An entrepreneur’s guide to starting a home-based body sculpting business

For the modern day entrepreneur, there’s never been a smarter time to get your dream business off the ground. The perfect business model?  A home-based body sculpting business.  With the changes brought about by the pandemic, now more than ever clients are seeking out safer environments.  And it’s hard to beat setting up your business in the comfort of your own home…and enjoying the low operating costs and the high profit margins of a home-based body sculpting business.


Welcome to part two of a three part blog series showing you how to set up your first body sculpting studio so you can start your new body contouring business!


In our series, we’ll discuss three body sculpting business models


We’ll discuss the benefits of each of these three choices

We’ll tell you how to prepare for each of these three options

And…we’ll give you a FREE body sculpting business guide for each model so you can feel confident you’re getting it right!

Home-Based Body Sculpting Business

Hesitancy to visit businesses has created a huge demand for 

home-based services, including body sculpting services


As noted in the ultimate guide to body contouring certification courses, the demand for body contouring services is high and growing rapidly. And as of July 2020, health care businesses and personal service businesses had seen a 33% increase in demand for home-based services.  Since then, those high numbers have climbed rapidly. From a financial standpoint, the recent pandemic grew home-based business revenue as much as 230% for many businesses.  That’s something you just can’t ignore.


And besides the prospect of extremely high profitability, the home-based business has many other advantages.


Will you open your home-based business and meet the demand for home-based services?


Benefits of a Home-Based Body Sculpting Business


1. You don’t have to pay rent

You don’t have to sign a long term lease or pay monthly rent when you set up your sculpting studio in your own home.


2. The startup cost is lower

Setting up your body sculpting studio and starting your body sculpting business out of your home significantly cuts the amount of money you will need to get started.  No additional expenses for rental deposits, utilities, phone services, reception room and other furnishings, signage, etc.


3. Lower overhead, especially compared to a separate physical location like a lease space

The ongoing savings from rent and other expenses amounts to a lot of money over time.


4. No commute means a savings of both time and money

You won’t have any commuting expenses.  No extra spend on gas or auto maintenance.  No added miles or wear and tear on your car.


5. You have more control over your schedule

Do you need to see your clients when your kids are off at school?  Or in the evenings after you get home from your day job?  With a home-based business, you are free to set your appointment schedule according to your needs.  You are not at the mercy of lease space complex restraints or the boss’s schedule.


6. You can multitask

With a home-based body sculpting business, if you have gaps in your schedule you can get things done around the house.  And when you can stay productive, even last-minute cancellations won’t be such a bother.


How to prepare for a home-based business


Both the demand and the high profit potential for the home-based body sculpting business model is clear.  But before you dive in, consider these things and take these steps.


1. Create a designated space

If you want to build a big client base and a profitable home-based body sculpting business, you will need to set up a designated, private space in your home.


Supplies and Machines:

Set your room up with all the necessary supplies and equipment.  You can find the complete list of recommended home-based body sculpting business supplies included within our FREE downloadable Home-Based Body Sculpting Business Guide for the home-based body sculpting business model further down in the article.

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Organizational tips for your home-based body sculpting studio:

Make a great first impression

  • Studies show that clients form a first impression in just 1-7 seconds, so you need to pay attention to the details…the entrance, the way your room smells, how the lighting appears, whether it’s cluttered or neat and whether it appears as a professional setup
  • Include calming colors to promote relaxation, a comfortable chair, and a space to set belongings

Declutter, hide and organize

  • Cleanliness and organization conveys your professionalism.  Make sure your supplies are stored neatly within your utility cart or cabinet

Prioritize client comfort

  • Add relaxing music and pleasing fragrance


Other considerations for your home-based body sculpting business:

  • Do you have accessible parking for your clients?
  • Will anyone else be at your home, i.e. family member, roommate, etc., while you are serving your clients, and if so, what measures will you take to ensure your client’s privacy?  And that your client feels safe and secure?


2. Set boundaries and rules

All clients need to view your body sculpting studio as a business, with business rules and boundaries, even though it is within your home.  So make sure you set them and enforce them.


You will be treating both established and new clients in your home-based body sculpting business.  At first, your new clients will be ‘strangers entering your home.’  Take these steps with new clients:

  • Make sure to get a full name, phone number, email address and credit card information upon booking.
  • Either charge a non-refundable deposit (example: $50) that will be credited towards payment for services - or - collect payment in full up-front at the time of booking, and make it non-refundable if inadequate cancellation notice is given.
  • And require intake paperwork to be completed and submitted to you prior to the appointment so you know the client before she arrives


3. Setting your fees

Be realistic when setting your fees.  Clients pay for the entire treatment experience, from the environment to the conversation.  So you want to ensure your clients will be getting the same entire treatment experience at your home-based body sculpting business as they would at a high-end spa.


Many providers who have started with a home-based business started with lower fees at the beginning and worked their way up as they built a reputation.


Remember that you can change your prices.  Build loyalty, a good reputation, and a big client base first, then you can increase your prices and elevate your profits.


4. Investigate legalities

Finally, make sure you’ve checked for restrictions and requirements for your home-based business.  Consider zoning issues, HOA restrictions, extra homeowners insurance coverages that might be required, and business insurance.



Is the home-based body sculpting business model for you? 

One of the biggest questions entrepreneurs have to answer when starting a body sculpting business is where to locate it.  Demand for home-based services exceeds supply in the US.  Are you ready to meet the need and start a successful home-based body sculpting business?   If so…


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