increase the bone density of older patients…and for younger patients as well.    

Builds bone mass, decreases risk of osteoporosis

Researchers have found that vibration therapy leads to the production of bone mass and can even help to restore bone mass that has been lost.   


Weight loss and improved body composition 

All the details follow in the next sections.

The science of vibration therapy for weight loss


The fundamental science of vibration therapy for weight loss lies in the stimulation of the muscles and the muscle contractions.


Intense muscle stimulation

  • The vibrating motions of vibration therapy cause your patient’s muscles to contract rapidly - thirty times per second. 
  • As with other forms of exercise, this increased muscle activity leads to an increase in calorie burn.
  • The increased muscle activity also leads to a revving up of the metabolic rate.

The benefits of using whole body vibration therapy for weight loss support

Vibration therapy accelerates and augments the right kind of weight loss.  It increases the fat burn, while leading to muscle and bone gains.  


Vibration therapy for weight loss:

  • Accelerates weight loss
  • Encourages fat loss
  • Helps to prevent muscle and bone loss 
  • Ensuring the weight loss is a decrease in fat mass


PLUS!  Vibration therapy offers your patients a unique tool to enhance their weight loss goals…including a multitude of benefits that extend way beyond numbers on the scale.


Increased metabolic rate for long lasting weight loss

The increase in metabolic rate produced by vibration therapy sessions will burn more calories each day. 

Vibration therapy has been shown to increase the metabolic rate after just two weeks of use! 

Muscle strength 

The muscles your patients build with vibration therapy will burn more calories, strengthen over time, improve future fitness status and lead to greater weight loss.  


Visceral fat reduction

We have no body contouring treatments to reduce visceral fat…EXCEPT vibration therapy.   


And we have clinical studies that show it.  A recent study found whole body vibration therapy 54% more effective than BOTH aerobics and strength training in causing visceral fat reduction.  

Improved circulation 

The improved blood circulation and enhanced lymphatic flow leads to 

(1) better skin tone, 

(2) a smoothing of cellulite and 

(3) improved body contouring results.

Stress reduction

A 2009 study from Europe revealed a lower level of cortisol with subjects who participated in vibration therapy.  

How to utilize vibration therapy for weight loss support in your business

Follow these six steps to start offering whole body vibration therapy for weight loss support in your business.  


1 Peak curiosity

Place your whole body vibration machine in a public area of your business.


2 Promote your other services

Display educational videos to play during vibration therapy sessions.


3 Be flexible

Allow use of the vibration therapy machine on a walk-in, no appointment needed basis.


PRO TIP:  Getting your patients to come into your business frequently builds strong and lasting  relationships… which translates to more income for your business.

4 Be smart

Educate your team; and 

Have a Vibration Therapy Protocol in place.

We include a Protocol in our online Whole Body Vibration Therapy course!

5 Patient education and signed Consent Form prior to initiating participation 

We include a Consent Form in our online Whole Body Vibration Therapy course!

6 Fee options

Choose the structure that best fits your business:

  1. No charge for any current patient
  2. Included in body contouring treatment series 
  3. Included for Members 
  4. Monthly fee for ‘unlimited use’ or a set amount of use

Final Thoughts


At the Body Contouring Academy, we firmly believe that vibration therapy stands out as the premier choice for weight loss support. Its proven safety and effectiveness, coupled with the minimal investment required, make it an accessible and beneficial addition to any practice. 


Embrace the power of vibration therapy to accelerate weight loss, preserve muscle and bone, and provide patients with a transformative experience that goes beyond mere numbers on the scale. 


Implement vibration therapy with the affordable Whole Body Vibration Therapy Body Sculpting Certification Course and start reaping the rewards today!

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